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City Topics is one of New York City's best resources for coverage of issues that define the fabric of urban affairs, which includes City Limits current stories and coverage, and archival history. Discover more about public policy issues in New York City and utilize the tools we provide to inform citizens to learn more about what's happening that affects the five boroughs.


Activism and Volunteerism

New York City has a long history of ordinary people affecting extraordinary change through active engagement with their governments, communities, and fellow residents. Read about any one of the many s... READ MORE»

Administration for Children's Services

The Administration for Children's Services was founded to protect the city's children from abuse and neglect. The organization that provides neighborhood-based services that create programs so childre... READ MORE»

Adriano Espaillat

Adriano Espaillat is a current New York State Senator who launched an election bid against Charles Rangel that would have made him the first United States congressman of Dominican descent. Espaillat c... READ MORE»

Adult Training

With the current political environment focusing much of its time on the problems of unemployment in America, adult training and education have become increasingly important in the past several years, ... READ MORE»


For years, New York City has been home to thousands of advocacy groups, each working to help those in need. From homelessness to abuse to hunger, advocates have fought for others and have defended the... READ MORE»

Affordable Housing

Originally a newsletter for non-profit groups and tenants in New York’s housing community, City Limits has been investigating affordable housing issues since 1976. While access to affordable housing i... READ MORE»


Read about the difficulties legislators face in trying to restore many human services that Governor Cuomo proposed cutting.


In the 1980s, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) surfaced in the United States among gay men. Because of this finding, scientists and doctors believed that AIDS only affected homosexuals. Howe... READ MORE»

Al Sharpton

Reverend Al Sharpton serves as an activist and advocate for Black America. He is consistently associated with race and r... READ MORE»

Andrew Cuomo

In November 2010, Andrew Cuomo became the 56th Governor of New York. After graduating from Fordham Law School, Cuomo briefly experimented with a law career. However, Cuomo left his job in 1988, foundi... READ MORE»

Animal Welfare

Anthony Weiner

Anthony D. Weiner, former U.S. Representative, ran for mayor in 2005 and 2013. Before his 1998 election for the congressional seat, Weiner was a member of the New York City Council. After replacin... READ MORE»


A key factor in the city's history, but largely left out of today's discussions of crime, arson has seen a dramatic decline in New York. But changes in investigative techniques and cuts to the city's ... READ MORE»

Artificial Turf in New York

City Limits' award-winning investigation in how New York City became the world’s biggest buyer of fake grass.

Arts and Culture


Astoria is a neighborhood located in northwestern Queens. The area is known for its large Spanish population, and is also recognized as a hub for Greek business and culture with a number of shops, res... READ MORE»


Despite being a densely populated urban area, New York City hosts numerous opportunities for aspiring athletes to train and compete as part of teams or individually. Recently, an increasing amount of ... READ MORE»

Atlantic Yards

In a matter of months the Nets will be playing ball at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic, as envisioned more than eight years ago by developer Bruce Ratner. British financial firm Barclays will pay ... READ MORE»



A key factor in the city's history, but largely left out of today's discussions of crime, arson has seen a dramatic decline in New York. But changes in investigative techniques and cuts to the city's ... READ MORE

Reading Room

Far from obsolete in the digital age, New York City's libraries are filling critical gaps: offering technology to low-income neighborhoods, a lifeline to immigrants, a safe space for after school. Usa... READ MORE

The MWBE Program

In 2005 New York City set out to reverse historic patterns of discrimination in contracting by adopting goals for the share of city procurement spending received by minority- and women-led businesses.... READ MORE



Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee for United States President in 2012.

Raymond W. Kelly

Raymond W. Kelly is the current police commissioner for the New York Police Department. Kelly was appointed in 2002 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to serve once again after representing the organization u... READ MORE


New York City is home to a number of veterans who served in several wars throughout history. The New York Mayor's Office of Veteran Affairs strives to find housing and jobs for veterans once they retu... READ MORE