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Cops Want Crime Watchers on 34 Bushwick Blocks

The new block associations could address many issues but would emphasize crime prevention. Some neighbors question whether crime is truly a threat.

LGBTQ Group Reboots as Hate Worries Grow

After scandal scuttled the Bronx Pride Center, a new entity is taking shape amid persistent concerns about the hostile atmosphere that confronts for the borough's gays.

Bed-Stuy Eyes Block Watch to Stop Violence

A week after the shooting of an 11-year-old made headlines, community members gathered to talk about the causes of violence. Some trained for patrols aimed at thwarting it.

Public Finally to Have Access to Hyper-Local Crime Stats

Newly signed legislation will correct a blind-spot in the NYPD's crime-report transparency, one we reported on last year.

Pushing Cops to Consider Kids When Arresting Parents

While some New York police agencies already avoid having kids witness a parent's bust and take steps to ensure care after Mom or Dad are detained, advocates say want more done to limit the effect of arrests and incarceration on children

Top Issue in Brownsville: Fear of the Teens, Fear for the Teens

Ask people on Blake Avenue what's their No. 1 campaign concern, and they'll say "crime." But their worry seems to be less about violence and more about whether young people are on the wrong track.

Advocates Pan City's Record on Disabilities

They claim policies from special ed to employment assistance to the Taxi of Tomorrow failed to increase opportunities for the disabled. City Hall says its reforms made a difference.

Disabled Say Non-Mayoral Agencies Also Fail

While advocates for the disabled have harsh criticism for Mayor Bloomberg, they also fault other government agencies not controlled by City Hall—especially the transit system.

Undocumented Immigrants Still In Post-Storm Limbo

Plans for how the city will spend federal aid are taking shape. The governor is discussing a massive buyout program in coastal areas. But some victims of the storm are still stuck without basic help.

Guns for Cash at Brooklyn Church

An operable handgun or assault rifle will net you $200 if you bring it—in a plastic bag—to a gun buyback event in Vinegar Hill this weekend.

Innocent of Crime, Tainted by Time: Exonorees Struggle

After years behind bars for crimes they did not commit, New York's exonerees are released into the free world—where a host of challenges confront them despite their innocence.

Growing Concern Over Broken Adoptions

For more than a decade national child welfare policy has encouraged timely adoptions as way to stabilize the lives of kids in foster care. But the system is challenged when a child's new home proves to be a bad fit.

Adoption Numbers in Question

Sixteen years ago the federal government put new pressure on states to facilitate adoptions. But it never bothered to track how many of those adoptions fail.

Adoption: From an Option to a Mandate

Adoption is a good outcome for many children in foster care. But not every adoptive parent-child combination is meant to be.

One Foster Child's Choice? Not To Be Adopted

S.D. held out hope that her parents would bring her home. That never happened. But avoiding adoption was her choice—and it was a wise one, her lawyer says.

Solutions to Broken Adoptions May Lie in Gray Areas

While there's disagreement among child welfare officials and advocates about all we can do to prevent broken adoptions, there is consensus on a few common-sense steps.

Behind Brooklyn's High Hate-Crime Numbers

A large population, demographic diversity and prosecutors' commitment to punishing bias are factors. Some believe too much crime—and others too little—falls into the category of “hate."

At the Corner Deli, a Yemeni Immigrant Saga

Every time you buy a beer or a lottery ticket at a bodega run by Mohamed Mohamed or one of his countrymen, you tap into a story of ethnic succession and a struggle to reconcile one culture with another.

Assault Weapon? Sporting Rifle? A Big Seller by Any Name

If it sometimes seems that advocates and opponents of gun control are speaking different languages, it's because they are—at least when it comes to guns like the one used in Newtown.

Protect Immigrant Work Rights—-By Making them Owners

Statistics show immigrant workers frequently suffer wage theft. One solution pioneered by a Brooklyn center is to launch cooperatives where the workers are also owners.

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Advocates Have Wary Praise For End of NYPD Surveillance Unit - Jarrett Murphy

Those who opposed the Bloomberg administration's snooping on Muslims welcomed the shut-down of the "demographic unit." Now they want proof that the spying itself will stop.

Needed: A New Deal for City Housing Policy - Jarrett Murphy

The UPK battle is (for now) over, the 100th day is coming, and the question arises: What now for the first progressive mayor in a generation? The answer, in a word, is housing.

City Libraries Target Jailed Readers - Jarrett Murphy

The man in charge of the Brooklyn Library's correctional services talks about the challenges of providing books to an incarcerated customer base.

Seen Here First: Tenants and Exonerees Struggle - Jarrett Murphy

A Bushwick building's saga and the woes of people wrongly imprisoned and then released are two stories City Limits was proud to break.

Heroin and New York: A History - Jarrett Murphy

An actor's untimely death revives interest in the long history of heroin traffic in New York. In 2009, we told that story in depth.

