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Leah Robinson

Image of Leah Robinson

Leah Robinson attends Colgate University where she is an assistant editor of The Colgate Maroon-News and an editorial staff-member of the Colgate Portfolio. Her past experience as editor of her high school’s literary publication and current work with her university’s student government publicity council have extended her participation in writing and community-based work. She has received a Belfer Merit Award scholarship for her community project proposal as well as multiple scholastic awards for past journalistic endeavors.


Articles, Investigations and Blogs

Participation has always been a problem for the summer meals program. This year the city and allied nonprofits are pushing to get more mouths to the table.

In community school district 17, school closures, charter schools and tough discipline aren't just grounds for debate: They're the reality that face parents advocating for their children.

Reporting abuse and neglected is a legal responsibility for some and a weighty task for anyone. Here's how the system works.

Federal budget cutters have targeted the food stamp program, which puts dinner on 1.9 million plates in New York City each day.

The Summer Youth Employment Program escaped new cuts in this year's city budget. But past trimming means thousands of willing teen workers will be left on the sidelines.

Amid a push to ban Israeli products at the Park Slope Food Co-op, opponents of the move are scrutinizing the organizations behind the boycott movement.

When you bump someone on the subway, is it a mistake or a misdemeanor? One advocacy group wants New York State to clarify vague laws that it says grant police too much power.