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  • Community Service Society

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  • Chief Operating Officer
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  • Non-Profit Manager
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  • Mark E. Lieberman
  • Economist
  • Economics Analytics Research

  • Tom Allon
  • President
  • Manhattan Media

  • Eric Schrier
  • Independent Board Advisor

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  • Chief Operating Officer
  • World Science Festival

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  • Senior VP/Chief Financial Officer
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Eileen Markey

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Articles, Investigations and Blogs

The economic crisis that dominates campaign 2010 began in the housing market. So what are the gubernatorial candidates—especially frontrunner Andrew Cuomo—saying to owners, tenants and landlords?

The city is cracking down on the owners of Bronx properties at the center of citywide concerns about what will happen to apartment buildings scarred by foreclosure.

New York's Haitians opened their doors to those who fled January's devastating quake. But amid cramped conditions and a lack of resources, the welcome might be wearing out.

As an unnamed buyer closes in on 10 Bronx buildings that fell into foreclosure after an overleveraged private-equity deal, an assessment says they need at least $19 million in repairs.

Police think Billy Murphy died in an accident. But if the homeless man's friends are right in suspecting foul play, it'd be one of an increasing number of attacks on the homeless nationwide.

Hope Community LDC wants to purchase 47 East Harlem buildings out of foreclosure. But a tenant organization has raised questions about the would-be buyer's past record.

NYCHA's using community input to plan for what to build after three public housing towers are demolished. But the plan means a loss of public housing, and it confronts deep distrust from some tenants.

Tenants and elected officials are suspicious of the unnamed buyer eyeing 10 distressed Bronx buildings, but the city's housing chief wants to give the new owner a chance.

Two city agencies are working to reform the city's juvenile justice system, partly by putting more troubled kids into community-based programs and counseling.

Veteran AIDS activists sued Tuesday to stop the mayor from cutting $10 million from the budget of HASA, an agency that helps poor, sick people with AIDS get services and care.

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