Diane R. Pagen

Diane Pagen writes about social and economic problems and ways to fix them. She is a social worker and also teaches in the field of social work and policy, having taught at Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work, at Borough of Manhattan Community College, and in the SUNY system. Diane has a blog at http://social-ite.blogspot.com and encourages visitors and opinions. She co-produced a comic book about the dollar value of unpaid caregiving with author and policy analyst Theresa Funiciello, "The Adventures of Carrie Giver: The Cost of Caring." The book has been praised by Gloria Steinem as helping to resolve "the unfinished business of the women's movement." Diane is also working on the Caregiver Credit Campaign to expand the federal Child Tax Credit so it includes caregivers of adults. Her biggest influences have been Theresa Funiciello's book "Tyranny of Kindness" and watching lousy social policy play out before her eyes in all her social work jobs.