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News: Immigration

The Holdouts

"If it doesn't start doing something soon, I'm going to be out of business after 26 years."

From Africa To New York, The Perils and Rewards of Immigration

When you are swimming in the river ... you get to the middle ... and you cannot go back and you cannot go forward. That is how I see an immigrant. -- Ramatu Ahmed, African Community Organizer

Hasidic Rapper Promotes Racial Harmony In Crown Heights

DeScribe is not the world's first or most famous Hassidic rapper, but he is looking to obtain a higher level of recognition for his positive sound.

Immigrant Unemployment Lower Than Natives' In NYC

A report released Monday found that during the recession immigrants experienced lower rates of unemployment than U.S. natives.

Did Environmentalist Back Arizona's SB1070?

New York-based community groups have taken up a national campaign to fight Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law by targeting a local foundation supporting environmental causes.

High Hopes For Paterson's Immigrant Pardon Panel

At a recent city council hearing, local immigrants and their advocates spoke with restrained optimism about Paterson's new panel, which held its first meeting the last week of May.

Sewage, Cement And Staten Island's Future

Projects to upgrade a sewage plant and construct a cement facility open the next chapter in a complex—and controversial—industrial history.

Tough Love In The Big City

Kids in New York have often had a lot to fear. So how’d we end up afraid of them?

Making Their Way

Immigrant Women Straddle Cultural Chasms

Churches On Front Lines Of Immigration Battle

For many immigrants in New York City facing deportation, the closest thing to a lawyer that they can afford is a clergymember.

Immigrant's Choice: Family Separation Or Child Mutilation

Some deportees must choose whether to leave their citizen children behind or bring them back to the ancestral land. That choice is even harder when genital mutilation is a threat.

Paterson Moves to Pardon Convicted Immigrants

Drugs dominate the list of the top 10 crimes leading to legal immigrants' deportation. A new state panel would expedite the pardon of old or minor crimes.

The Immigration March: New York's Homelands

As immigrants and their allies march in New York and around the country, City Limits looks at where New Yorkers came from.

After Arizona Immigration Law, Activists See Local Problem

Civil liberties groups are suing the federal government to get information on a program that makes local jails—including New York—part of the immigration enforcement network.

Test Fuels Anxiety—And An Industry

In Jackson Heights, the city's high school entrance exam means high pressure for immigrant students, and business for private test-prep centers.

3 Reasons New Yorkers Ignore The Census

Many New Yorkers who haven't returned their census forms fear that doing so could cost them their apartments

Homage For A Working Class Hero

Mervyn E. Simon was not a politician, nor was he ever an officially recognized activist, but he showed that one person can impact a community-at-large, by helping others one at a time.

Battle Plan Vs. Illegal Housing

After recent city and state attempts to curtail underground housing, advocates are calling for long-term solutions.

The Search for the Smoking Gun

The reasons for the race gap

Coalition Battles Gov's Cuts

Business leaders and immigrant advocates have joined forces to resist cuts to English classes for New York's new arrivals.

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Despite the pride many Americans have for the country's diverse population, many immigrants continue to face exclusive challenges. Children face difficulties in finding proper schools, and many times employers turn away immigrant workers from job opportunities. However, immigrants still build their lives in New York City and help create a universally unique city.

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Immigration Detainers in NYC: The Numbers - Jarrett Murphy

The city honored more than 3,000 such detainers over a recent 12-month period, declined to enforce 1,200 and received $42 million less than it wanted for doing Washington's immigration-enforcement grunt work.

NYC Pols React, Unevenly, to Mideast Violence - Jarrett Murphy

There was widespread outrage over the horrific murders of three Israeli teens. Fewer public statements were made over the alleged revenge slaying of a Palestinian boy.

Infographic: Many Immigrants Want to Own Homes, Success Rates Vary - Miranda Shafer

An interactive data map uses data from the American Community Survey to show the impact immigrant investment has on the housing market.

Rangel Clarifies Comments on Dominican Immigration Dispute - Jarrett Murphy

In response to an inquiry by City Limits, the Congressman says he did not endorse a court ruling that threw 200,000 Haitians in the DR into immigration limbo.

Immigrants' U.S. Paychecks A Lifeline To Home Countries - Vincent Trivett

Immigrant workers who send money to support their families contribute mightily to their home countries' economies. But high fees and other obstacles erode the impact this cash could have.

Should Immigrants Have A Right To Free Counsel? - City Limits

Watch a video interview about the challenges facing young migrants who end up in immigration court without the money to hire a lawyer.



Risky Talking with Kimberle Williams Crenshaw and Eve Ensler

Friday, October 24, 2014
7:00p - 9:00p

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014
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Benefit 4 Change

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Photo Slideshow: City Limits' 35th Anniversary Celebration

City Limits hosted Celebration! to honor its 35th Anniversary and the people who make a difference in New York City's civic and advocacy community. Hosted by CUNY-BMCC, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed Wednesday, October 26, 2011 City Limits Day in honor of the non-profit investigative journalism organization.

Battery Park City Recharged

: Why the city made good on an old housing pledge