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Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids from Home by Giving them One

Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids from Home by Giving them One

There's growing interest in using supportive housing to help families whose children might otherwise end up in the foster-care system.

Report Details Woes for NYC's Electric-Cab Experiment

Documents obtained by City Limits outline a litany of obstacles that the city's pilot project has so far been unable to surmount.

Residents Demand City Build Bridge to Reconnect Van Cortlandt Park

Activists and pols say it’s the least DEP can do in light of the over-budget billions they're spending on the filtration plant.

Brownsville: What Will NYPD 'Impact' Changes Mean?

Residents are divided over whether tweaks to the high-intensity policing program are cause for concern or celebration.

For Clients Sick or Not, Hospitals Serve as Safe Havens

One aspect of the hospital crisis is that city hospitals exist not just to treat illness, but to protect vulnerable people from violence, homelessness and other threats.

Only Two Electric-Cab Drivers On the Road in NYC

Five of the seven electric cars in the city's taxi and for-hire fleet are idle, but Luis Castro is still making battery-powered stops in the Bronx.

Brownsville Board Says Home Runs Threaten Motorists

The local community board wants a higher fence at the Brownsville Rec Center to prevent softballs from striking cars on Linden Boulevard. But the center has a long list of other needs.

Report Sees Long-List of Post-Sandy Needs

A report from the Brooklyn Recovery Fund makes neighborhood-specific and borough-wide recommendations—both for action needed now, and for planning that's necessary before the next storm.

New York Braces for Private Investment in Hospitals

In a state where all hospitals are either public or non-profit, Gov. Cuomo's bid to permit private investment in health facilities stirs cheer among fans and fears among opponents of the for-profit hospital model.

Initiative to 'End AIDS' Looks for Traction in Albany

Advocates will be listening closely to the governor's budget address to see if the administration responds to their push for a comprehensive effort to effectively end new infections.

New Crime Site Data Needs More Detail

A new tool lets New Yorkers see where the crime is, but supporters of the law that mandated the map want to know more.

For Sunset Park, Proposed BRT Routes Could Help Foster Jobs

After a campaign pledge by Mayor de Blasio, a report suggests eight new bus routes around the city that would help fulfill it.

EPA Wants Site on Brooklyn-Queens Border in Superfund

The Wolff-Alpert Chemical Company imported sand containing thorium from the Belgian Congo in the 1940s. Now the feds believe lingering radioactivity warrant making the former factory the third active New York City Superfund site.

Deadline Nears for Public Input on Rockaways Pipeline

Federal regulators will soon decide whether to permit a pipeline to run under the Rockaway Inlet, connecting the Brooklyn-Queens natural gas grid to a transcontinental pipe three miles offshore.

Bronxites Confused On Status of Childbirth Services

North Central Bronx hospital gave little notice when it closed its labor & delivery service in August. Now there are signs the service may return, but community members haven’t been given a due date.

Push on to Replace Stolen Statue in Changing Bed-Stuy

In 2000, a war memorial in Saratoga Park was stolen off its pedestal. Amid a complicated mix of changes in Bedford-Stuyvesant, there's an effort to restore it.

Bronx Green With Envy Over Park Officers

Concerns about unruly teenagers taking over Starlight Park reflect broader resentment about the borough's share of the Parks Enforcement Patrol force.

Brooklyn Hospitals Retool in Face of Cost Crisis

Quietly, three Brooklyn hospitals are revamping their operations to increase efficiency and reduce ER visits—hoping to avoid the fate that has befallen LICH and Interfaith.

Broken Park Path Points to Bigger Budget Problem

A walkway at Jerome Slope needs repair, but—under a system that park advocates hope to change—the Parks Department must find an elected official to fund the fix.

Rising Deaths from Hepatitis C Spur City Action

Deadlier than HIV, the disease can appear years after infection, and testing and treatment are complicated. The city's Action Plan draws praise, but advocates want more resources applied.

Homes, Firms and Psyches on Bk. Coast Show Sandy's Scars

In Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay, the storm's impact can still be seen in houses, apartments, storefronts and the people attempting to rebuild.

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