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Wine Country ... in Bed-Stuy?

Wine Country ... in Bed-Stuy?

The Toast of Brooklyn celebrated the history and potential of the neighborhood, where some hope a $20 million revitalization project will spur an economic revival.

Bronx Art Groups Share Challenges Seeking Sustenance and Growth

There’s no shortage of creative artists and organizations in the borough, but working on growth, attracting Bronxites, and working together is a persistent push.

SummerStage in the Bronx: Funk, Mambo, Hip-Hop and WAR

SummerStage, which is produced by the City Parks Foundation, is hosting over 100 free performances in 17 parks throughout the five boroughs this summer.

Amid Tests and Tight Budgets, Schools Find Room for Arts

DOE statistics indicate arts instruction is absent from many middle and high schools. But for some principals, arts aren't an extra—they're a priority.

City Downplays Ratner's Role In Carousel Recovery

The developer defrayed the city's costs, helping to save the treasured ride but amplifying questions about whether private donations to favored causes influence policymakers.

Upstate Cities See New Growth Amid Fiscal Crisis

Dented by population loss and industrial decline, cities like Rochester and Buffalo see a future in higher-ed and high-tech. But fiscal woes could hamstring those hopes.

Politically Active Bronx Artists Protest Their Own Eviction

The dispute between a South Bronx landlord and a radical arts collective has become a rallying cry for supporters of the group, which combines youth development with political activism.

Our Top 10 Top 5 Lists About Brooklyn

Yes, you could bring your famous asparagus dip to the big New Year's Eve party. Or you could come ready to spur stimulating conversation with our list of Top 5 lists to argue about.

Navigating NYC's New Identity Politics

Anyone hoping to become the city's first Latino mayor will have no choice but to forge a coalition with other communities. The key decision will be what kind of identity to build common cause around.

Beyond The Family: Latino Power at a Crossroads

For decades the hub of local Latino political power has been the Bronx, where a handful of powerful families play a huge role. Part four of our series looks at whether that's a plus or a problem.

Fresh Direct Deal Divides Rising Stars

For all the hope and fear that identity politics can foster, there are plenty of examples of practical politics or ideological differences trumping cultural identity. The debate over the controversial Fresh Direct deal is one such instance.

After Flood, Brighton's Latinos Struggle in Shadows

A growing if largely invisible community hard-hit by Sandy faces a unique challenge: Undocumented immigrants must get help to fix illegal apartments.

Latinos and the Mayoralty: Who Will Be First?

To break the ethnic barrier in 2013 or beyond, a Latino candidate must confront barriers that doomed past pioneers, shifting demographics and an ideological minefield.

For Latino Hopefuls, Lessons of Badillo and Ferrer Loom Large

The mayoral candidacies of Congressman Herman Badillo and Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer saw Latinos come close, but not close enough, to winning City Hall.

Demographic Changes Shape Latino Aspirations

In the third installment of our series on Latino political engagement in New York, we look at the shifting influences of the city's Puerto Rican, Dominican and Mexican groups.

Charters Target Middle-Class Brooklyn

Originally launched to offer more choice to low-income parents in poorly served neighborhoods, charter schools are increasingly targeting more affluent students in areas that have lots of school options.

Aiming Smart Phones at Disenfranchisement

The presidential contest isn't the only story this campaign season: Concern about voter disenfranchisement is another. One group will be employing a specially designed app to prevent any miscarriage in the Bronx.

Obama + Romney = Lesson for Brooklyn Students

How do you get today's high school students engaged in American democracy? One Brooklyn high school math teacher is campaigning to improve civic participation by turning pupils into pollsters.

Food Trucks Give Restaurateurs Indigestion

The proliferation of falafel carts and other sidewalk food stands in Bay Ridge might make for tasty lunch options. But people who own brick-and-mortar restaurants say the mobile eateries represent unfair competition.

Class of 2013: Bloomberg's Babies Start Senior Year

In the first installment of a year-long series following members of the final graduating class under Michael Bloomberg, we meet two seniors whose high-school careers reflect the impact of the mayor's reforms.

As Biking Booms, Questions of Race, Class & Access

Some say there are too few bike lanes in low-income areas. But bike paths that do exist in those neighborhoods can stir resentment. How divided are Brooklynites when they get on two wheels?

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When Subway Dancers Get Busted, City's Culture is Bruised

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