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The Power of Civic Media in Our Communities

City Limits' Director Mark Anthony Thomas delivers a Ted Talk in March 2013 on the power of civic media in our communities and City Limits' history and work in New York City.
Multimedia Video
Courtesy of Mark Anthony Thomas

Who Got Murdered in New York City in 2012?

In 2012, 419 people were classified as murder victims in New York City. This document, produced by the NYPD, provides an overview of the victims and the accused.
PDF Document
Courtesy of NYPD

The Race for Mayor: What's In It for Low Income New Yorkers?

The Community Service Society of New York 11th annual survey as they relate to the mayoral race—findings that could decide the votes of one out of three New Yorkers.
PDF Document
Courtesy of Community Service Society of New York

Criminalizing Communities: NYPD Abuse of Vulnerable Populations

Report says NYPD tactics and attitudes unjustly target blacks, Latinos, gays, transgender people, vendors and sex workers.
PDF Document
Courtesy of Police Reform Organizing Project

New York City Real Affordability in Housing

The Association of Neighborhood Housing Development released a report showing that many of the apartments built under Mayor Bloomberg's New Housing Marketplace Plan are not affordable to people living in the neighborhoods where the housing is located.
PDF Document
Courtesy of Association of Neighborhood Housing Development

Homes Underwater: Forebearance Alternatives for Sandy-Affected Homeowners

A report by Franklin Romeo and Jennifer Ching of (Queens Legal Services and Legal Services NYC) explores foreclosure risks in neighborhoods hit hard by Sandy and finds that some of the steps taken by banks in the wake of the storm "[create] a situation where a homeowner is likely to fall into a mortgage delinquency."
PDF Document
Courtesy of Franklin Romeo and Jennifer Ching

Remembering Edward I. Koch: Mayor of New York, 1978-1989

City Limits covered Ed Koch's three terms in office, during some of New York City's most difficult years. This List.Ly features reporting on Koch's policies and politics, and two original columns he published with City Limits.
Courtesy of City Limits

Poverty in Manhattan: Block by Block

A block by block assessment of the percentage of people living below the federal poverty line in New York City's Manhattan borough.
Charts and Graphs
Courtesy of Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness

Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.
Reports and Studies
Courtesy of Meredith Reitman, PhD

Poverty In Brooklyn: A Block by Block Analysis

The Institute for Children, Poverty, & Homelessness provide an in-depth look at New York City's largest borough's poverty rates.
Charts and Graphs
Courtesy of Institute for Children, Poverty, & Homelessness

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