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The On My Block Neighborhood Filmmaking Challenge

On My Block Films


One issue many New Yorkers note is just how anonymous the city can be; On My Block Films looks to transform that. This summer, On My Block Films (OMB) invites New York City residents from all five boroughs to create and complete a one to five-minute length short narrative or documentary film on their block using only residents of the block as cast and crew in an effort to strengthen communities through the collaborative filmmaking process.

Beginning August 1, all eligible films will be posted and screened online from the time they are finished until November 1, 2012. The public will be able to vote on a film by liking it on Vimeo. The 30 films with the most Vimeo likes will move on to be judged by the Judging Panel the first week of November. The top-scoring 15 films will be screened at a physical outdoor festival in November. Awards will be presented to Best Narrative Film, Best Documentary Film and Best In Show.


August 1 - OMB will kick off August 1 through October 31 - Films will be shot, edited, uploaded to Vimeo August 1 through October 31 - Public Voting will be open November 6 - Judges Panel will vote November 17 – Top 15 films will be screened at festival

On My Block will create an opportunity for neighbors to introduce themselves, work together and develop trusting relationships through the collaborative filmmaking process.

About OMBF Started in 2012 by a small group of friends who realized that even though they lived in a city of over eight million people and loved their neighborhoods, most of them did not have close relationships with their neighbors. By forming OMB, their goal is to capture a wide spectrum of blocks throughout the five boroughs including those whose residents live in religious centers, senior centers, homeless shelters, coops and even prisons as a way to connect with the people living on their block to create a sense of belonging within a community.