Stop-and-Frisk, Already Dying, Gets Buried - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's move to settle a lawsuit over the NYPD practice closes one chapter in the history of the NYPD. The next one is now being written.

Learning to Listen in Child Welfare Enforcement - Jarrett Murphy

A report looks at how to make parent feedback a bigger part of the system.

How Should de Blasio Continue the Young Men's Initiative? - Jarrett Murphy

We've had our turn. Now it's yours. What do you think Mayor-elect de Blasio should do to continue, strengthen (or terminate, if that's your angle) the Young Men's Initiative?

Heard Here First: Questions About Infamous 1990 Murder - Jarrett Murphy

Civil rights lawyer Ron Kuby is seeking to overturn the conviction of Johnny Hincapie in the infamous subway slaying of Brian Watkins. City Limits first reported doubts about the case three years ago.

Call for A Wage-Theft Crackdown - Jarrett Murphy

Advocates for low-wage workers say the state isn't doing enough to hunt down scofflaw employers.

Prison Reformers Hope De Blasio Keeps Promises - Julia Alsop

His campaign platform embraces some of the policies they want for ex-offenders. But advocates were unable to meet face-to-face with the Democrat or his Republican opponent, Joe Lhota.

Stop and Frisk Ruling: Read the Judges' Code of Conduct - Jarrett Murphy

Read the rules that federal judges are supposed to live by--and that the judge in the NYPD case allegedly broke.

De Blasio Stumped by Crime Wave. Wait, There's a Crime Wave? - Jarrett Murphy

A tabloid is taking the Democratic nominee to task for failing to offer a solution to an increase in shootings. But a stroll through the archives suggests recent crime spikes have come and gone.

True or False: New York City Already Bans Racial Profiling - Jarrett Murphy

When the Democrats running for mayor debated, the merits of a proposed ban on profiling figured prominently.

Stop-and-Frisk Ruling: Key Background - Jarrett Murphy

In light of the federal judge's ruling that the NYPD practice violated people's rights, check out our coverage of the neighborhood that saw the most intense use of the strategy.

Checking the Math on Race and Stop-and-Frisk - Jarrett Murphy

How relevant are murder statistics—or even more comprehensive violent crime numbers—in evaluating stop and frisk?

Doubts on Hate-Crime Laws Amid Rash of Anti-Gay Crimes - Jarrett Murphy

Some suspect the current bias-crime statutes aren't strong enough to deter or punish violent bigots. Others wonder if extra jail time is the best way to change mindsets.

Stop and Frisk Coverage Nominated - Jarrett Murphy

We're up for an award from that National Association of Black Journalists.

Gun Violence in NYC: The Killer You Avoid Could Be Yourself - Jarrett Murphy

While New York's gun murder rate is lower than most big cities', it's our low firearm suicide rate that makes gun violence half as likely in the city than in the United States as a whole.

Bloomberg Invokes Terrorism in Case Against NYPD Reforms - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor suggested that Council proposals could lead to more murders, create deadly confusion among police officers and perhaps even make it easier for terrorists to strike the city.



Does Poverty Cause Child Abuse?

By Dawn Post

Does Poverty Cause Child Abuse?

Poor parents are no more likely to hurt or neglect their kids, the author argues. They're just more likely to be punished for failings both real and imagined.

Custody Battle Delays Mean Kids Grow Up in Family Court

By Dawn Post

Custody Battle Delays Mean Kids Grow Up in Family Court

A shortage of judges means some children and their families spend years in the system, exacerbating whatever problems brought them there in the first place.

Budget Must Address Low Wages of Social Service Workers

By Jeff Foreman

Budget Must Address Low Wages of Social Service Workers

For six years, the lowest paid human-service workers in New York State have not had a cost of living adjustment, meaning their real wages have shrunk by nearly 12 percent. Is this the year Albany finally wakes up to that injustice?

Racial Disparities Color Media Coverage of Child Abuse Victims

By Dawn Post

Racial Disparities Color Media Coverage of Child Abuse Victims

Whether they are victims of child abuse or lose a parent to murder, kids in some neighborhoods get treated differently when faced with tragedy. Readers and viewers must demand better.

When the Choice is Between Abuse and Homelessness

By Carol Corden and Shola Olatoye

When the Choice is Between Abuse and Homelessness

Almost one-third of homeless families in the shelter system are survivors of domestic violence. Mayor-elect de Blasio needs to act quickly to more adequately serve this vulnerable population.



Design Deficiencies and Lost Votes

In 2010, tens of thousands of votes in New York did not count due to overvotes — the invalid selection of more than one candidate. This report demonstrates how the lack of adequate overvote protections disproportionately affected the state's poorest communities, suggests commonsense reforms, and examines national implications.

For Their Own Good

Hundreds of teens are in jail for crimes for which adult offenders would walk. Can the Probation Dept. reform its ways?