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City Topics is one of New York City's best resources for coverage of issues that define the fabric of urban affairs, which includes City Limits current stories and coverage, and archival history. Discover more about public policy issues in New York City and utilize the tools we provide to inform citizens to learn more about what's happening that affects the five boroughs.


Bail (Prisoner's Dilemma)

"Prisoner's Dilemma" looks at New York City's bail system and investigates why city jails are populated with pre-trial detainees who mostly can't afford bail.

Barack Obama

In November 2008, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States and the first African American President in United States history. Background Obama was born to a black, Kenyan father... READ MORE»


Bedford-Stuyvesant is a neighborhood located in central Brooklyn. The area is bordered by Flushing Avenue to the north and Atlantic Avenue to the south. The construction of electric trolleys transform... READ MORE»


Belmont is neighborhood in the northern Bronx that houses several of the borough's attractions. The Bronx Zoo and Fordham University are both located in this region. Belmont is home to a large African... READ MORE»

Beyond Promises: Bloomberg and Homelessness

In 2004, Mayor Bloomberg pledged a comprehensive effort to dramatically reduce homelessness in New York. Today, more people live in shelters than ever before. Figuring out the ways in which the plan s... READ MORE»

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton served for the majority of the 1990's. In 1996, he helped oversee an overhaul of federal welfare policy by implementing welfare to work. After his term ended, he set up a... READ MORE»

Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio is the 109th mayor of the City of New York.

Black Male Unemployment

The recent recession etched deep pain across New York and throughout the United States. Yet no group fared worse than black men, a fifth of whom are now unemployed--more than twice the rate for whites... READ MORE»


Broadway is known around the world as an entertainment and theater district located in midtown Manhattan. It hosts a variety of plays and musicals as well as features dining and retail options to tour... READ MORE»

Broken Adoptions

Broken Adoptions

Sixteen years ago the federal government put new pressure on states to facilitate adoptions. But it never bothered to track how many of those adoptions fail. Now, there's increasing concern about chil... READ MORE»

Brooklyn Borough Presidency

If independent, Brooklyn would be the fourth-largest U.S. city, with a mayor to speak for its people. Instead, its spokesperson is a borough president. What has incumbent Marty Markowitz had to say? W... READ MORE»


The way a city manages its money can have a colossal effect on the people living within it. In this section, City Limits explores the issues pertaining to New York City’s budget and the effects budget... READ MORE»

Buy or Bust (War on Drugs)

Sean Gardiner's 2009 in-depth investigation on the 40-Year War on Drugs in New York City.



A key factor in the city's history, but largely left out of today's discussions of crime, arson has seen a dramatic decline in New York. But changes in investigative techniques and cuts to the city's ... READ MORE

Reading Room

Far from obsolete in the digital age, New York City's libraries are filling critical gaps: offering technology to low-income neighborhoods, a lifeline to immigrants, a safe space for after school. Usa... READ MORE

The MWBE Program

In 2005 New York City set out to reverse historic patterns of discrimination in contracting by adopting goals for the share of city procurement spending received by minority- and women-led businesses.... READ MORE



Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee for United States President in 2012.

Raymond W. Kelly

Raymond W. Kelly is the current police commissioner for the New York Police Department. Kelly was appointed in 2002 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to serve once again after representing the organization u... READ MORE


New York City is home to a number of veterans who served in several wars throughout history. The New York Mayor's Office of Veteran Affairs strives to find housing and jobs for veterans once they retu... READ MORE