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Executive Director

NYC Carpenters Labor Management Corporation

New York City Carpenters (incorporated as the "Labor Management Corporation") is seeking an Executive Director with proven management and leadership skills to help further the mutual goals of the New York City District Council of Carpenters and the City's unionized contractors, construction managers and developers.

With over 12,000 active members, the New York City Carpenters workforce includes skilled carpenters, millwrights, dockbuilders, timbermen, cabinetmakers and floor coverers. New York City Carpenters formed the Labor Management Corporation under their several collective bargaining agreements and it is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of an equal number of union and management representatives.

Position Overview

The Corporation is seeking an Executive Director who will develop and implement complex strategies to increase the market share of construction work in New York City that is performed by unionized carpenters and contractors.

The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to create a program which will tackle this challenge on multiple fronts: by developing a robust research operation to help identify opportunities and to quickly inform effective strategies and tactics; by building strong relationships with industry decisionmakers which can be leveraged to exploit opportunities and to meet challenges; and by developing strong messaging and creating and implementing effective public relations campaigns.


- Work with the Board of Directors to develop a creative strategic plan for increasing market share of New York City Carpenters.

- Develop and communicate a message around the benefits of the unionized carpentry workforce, underscoring the quality work performed by the Carpenters' trained, certified and professional labor pool, and underscoring as well the experience and competency of the contractors/construction managers for whom these carpenters work.

- Develop and implement public relations and marketing campaign strategies; identify potential organizing opportunities; develop targeting and outreach plans; and commission, analyze and incorporate polling and research to inform all work.

- Create a comprehensive database and detailed profiles of developers, contractors, agencies and institutions involved in the New York City's real estate and construction industries. Maintain list of all current and potential development projects, including both union and non-union.

- Build relationships with key industry professionals and leverage existing relationships to maximize potential for unionized projects. Represent New York City Carpenters at events and meetings with industry professionals.

- Identify and secure necessary resources including additional staff, consultants and technology.

- Set and review measurable goals and benchmarks to assess progress towards goals identified in the strategic plan.

- Manage the organization's staff by developing job descriptions, recruiting, hiring, training and supervising skilled staff members.

- Manage the organization's budget and ensure the efficient use of organizational resources.

- Report directly to the Board of Directors on all relevant matters.


- 12+ years of work experience in NYC's construction, development or real estate industry or related government experience.

- Significant high-level management experience.

- Experience building and managing an organization, with demonstrated operational, budgetary and staff management skills.

- Superb interpersonal skills with an impressive history of building strong relationships with multiple stakeholders.

- A keen sense of political strategy.

- Strong communications skills.

- Substantial experience in marketing, business development, or public relations.

To Apply

Submit resume and cover letter at by February 26th, 2014. Applications will be evaluated as they are received. New York City Carpenters is an equal opportunity employer.




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