City Limits,

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March 1989
Vol. 14, No. 3

March 1989

Cover Story: Power and Profits? Community Health Centers Get a Check-up by Lisa Glazer. Other stories include Eve Heyn on developments in the city's lawsuit filed against slumlord Andonis Morfesis for flagrant housing code violations; Lisa Glazer on low wages offered by the Chinese-American Planning Council for new workers; Beverly Cheuvront's profile of octogenarian activist Meyer Parodneck; Michael Mandel on the need for businesses to change their hiring procedures; Phillip Weitzman on calculating the city's real median income; Doug Turetsky on Finkelstein-Morgan's pocketing huge amounts of money while letting inhabited Bronx buildings rot, and more.

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City Limits Magazine published a print edition reguarly from 1976 to 2012. With the acquisition of the Bronx News Network and the launch of the Brooklyn Bureau, City Limits ended its print issue to publish its news online.

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