City Limits,

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February 2000
Vol. 25, No. 2

February 2000

Cover Story: Working Riffs by Ron Howell. Other stories include Tracie McMillan on Bronx welfare workers who said the city made empty job promises to them; Jarrett Murphy on an uptick in city jail suicides prompting questions about mental health care; Jarrett Murphy on tenant groups courting a newly cautious City Council in hopes of keeping rent protections; Jill Grossman on the challenge of meeting new performance standards in city public schools; an extensive analysis of the kind of work being offered to Americans in poverty; Michael Hirsch's book review of "The Bridge Over The Racial Divide" by William Julius Wilson; and more.

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City Limits Magazine published a print edition reguarly from 1976 to 2012. With the acquisition of the Bronx News Network and the launch of the Brooklyn Bureau, City Limits ended its print issue to publish its news online.

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