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News: Homelessness

One Woman's Plan to Beat Poverty

Beverly Davis has a full-time job, a family she supports and a college course to complete. She has plans to become a police officer. Public benefits are essential to her move from low-wage work to economic independence.

The Principal Is New. The School Is Closing.

With new boss Dennis Walcott, the city school system gets a new chance to improve relations with parents and teachers. But there'll be no second chance for Robeson High in Bed-Stuy. What does that mean for students?

On The Street, Making Plans: Q&A With A Homeless Girl

She came to the city for a concert and never left. Now she's part of the city's complex culture of street homelessness—where cardboard signs are gold, and you're either a "crusty" or you're not.

Senate, Assembly Resist Cuomo Cuts To Services

Legislators want to restore many human services that Gov. Cuomo proposed cutting. But the Senate and Assembly still differ by tens of millions of dollars on social funding, and some programs still face elimination.

Critics Of Homeless Program Fight To Save It

Advocates for the homeless have long criticized the Bloomberg administration's approach to getting people out of shelters. But with the state threatening to end funding for the program, most advocates have joined the city to oppose the cuts.

Grandparents Who Parent Are Facing Budget Cuts

Thousands of New York children are raised by relatives other than their parents. Many rely on state programs to support their unexpected second stint as guardians.

As AIDS Threat Changes, Push For Housing Renews

Advocates, hoping Gov. Cuomo will back a cap on rent for people in AIDS housing, say research shows that shelter saves lives and reduces government expenditures.

Cuomo's Cuts Could Hit The Poor

The tiff between Albany and City Hall over education aid isn't the only fight brewing over the governor's budget. His cuts to public assistance, homeless services and child welfare are also coming under fire.

Housing That's More Than A Home

Many of New York City's homeless need more than just a place to live. As this audio slidehow reveals, they need services to help them get and keep their lives on track.

No Vacancy: Why Empty Condos Aren't Becoming Affordable Housing

Boom-time overbuilding left thousands of units vacant. But a city program to convert them to affordable housing has found the market uncooperative.

For Transgender Homeless, Choice Of Shelter Can Prevent Violence

A pilot policy to allow transgender people to choose between men's and women's shelters has reduced violence. But women's shelters are safer for either identity.

Report: NYC's Bail System Punishes The Poor

Human Rights Watch calls on New York City to come up with a better way than putting a price on freedom for low-income defendants awaiting trial for minor crimes.

BIDs These Days

The ups and downs of Business Improvement Districts

No Sign Of Mayor's Promised Antipoverty 'Zones'

A year ago the mayor said he'd launch Harlem Children's Zone-style programs in Brooklyn and the Bronx. But as the Obama administration funds a similar initiative, the city has yet to move.

From Haiti To A Housing Crisis: Earthquake Evacuees Struggle

New York's Haitians opened their doors to those who fled January's devastating quake. But amid cramped conditions and a lack of resources, the welcome might be wearing out.

Bronx Death Stirs Fears Of Homeless Attacks

Police think Billy Murphy died in an accident. But if the homeless man's friends are right in suspecting foul play, it'd be one of an increasing number of attacks on the homeless nationwide.

Nonprofit Eyeing Distressed Buildings Faces Tenant Resistance

Hope Community LDC wants to purchase 47 East Harlem buildings out of foreclosure. But a tenant organization has raised questions about the would-be buyer's past record.

In School, Homeless Kids Face A Different Test

Homeless children struggle with more than reading and math. They're challenged to stay connected to schools as their families search for shelter.

How Much Stimulus Money Went To Low Income Areas?

City Limits toured New York City, Yonkers and Newburgh with Community Voices Heard, to see where the stimulus money went and hear where advocates for low-income families believe it should go.

New Bill Would Change HIV Testing Across State

Gov. Paterson is expected to sign a bill that would mandate that physicians routinely offer their patients HIV testing, a move that experts say would reduce the rate of infection.

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Over 3,000 New Yorkers live on the streets or in the subways and nearly 40,000 reside in shelters. These numbers have soared in recent years reportedly due to the economic recession. With thousands of layoffs, it is not surprising that many New Yorkers found it challenging to keep up with home payments while keeping food on the table. Many turn to the shelters as a means of support during difficult times. The city’s Department of Homeless Services works to prevent homelessness and to aid those already homeless.

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Where Do the Homeless Come From? - Jarrett Murphy

It's not gentrifying neighborhoods, for the most part, according to a new report. Instead, it's the neighborhoods where people find refuge from displacement.

NYers Pan Mayor's Record on Homelessness; Want Shelter Time Limits - Jarrett Murphy

Only one in four survey respondents approve of the mayor's handling of homelessness, even though most say they haven't seen an increase in homelessness under the mayor.

What Should the Next Mayor Do About Homelessness? - Jarrett Murphy

Homeless policy has dogged the last four mayors of New York City. A recent panel looked at how the next mayor might turn the page.

Fewer Homeless on Streets, Lots More on Subways - Jarrett Murphy

The Department of Homeless Services announced a "decline of 28 percent across the five boroughs since 2005." That was the good news.

City Limits Criminal Justice Reporting Honored - Jarrett Murphy

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency recognized our coverage of staff sexual misconduct in New York's prisons and the housing challenges facing former inmates.

Feds Fall Down on Homeless Women Vets - Jarrett Murphy

The number of homeless women veterans tracked by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs has more than doubled in the past five years, but they are poorly served by existing programs, an investigation finds.

Plan Calls for Longer Shelter Stays - Jarrett Murphy

A new report on homelessness in New York calls for some shelter residents to be housed for a year to 18 months, so they can get the time and resources needed to become self-sufficient.

Read It: Court Backs City Cut of Homeless Program - Jarrett Murphy

A state judge ruled that New York can end a rent-subsidy program for formerly homeless people that lost its state and federal funding.

AIDS Program Cuts Stir Protest - Johann Hamilton

Advocates are speaking out against proposed cuts to programs that feed and house people living with HIV/AIDS.



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My First Term at Homeless University

By Melanie Lee

My First Term at Homeless University

A homeless woman decides to think of her time in the city's shelter system as the kind of multifaceted learning experience for which some of us pay $30,000 a year.

Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

By Jeff Foreman

Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

From poor doors to subway arrests to demonstrations outside a hotel in Queens, the poor and homeless face a broad menu of stigmatization.

Helping the Homeless Save (For) Themselves

By Ken Brown

Helping the Homeless Save (For) Themselves

Could individual development accounts give New York City a new tool for moving homeless families and individuals from shelter into homes?

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

By Arvernetta Henry

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

For Arvernetta Henry, the stakes in the budget talks are pretty simple. With a rent subsidy, she gets out of the shelter. Without it, she doesn't.

A Memorial Day for the Homeless

By Bobby Watts

A Memorial Day for the Homeless

The longest night of the year is also a day to remember people who died on the street.



Homes Underwater: Forebearance Alternatives for Sandy-Affected Homeowners

A report by Franklin Romeo and Jennifer Ching of (Queens Legal Services and Legal Services NYC) explores foreclosure risks in neighborhoods hit hard by Sandy and finds that some of the steps taken by banks in the wake of the storm "[create] a situation where a homeowner is likely to fall into a mortgage delinquency."

"Social Change, Inc."

Three case studies: Ho w MBAs are transforming the ways nonprofits do business.