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Executive Director

Tenants & Neighbors

Tenants & Neighbors is seeking a determined, strategic, and collaborative individual with a deep-rooted belief in the power of grassroots organizing, a strong track record of transformational and effective non-profit leadership, and demonstrated ability to raise funds for base-building, organizing, leadership development, and campaign work to join the staff as the Executive Director.

The pending renewal of rent regulation laws, combined with changes in New York City’s political landscape opens new and dynamic opportunities in the tenant movement. The incoming Executive Director will provide vision and leadership for the next phase of our organization’s development. S/he will ensure that we have strong and sustainable funding streams for this work as well as the organizational infrastructure we need to effectively support Board, staff, and members as they carry out this work.

Towards these goals, the Executive Director will build and diversify our membership base, expand our fundraising efforts, grow our presence in other regions of the state, increase member participation, and deepen and institutionalize our leadership development work with our members, so the strong advocacy work our member leaders do can be bolstered by increasingly broad and robust grassroots mobilization.

The ideal candidate has a deep commitment to the struggle for greater social and economic justice; an understanding of the challenges of leading a grassroots organization; ease and comfort as a public spokesperson; a commitment to organizing and advocacy; as well as a realistic understanding about the dedication, hard work, creativity, and strength of purpose it takes to succeed in this work. In short, someone who sees grassroots movement work as his or her vocation.

The position demands a charismatic, visionary, strategic leader who has a focus on the long-term yet can balance a broad vision of justice with the demands of running a small, member-driven grassroots organization. S/he should be able to motivate and inspire people, and be politically savvy, mature, even-tempered, pragmatic, and diplomatic. S/he should be able to stick to a plan under fire when needed, but also be able to change course in response to new knowledge and changing circumstances. S/he should be able to create a culture of shared learning, be a bridge builder, and foster collaboration.

In addition, the ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:

1) Non-profit leadership experience, preferably in a grassroots organization, community building, and/or organizing work in an urban setting;

2) Evidence of successful strategic planning and implementation that unites board, staff, volunteers, and funders around a shared long-term vision;

3) A proven track record sustaining an organization through financial oversight and effective fundraising strategies,including soliciting membership dues;

4) An outspoken advocate with strong communication skills, ease and ability in representing an organization to the larger community, forging strategic alliances, and managing relationships with key stakeholders, press, and elected officials;

5) Prior experience in public policy, advocacy and grassroots organizing, preferably in the area of tenant rights issues and housing issues in New York, including rent regulated, project-based Section 8, and Mitchell-Lama housing;

6) The ability to develop effective communications strategies that combine both traditional and emerging media and connect with people of diverse backgrounds, including young people;

7) A collaborative approach to management, strong team-building, and mentoring/staff development skills, preferably with experience in collective bargaining;

8) Prior experience in engaging Board participation and sustaining and building a committed volunteer and/or membership base;

9) An understanding of the political landscape in New York; experience collaborating with elected officials, as well as organizing, advocating, and lobbying around policy and legislative issues; and the ability to keep pace with, and seize opportunities in a constantly changing political landscape and housing movement;

10) A history of building strong collaborative relationships and strategic alliances;

11) A commitment to and experience with grassroots leadership development and coalition and movement-building;

12) Experience with new program development, program evaluation, program management, and program expansion, including data-driven program and quality-improvement management systems;

13) The ability to utilize technology in program management and execution to enhance capacity; and

14) Experience managing complex and strict funding requirements and government contracts.

Salary Range: $60,000- $70,000 Benefits: Employer paid health and dental insurance; Vacation - 4 weeks; Sick leave - 12 days/year, which can accumulate to a maximum of 40 days; employees can use 3 days annually for family illness; Maternity/Paternity leave - 12 weeks, including 2 weeks paid, 1 week 50%, and 9 weeks unpaid; Personal days - 3 days; Bereavement - 3 days; Flex time; Transportation reimbursement - unlimited Metrocard every month To apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to

About Organization:
Tenants & Neighbors has a powerful vision, shared leadership, a high level of expertise, experienced and engaged member leaders, collaborative relationships with allied organizations, the respect of our elected officials, and a strong track record of campaign victories.

Our Structure: Tenants & Neighbors is made up of two affiliate organizations: New York State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service, a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1993, and New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition, a 501(c)4 membership organization founded in 1974. The two organizations currently have a joint operating budget of approximately $500,000 and a staff of seven. The Information Service is primarily funded by government grants and discretionary allocations and by foundation grants. The Coalition is funded entirely by membership dues and donations from individuals, mostly low and moderate-income affordable housing tenants.

How We Make Decisions: Tenants & Neighbors is committed to being led by the people most directly impacted by the work we do. Our broad vision and strategic direction is set by the Board of Directors, which is comprised of low and moderate-income tenants as well as staff of allied organizations. Additionally, for each type of housing we work to preserve, we have a Tenant Leadership Committee comprised of tenants who live in that type of housing. Among other responsibilities, those committees make recommendations about what specific issues the organization should focus on in our organizing and advocacy work. In 2014, we are launching a new Tenant Leadership Institute, designed to prepare our active members to take on stronger leadership roles in Tenants & Neighbors and in the broader housing movement. The staff is comprised primarily of tenants who live in affordable housing and is represented by DC 1707. For more information visit our website ( and Facebook page ( and follow us on twitter (@tenantneighbor).



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