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January 2011
Vol. 34, No. 6

January 2011

There are growing calls for New York to re-examine the way it plans--or doesn't plan--for the future. Pitched battles over recent redevelopment plans—from Atlantic Yards to Manhattanville—have fueled a fervor for more community input into how the city grows. Developers face lengthy environmental reviews that can increase the cost and alter the marketability of a project. Deals in which builders offer benefits in exchange for community groups' support are under increasing legal and political scrutiny. New York, with a transit system strained by growing ridership and crumbling finances, is struggling to compete with other cities in offering a greener and more efficient commute.

In this issue, City Limits looks at the past, present and possible future of planning in New York, with reporting from the South Bronx to the Brooklyn waterfront to suburban Staten Island and lessons from Miami to Portland.

From rising seas to fiscal tightening, New York is facing its future. Who will decide what the new New York looks like?

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