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Success, Struggle as Library Branches Fill Gap in Services

Success, Struggle as Library Branches Fill Gap in Services

The city's library branches offer a dizzying array of services, from job-search help to literacy lessons to fiction writers' circles. But limits on space and money could hamper the systems' ability to reach potential.

Twenty-Something ... and Ready to be Adopted

Children who "age out" of foster care often face steep challenges, prompting new interest in finding families for people much older than typical candidates for adoption.

Central Brooklyn Parents Face School Choices, Disparities

In community school district 17, school closures, charter schools and tough discipline aren't just grounds for debate: They're the reality that face parents advocating for their children.

Graduation Day: Bloomberg's Babies Grow Up

In the final installment of our Class of 2013 series, we watch the seniors we've met this year as they leave New York City public schools for the big, "real" world.

New Charter High School Will Be Closed to Transfer Students

The DOE is planting seeds for charters to expand in city schools even after Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. But some of the new resources will only be open to those who won charter lotteries in the early grades.

Brooklyn Youth Mobilize To Expand Jobs Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program escaped new cuts in this year's city budget. But past trimming means thousands of willing teen workers will be left on the sidelines.

Library Vital to Immigrants Squeezed by City Budget

The small McKinley Park branch in Dyker Heights bustles with immigrants but struggles to meet demand after years of cuts to the library system.

Bid to Co-Locate Bushwick Schools Attracts Little Attention

Proposals to put charters in existing school buildings often stir outrage. While teachers are worried about two such moves in Bushwick, few parents attended the public hearings.

Critics: CUNY Rushing Medgar Evers Search

William Pollard's resignation hasn't quelled controversy at the Crown Heights school, where some believe the search for a new leader has moved too quickly.

DOE Head Says Funding Discrepancies Overblown

Meeting with parents in East New York, Chancellor Walcott said that while the state was still shortchanging the city, inequities in city funding have been resolved.

Amid Tests and Tight Budgets, Schools Find Room for Arts

DOE statistics indicate arts instruction is absent from many middle and high schools. But for some principals, arts aren't an extra—they're a priority.

Class of 2013: Tech Students Eye Careers As Reforms Stall

In our year-long series on the Bloomberg administration's final high-school class, we meet students at a Career and Technical high school in Staten Island.

Politically Active Bronx Artists Protest Their Own Eviction

The dispute between a South Bronx landlord and a radical arts collective has become a rallying cry for supporters of the group, which combines youth development with political activism.

Bloomberg's Babies Eye College Apps

Meet some of the students at the Taft complex in the Bronx. They're proud of the challenges they've surmounted. In fact, some would have liked a few more.

Class of 2013: Life in the Sweet Spot

Amid the debate over whether small high schools have fixed—or added to—problems with large city high schools, four students at "Tele" are happy to be stuck in the middle.

Charters Target Middle-Class Brooklyn

Originally launched to offer more choice to low-income parents in poorly served neighborhoods, charter schools are increasingly targeting more affluent students in areas that have lots of school options.

Obama + Romney = Lesson for Brooklyn Students

How do you get today's high school students engaged in American democracy? One Brooklyn high school math teacher is campaigning to improve civic participation by turning pupils into pollsters.

Class of 2013: Bloomberg's Babies Start Senior Year

In the first installment of a year-long series following members of the final graduating class under Michael Bloomberg, we meet two seniors whose high-school careers reflect the impact of the mayor's reforms.

School Food Deal Lures Firms Linked to Past Probes

A decade ago a federal investigation of school food contracts led to convictions against several firms, and prison terms for some leaders. Now, two companies with links to the episode are bidding to deliver food to New York's students.

DOE Diaspora: NYC School Vets Spread Reforms Nationwide

The impact of Mayor Bloomberg's education reforms is being felt well beyond New York as former DOE aides have taken top jobs in other cities and states.

Mixture of Hope and Concern for City's New Daycare Program

The city hopes EarlyLearn will make for higher-quality city-funded daycare. Despite funding shortages and doubts about the way contracts were awarded, some agencies and advocates believe the program has promise.

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