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Comptroller Liu Releases New NYC Claims Report

Office of New York City Comptroller John C. Liu


NEW YORK, N.Y. – Comptroller John C. Liu today released his office’s Claims Report for Fiscal Year 2011, providing New Yorkers with a detailed look at data for claims filed against the City, an analysis of recent trends, and recommendations for containing costs.

For FY 2011, the City paid out $550.35 million in personal-injury and property-damage tort settlements and judgments, up 5 percent from the $522 million paid out in FY 2010. Tort claims included police actions, medical malpractice, motor-vehicle property-damage claims, and slips, trips and falls on City property.

“Settlements have once again topped a half-billion dollars, underscoring a need for better risk management by City agencies to contain costs and save taxpayers’ money,” Comptroller Liu said. “My office continues to work with agencies to lower litigation costs, streamline processes, and learn from recent trends – while also dealing fairly with claimants seeking redress.”

A growing concern is the surge in claims against the New York Police Department, which had the highest claim costs of any agency. In FY 2011, the City settled $185.6 million in claims involving the NYPD, a 35-percent jump from the $137.3 million settled in FY 2010.

“The surge in police-misconduct allegations and civil-rights claims against the NYPD is an alarm bell for the City. The trend can and must be stemmed and reversed with better risk management including training, clearer accountability, and the convening of a multi-disciplinary task force,” Comptroller Liu said.