The Lessons of a Shelter Stint

A homeless woman decides to think of her time in the city's shelter system as the kind of multifaceted learning experience for which some of us pay $3… READ MORE »

NYC's Job Market: Recovery Incomplete

The overall employment picture is improving. But the economy is still plagued by trouble for young workers, a lack of middle-skill jobs and lingering … READ MORE »

Counting Poverty

Everyone knows the federal poverty measure is inaccurate. But change would create winners and losers among the states, so Congress is unlikely to dema… READ MORE »

Gun Control: Beyond NY

Mass shootings are happening more often in the U.S., but tighter national gun control seems impossible to achieve. An Australian in New York recounts … READ MORE »

Eyewitness Testimony: How Reliable is It?

A video lays bare the problems with eyewitness testimony: At a recent conference, a robbery was staged, and 83 percent of people in the audience could… READ MORE »

How to Solve the City's Jails

The revelations about systemic brutality in the city's jails point to the critical role that captains—the first layer of leadership over correction of… READ MORE »

Child Poverty: Good News, Big Challenges

Child poverty decreased in New York City in 2013, but that was only a start toward rolling back the devastating effects of the Great Recession.

Murder, Media and Culture

Many murders make the front pages. But others don't. When a foreign visitor to the city learns of a killing near his home, he encounters resignation a… READ MORE »

Broken Windows: A Theory and its Limits

The supposed link between disorder and serious crime is as controversial as the policing strategies based on the assumed connection between the two. I… READ MORE »

Against the Homeless, Crimes and Callousness Combine

From poor doors to subway arrests to demonstrations outside a hotel in Queens, the poor and homeless face a broad menu of stigmatization.

Social Services Under De Blasio

After two mayors who saw declining welfare rolls as an indication of policy success, HRA Commissioner Steve Banks is making progress restoring common … READ MORE »

NYC's Success Reducing Unintended Births is at Risk

Dramatic declines in teen pregnancy in the city are the result of policy successes that wise officials are trying to replicate for older women, in the… READ MORE »

New Tools to Fight Homelessness

Could individual development accounts give New York City a new tool for moving homeless families and individuals from shelter into homes?

Testing and Transparency

Once upon a time, the State Education Department released enough data for us to see whether standardized tests were performing as they should. But jus… READ MORE »

Faith and the Quest for an Affordable New York

POP is different from most other real-estate finance operations in two ways. First, it's named after a papal encyclical. Second, it underwrites housin… READ MORE »

Aging City, Youth With Needs: The Challenge for Nonprofits

Experience can be a gem or a fossil. New ideas can be a boost or a fetish. As the city ages and a new generation of leaders emerges, nonprofits have t… READ MORE »

Participatory Budgeting: What's the Potential?

First there were four. Then there 10. This year 22 Councilmembers will let constituents decide how to spend money. The dollar impact is impressive. Th… READ MORE »

LGBTQ Youth and Foster Care

"Our approach to improving child welfare and juvenile justice services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning children, young pe… READ MORE »

Can There Be Real Progress Against Poverty?

"It’s not enough to help people meet their basic needs. There must be a full-scale effort to develop policies and programs that materially improve wag… READ MORE »

College Readiness

The school system has made college readiness a priority. A key—and often missing—ingredient to a successful transition to college is for kids to have … READ MORE »

The Rent Freeze Debate

Despite little outreach by the RGB, its 2014 hearings displayed a surge of tenant interest. The vote on a rent freeze will say as much about democracy… READ MORE »

What Will Make NYCHA Safer?

Amid outrage over the stabbing of two children in a public-housing elevator, the author calls for solutions that go beyond increased policing or even … READ MORE »

Prescriptions and Foster Care

A third of the kids in foster care diagnosed with ADHD have been treated with off-label antipsychotic drugs. That's too many children getting medicine… READ MORE »

The NYPD: Reforms for Real?

Op-ed: Recent remarks by the NYPD commissioner to real-estate titans and alongside a retired military commander should concern people who want to see … READ MORE »

Taxes, Housing and Fairness

Inequities in the tax system punish renters, reward owners and contribute to economic inequality and the shortage of affordable housing in New York.

Welfare and de Blasio

Reducing income inequality depends on a sound, fair social safety net—something the city has not had in 20 years.

Making NYC's Jails Safer

Amid a sharp increase in fights and injuries, a former corrections officer lays out a plan to avoid more bloodshed.

Nuclear Power and NY's Future

The experience of California, Germany and Japan is clear, the author argues: Close nuclear plants and CO2 emissions soar as other power sources fill t… READ MORE »

Poverty and Child Abuse

Poor parents are no more likely to hurt or neglect their kids, the author argues. They're just more likely to be punished for failings both real and i… READ MORE »

Rental Subsidies and the Homelessness Epidemic

For Arvernetta Henry, the stakes in the budget talks are pretty simple. With a rent subsidy, she gets out of the shelter. Without it, she doesn't.


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