Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman is Director of the Pratt Center for Community Development, a department of Pratt Institute. For more then 45 years, the Pratt Center has provided architecture, urban planning and other professional services to strengthen New York City’s low income communities and advance a more just, equitable and sustainable City.

Mr. Friedman is one of New York’s leading experts in building sustainable communities and encouraging sustainable business practice, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Mr. Friedman was the founding executive director of the New York Industrial Retention Network (NYIRN) which was instrumental in creation of the City’s Industrial Business Zones, to the growth of a green manufacturing sector in New York, and the launch of numerous initiatives to save and create jobs, and integrate economic and environmental policy. Mr. Friedman previously served as Executive Director of the Garment Industry Development Corporation and director of economic development for Borough Presidents David Dinkins and Ruth Messinger. He teaches urban planning at Pratt Institute and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.