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UHAB | The Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

Project Assc. for Cooperative Outreach & Research

UHAB | The Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

As the country emerges from the foreclosure crisis and reevaluates homeownership, interest in the limited-equity cooperative model is continuing to grow. Requests to share UHAB's experience, services, and core competencies continue to increase, not only from cities and towns across the country but from groups involved in other shared-equity and homeownership models, such as land trusts and co-housing.

The challenge now is one of assuring the sustainability of existing cooperatives while expanding the scale and impact of this model, both in New York City and anywhere else in the country where opportunities for cooperative homeownership exist, and while meeting the increasing demand for new opportunities.

Through our own internal strategic thinking process, we have concluded that the best way to increase the scale and impact of the shared-equity cooperative movement is to offer up all our intellectual capital—our tools for organizing and training, our website and online tools, our publications, our sample documents and legal expertise, our insights from the New York City co-op development experience, our internal training and capacity building, and much more. We are now well-positioned to share this with other cooperatives around the country that are not yet part of our network, as well as with other organizations that could sponsor the development of new co-ops and shared-equity housing or offer support to existing co-ops.

The Position The Project Associate for Cooperative Outreach and Research will survey the landscape to help us create a nationwide plan for increasing the scale and impact of the shared-equity cooperative movement. He or she will help identify who is out there, both existing shared-equity co-ops and support organizations. What are their needs? What are the opportunities for growth and which organizations can best promote that growth? What is necessary to make this growth happen? Based on this research, UHAB will begin developing a strategy for serving and expanding the affordable cooperative housing community across the country.

The successful candidate will be a persistent, savvy, and creative researcher able to use a variety of sources and resources, connect to networks, and track down leads in order to conduct our census of existing co-op housing and co-op support groups in New York City and nationwide. Undertaking the needs and capacity survey of those co-ops and organizations will require someone who can ask engaging questions that will efficiently elicit the answers and information we need. The right candidate will be excited about limited-equity cooperatives and the opportunity to find out about new housing co-ops and organizations every day. The Project Associate for Cooperative Outreach and Research will be the primary staff person for this work and will be collaborating with Project Directors for Co-op Preservation, Member Services, and Organizing and Policy, among others, and will report to the Executive Director. This position is funded for one year but may be extended.

Location The Project Associate for Cooperative Outreach and Research will be based at UHAB's main office, in Lower Manhattan.

Salary $35,000 (with excellent benefits)


• Developing or revising a database or information system for recording the census of existing limited-equity co-ops and co-op support organizations
• Finding and obtaining existing databases of co-ops and support organizations
• Developing or revising survey instruments for ascertaining the needs and capacities of existing limited-equity co-ops and support and development organizations
• Investigating models of networking and collaboration among organizations and identifying supportive tools
• Assisting UHAB in developing a plan for Serving and Growing the Cooperative Community


• Contacting co-ops and support organizations nationwide to identify and survey cooperatives, get referrals to other co-ops and organizations, and obtain lists and databases and information sources
• Inputting information for the census and survey
• Building a network of co-ops and support organizations
• Communicating with local and national organizations about the benefits of UHAB’s work

The ideal candidate will have an organizing and research background and a strong interest in and/or experience with cooperatives and/or the solidarity economy. Other qualifications include

• experience and skill in Internet, database, and other research
• experience and skill in spreadsheet, database, and survey design and management
• strong communication skills, both written and oral, enabling the candidate to engage and motivate others
• the ability to develop a plan for national and local organizations to work collaboratively toward a specific goal
• bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Send resume and a cover letter to

UHAB 120 Wall Street, 20th Floor New York, NY 10005 Subject: Co-op Outreach and Research Fax: (212) 344-6457 Email:

UHAB is an equal opportunity employer. UHAB does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, veteran, or marital status. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

About Organization:
UHAB | The Urban Homesteading Assistance Board is seeking a Project Associate for Cooperative Outreach and Research to help us build our capacity to serve and grow the limited-equity co-op housing community nationwide.

General Overview UHAB promotes affordable housing and self-reliance by organizing, developing, and supporting low-income resident-controlled housing cooperatives. UHAB’s work is carried out in New York City and around the nation from our offices in Lower Manhattan and Harlem by 46 dedicated staff members.

Since its founding at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 1973, UHAB has been assisting low-income New Yorkers in becoming part of their own housing solutions. Whether as homesteaders using their sweat equity to rehab a vacant, distressed building; as a group of tenants in a tax-foreclosed city-owned property taking over the management and eventual ownership as an affordable cooperative; or as people in a building owned, managed, and renovated by UHAB that is being converted to the residents’ cooperative—each of these circumstances is an instance of a successful co-op housing solution based on UHAB’s founding principle of self-help. Each has enhanced UHAB’s capacity to guide more low-income New Yorkers through creating, managing, and maintaining their own affordable cooperative housing.

More than 30,000 households in some 1,800 HDFC buildings have benefited from UHAB’s expertise over the past 40 years. UHAB’s extensive experience has taught us that a robust infrastructure that supports, preserves, and sustains co-ops once they have been developed is paramount to a successful co-op community. This effective framework that UHAB has built for its co-op community consists of

• Member Services, including educational seminars, web-based resources, and group rates for insurance, fuel, bookkeeping, and marketing • Preservation Services, including asset management and stewardship, loan packaging and tax assistance • Technical Assistance, including on-site consulting, attending building meetings, and phone, email, and office assistance • Training, including UHAB University and Cooperative Homeownership Workshops



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