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Neighborhood Hunger Network Initiative

United Way of New York City


United Way of New York City (UWNYC) recognizes that there is a wealth of hunger organizations, both in the non-profit and government sector, engaged in the effort to fight hunger in New York City. However, there have been limited efforts to coordinate these organizations and their resources. In areas of the city with the highest food insecurity, food insecure individuals and families are not always aware of where they can find emergency food and gain access to benefits like Food Stamps and Women Infants and Children (WIC) benefits. Emergency food programs and benefits outreach centers often operate within the same community without establishing partnerships to ensure that clients receive all the services available to them.

With that in mind, the goal of establishing the Neighborhood Hunger Network initiative is to produce a more coordinated approach to addressing food insecurity in a high-need community by leveraging existing resources within that community.

Through the Neighborhood Hunger Network, a coordinator will conduct outreach to CBOs, government, and other providers to create and establish linkages between organizations offering services to food insecure individuals and families. The coordinator will also prepare outreach materials to be distributed among clients, inform families of school breakfast and lunch options at local schools, perform a demographic scan of the community to identify target populations for outreach (i.e. seniors), establish a sustainable network of community-based organizations serving the community and engage in a variety of other efforts with the goal of greater coordination and integration of services and resources for food insecure individuals and families. The coordinator will work with medical centers, senior centers, libraries, and/or other community organizations to ensure they are aware of the Neighborhood Hunger Network and engage in efforts to connect food insecure individuals and families to needed resources.

Organizations engaged in fighting hunger are invited to submit a proposal for developing a Neighborhood Hunger Network in partnership with UWNYC. The proposal should focus on one community in which food insecurity is high and where there are a variety of community-based organizations addressing the problem of hunger within that community. Proposals placing the Neighborhood Hunger Network in the South Bronx would be given preference, but consideration will be given to proposals for placing the Network in another NYC community with high food insecurity. The proposal should outline a specific plan for developing the Neighborhood Hunger Network, describing how integration and coordination would be increased to better leverage existing anti-hunger resources within the Network.

The proposal should include the following details:
• Geographic area to be served
• Demographics of proposed target population(s)
• Estimated numbers to be served
• Projected outcomes
• Projected impact to the service area
• How the Network would accomplish more than just increased access to benefits
• A clear description of current or proposed partnerships, collaborations, and how they add value to the project and contribute to its sustainability

The application should clearly describe the need in the target area and target population(s), the intent and scope of activities and how each will contribute to sustainable solutions to ending hunger in the target area. The proposal should include quantifiable objectives, measures to assess progress toward meeting those objectives, project activities linked to meeting specific objectives, and a list of deliverables and/or milestones for the duration of the project.

Upon selection of a partner, UWNYC and the selected partner will meet to finalize outcomes, objectives, and deliverables for the Neighborhood Hunger Network initiative.

Funding for this initiative will be provided to the identified partner in the range of $60,000-$80,000. Additional in-kind resources will be provided for outreach and marketing materials, to be developed in cooperation with the partner agency.

Please include the following documents with your proposal: A. Your 501(c)(3) determination letter; B. Your organization's most recent audited financial statements (if unavailable, include un-audited financial statements); C. A list of your current public and private funders; D. A list of your Board of Directors with affiliations; and E. A letter of commitment to the project from your Board of Directors or other key stakeholders.

Proposals should be no longer than 10 pages (not including supporting documents) and should be submitted to Andrew Smallman at by November 19, 2012.