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Operations Analyst

Lantern Community Services

Lantern Community Services is seeking an Operations Analyst (OA) who will be responsible for providing support to the Leasing & Compliance team. The primary responsibility of the OA is to ensure that Leasing and Compliance projects are completed in a timely manner with the best outcomes possible. The OA is responsible for internal monthly analysis and reporting of leasing and compliance data as well as assisting in the response to any compliance related inquiries from funding or regulatory bodies. Additionally, the OA will have a limited portfolio of properties for which s/he will be responsible for tracking vacancies, processing referrals, conducting interviews, preparing subsidy applications, renewing leases, collecting rent and evicting delinquent tenants to ensure compliance with tax credit and regulatory requirements. The OA is responsible for additional special projects on an as needed basis, which may include: assisting in leasing new properties, preparing for internal or external audits, and liaising with city government agencies and other outside funders.

Responsibilities: Project Management
• Coordinate with the Director of Leasing to determine priorities for Leasing & Compliance projects and create a work-plan to organize tasks to be completed.
• Assume responsibility for the day to day management of project activities, providing frequent updates to the Director of Leasing to ensure priorities are being met.
• Utilize the existing resources of the Leasing & Compliance team to assist in tasks as needed.

Data Evaluation/Presentation
• Collect accurate Leasing & Compliance data on a monthly basis from LCAs.
• Analyze and present data in for various forms which will be used by both Leasing & Compliance staff as well as for the broader organization and t management.
• Determine priorities for data evaluation and modify data collection practices as needed.
• Determine and present recommendations for improving Leasing & Compliance metrics. Present recommendations to Director of Leasing and also more formally to staff as needed

Leasing and Compliance Building Management

• Manage Leasing & Compliance functions for a limited portfolio of properties.
• Request referrals from relevant agencies for new tenants and review to determine eligibility.
• In conjunction with Program Directors, schedule program interviews with eligible prospective tenants within 24 hours of tenant eligibility determination, and collect required eligibility documentation. File documentation in tenant chart and submit completed charts to relevant staff.
• Complete subsidy applications and send to DL for approval.
• Instruct and/or train relevant Leasing & Compliance staff on how to obtain required signatures on leases and tax credit paperwork.
• Obtain lease renewals upon expiration of current leases
• Review aging summary report to identify need for interventions and evictions and oversee relevant Leasing & Compliance staff as well as external attorney on issuance of arrears notices
• Oversee relevant Leasing & Compliance staff on submission of rent collection on a semi- monthly basis.
• Working with outside attorney, initiate non-payment action for tenants in arrears for 30 days and holdover proceedings for tenants whose housing subsidy has been cancelled or who are non- compliant with building rules or engaging in criminal behavior
• Discuss priority cases with the outside attorney and check the status of cases on a weekly basis or as needed.
• Act as landlord representative in court if nonpayment case goes to full trial.
• Report vacancies to appropriate agencies and to ??.

Ongoing Compliance
• Working closely with the Director of Leasing, ensure that ongoing regulatory compliance activities are completed in a timely and effective manner.
• Respond to any compliance related inquiries from funding and regulatory agencies, including assisting in the research, drafting and editing of corrective action plans for any potential cases of noncompliance.
• Coordinate with relevant government officials to collect arrears owed by the government and adjust subsidies as needed. Performance Evaluation:

The Director of Leasing will evaluate the OA each month based on specific goals which will be developed as part of an annual work plan using the following metrics:
• Progress made on special projects.
• Quality of monthly reporting outputs and recommendations
• Vacancies, referrals and placements made in property portfolio.
• Tenant and subsidy share revenue collections.
• Number of tenants without rental subsidies
• Effectiveness of follow-up with legal team on prioritized legal cases.
• Success rate of external audits.

Qualifications: Experience
• Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics or related field with commensurate work experience. Master's Degree preferred.
• Experience with data analysis required.
• Experience managing administrative systems for a progressive organization.

• Ability to work effectively with different levels of management and a variety of staff
• Ability to delegate effectively
• Strong analytical and presentation skills.
• Strong oral and written communication skills, with an attention to detail and organization.
• Strong computer skills including expertise with Microsoft Excel as well as Powerpoint
• Ability to facilitate positive changes within an organization

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position and the population served to:

Note: Candidates being considered for the position must sign a release form for Lantern Community Services to perform a criminal background check Lantern Community Services provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment

About Organization:
Lantern Community Services (“LCS”) was founded in 1996 in order to strengthen the social and economic stability and independence of residents of permanent affordable and supportive housing in the New York City metro area. We deliver onsite supportive services to low-income families and individuals living in more than 1,400 units located in 14 congregate buildings throughout New York City. LCS provides the employment and education, referral and benefits counseling essential to fostering housing retention and goal advancement for the LCS residents, many of whom have special needs, including mental illness and HIV/AIDS, as well as young adults aging out of foster care. LCS also oversees the leasing and regulatory compliance of the residents to maintain housing stability.



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