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Housing Plan Targets Vacant Lots; Some Neighbors Leery

Housing Plan Targets Vacant Lots; Some Neighbors Leery

The administration sees city-owned vacant lots as potential sites for affordable housing. Communities that use—or hope to use—those parcels for gardens see them as something else.

NYC's Superfund Neighborhoods Are Booming

In the past five years, three toxic city sites have been enrolled in a federal clean-up program. Early on there were fears the label would inhibit development. Those have proven unfounded.

Dig Deep Into Superfund New York

Archive articles, federal documents, slideshows and more on the three Superfund cleanups now underway in New York.

Take a Video Visit to the Superfund Site Near You!

Beauty and toxins, industry and wildlife mix in Newtown Creek, along the Gowanus Canal and near the old Wolff-Alport Chemical Company on the Brooklyn-Queens border.

From the Archives: A Postmortem of NYC's 'Undetermined' Fatalities

Each year, nearly 200 deaths in New York City are categorized as "events of undetermined intent." These are cases in which the city’s medical examiner cannot determine whether the person died of natural causes, accident, suicide or murder.

City Finally Beating Back Queens Floodwaters

After decades of regular flooding in the borough's southeast, a $6 billion infrastructure project is having an impact. Some want DEP to go further and pump out rising groundwater.

Key Nutrition Program Hits Snags at Farmers' Markets

When the WIC program took steps to get more fresh produce into recipients' diets, the results were promising. But the initiative is being held back by administrative flaws and, yes, a political battle over white potatoes.

Questionable Claims by Anti-Drug Program

In at least two recent sessions, a drug education program associated with the Church of Scientology that has visited dozens of New York City schools and programs made medically unfounded statements about drugs.

Bushwick Rallies for Better Parks

Advocates are pressing City Councilmembers and the mayor for repairs to two green spaces. Parks funding is set to increase, but not enough to meet community needs, they say.

Complex Changes in Low-Level Arrests Under De Blasio

Elected on a platform of police reform, the de Blasio administration has cut arrests for some low-level drug crimes, but busted more people for the controversial charge of trespassing.

Impatience Grows Over Promised Brooklyn Waterfront Park

The space on the East River in Sunset Park was expected to be open more than two years ago. City officials say it's 95 percent complete, but the current design falls short of some promises.

City's Fire Investigation Bureau Stretched Thin

Since 2002, the city has cut the number of fire marshals by about half, though fire investigators have seen a 17 percent increase in cases sent to their desks.

Arson Investigation Techniques Catching Up with Science

Across the country, fire investigation has come a long way, but some investigators think it still has farther to go.

How New York City Beat Arson

The decline in arson in the city was as dramatic as—but less heralded than—the fall in murders and other crimes, perhaps because arson is a tougher crime to track.

Crime Low, But Citizens Still Want to Fight It

A movement in Brownsville to recruit volunteer crime-spotters would be one of several citizen patrols and blockwatch efforts active in New York, despite low crime and a massive police force.

Unlikely Key to NY's Mass Transit Hopes: The Automobile?

A new toll proposal reflects transit truths: Many drivers have few transit options, many subway lines couldn't handle large numbers of drivers who gave up their cars, and toll revenue is critical.

Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids from Home by Giving them One

There's growing interest in using supportive housing to help families whose children might otherwise end up in the foster-care system.

Report Details Woes for NYC's Electric-Cab Experiment

Documents obtained by City Limits outline a litany of obstacles that the city's pilot project has so far been unable to surmount.

Residents Demand City Build Bridge to Reconnect Van Cortlandt Park

Activists and pols say it’s the least DEP can do in light of the over-budget billions they're spending on the filtration plant.

Brownsville: What Will NYPD 'Impact' Changes Mean?

Residents are divided over whether tweaks to the high-intensity policing program are cause for concern or celebration.

For Clients Sick or Not, Hospitals Serve as Safe Havens

One aspect of the hospital crisis is that city hospitals exist not just to treat illness, but to protect vulnerable people from violence, homelessness and other threats.

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Australia's Gun-Control Lesson for NYers

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De Blasio Admin. Making City's Safety Net More Humane

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De Blasio Admin. Making City's Safety Net More Humane

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