Nuclear Power and NY's Future

The experience of California, Germany and Japan is clear, the author argues: Close nuclear plants and CO2 emissions soar as other power sources fill t… READ MORE »

Poverty and Child Abuse

Poor parents are no more likely to hurt or neglect their kids, the author argues. They're just more likely to be punished for failings both real and i… READ MORE »

Rental Subsidies and the Homelessness Epidemic

For Arvernetta Henry, the stakes in the budget talks are pretty simple. With a rent subsidy, she gets out of the shelter. Without it, she doesn't.

Fixing Family Court

A shortage of judges means some children and their families spend years in the system, exacerbating whatever problems brought them there in the first … READ MORE »

Our Aging Infrastructure

When New Yorkers think about aging infrastructure, bridges, roads and pipes come to mind. But schools, hospitals, jails and other public buildings are… READ MORE »

Making Government Work

Conventional wisdom aside, there's no reason to believe that government cannot have a transformational effect on millions of lives, writes the late Ro… READ MORE »

The State Budget and Workers

For six years, the lowest paid human-service workers in New York State have not had a cost of living adjustment, meaning their real wages have shrunk … READ MORE »

Making Trucks Safer

A state senator says a simple law could bring New York City a step closer to the mayor's Vision Zero.

Toward 21st Century Libraries

The author suggests that underutilized hours at branch libraries overlap with times when neighborhood schools could use more and better-equipped space… READ MORE »

Changing Diets and Destinies

A new initiative will couple efforts to improve the supply of healthy food with community development that strengthens residents' ability to afford a … READ MORE »

What NYCHA Needs

Mayor de Blasio's move to cut fees the city charges NYCHA is just one step toward making public housing vibrant and sustainable in New York.

Re-engaging New York's Citizenry

The mayor's progressive agenda will be incomplete unless he attacks the growing disengagement of New York's citizens—starting with these five steps to… READ MORE »

The Push for Income Diversity in Affordable Housing

The agency says The Bradford, which serves families making up to $194,000, was a wise use of resources to achieve income diversity and supply affordab… READ MORE »

What Will 'Affordable Housing' Mean Under De Blasio?

A development that used generous subsidies and largely offered high-rent units represents the kind of deal the mayor's affordable housing initiative o… READ MORE »

Redesigning NYC's Criminal Justice System

At this progressive moment for the city, New Yorkers can work together to design a criminal justice system that is more humane and less wasteful. Let … READ MORE »

Rent Regulation and the Housing Market

Some say New York could relieve high rents by removing rent regulations. And other people say the world is flat.

De Blasio's Management Challenge

As a new team prepares to take over the NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations, a former staffer there offers some words of advice.

Public Life, Private Choices

Four years after coming close to upsetting an incumbent, what led a Brooklyn activist to stay on the sidelines? And what does that choice say about th… READ MORE »

To Live and Die on the Streets

The longest night of the year is also a day to remember people who died on the street.

Child Victims of Violence

Whether they are victims of child abuse or lose a parent to murder, kids in some neighborhoods get treated differently when faced with tragedy. Reader… READ MORE »

Does Deregulation Work?

In a response to an assemblyman's call for stricter regulation of the electricity marketplace, an industry official says deregulation is not to blame … READ MORE »

Electricity Deregulation in New York

An assemblyman reveals the results of an investigation into how our current electricity rates compare to those we'd have paid before the Pataki admini… READ MORE »

Addressing Hunger Today

It's that time of year again: The period when many of us make donations to help the hungry. This year, with food programs slashed and more reductions … READ MORE »

Manufacturing in the City

In a city where manufacturing was declared all but dead a few years ago, food-making is a growing bright spot. But the next mayor's approach will dete… READ MORE »

Dousing the Homeless

The episode and the web comments it generated revealed how easy it is to dehumanize people living on the streets. There are alternatives to cold water… READ MORE »

When Kids Are Caught In Custody Battles

The writers argue that family court judges must take more care in arranging supervised visitation in custody cases because their logistical and cost b… READ MORE »

Meeting the Climate Challenge

The lessons of New York City’s water supply system are instructive as the city addresses the equally profound challenge of adapting to climate change.… READ MORE »

Short-Term Steps for Long-Standing Homeless Problem

The mayor-elect has warned that systemic change will be hard, and he's right. But that doesn't mean there aren't simple ways he can make life better f… READ MORE »

Family Court and the Campaign

Come Election Day, voters will decide whether to raise the retirement age of judges to deal with civil and criminal court backlogs. But nothing is bei… READ MORE »

Philanthropy and the Next Mayor

Neither Joe Lhota nor Bill de Blasio will write the kind of personal checks that Mayor Bloomberg did. But that doesn't mean they can afford to ignore … READ MORE »


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