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Housing and Development

For Sunset Park, Proposed BRT Routes Could Help Foster Jobs

After a campaign pledge by Mayor de Blasio, a report suggests eight new bus routes around the city that would help fulfill it.

Concerns Over Private Firm Managing Some NYCHA Properties

The move to bring in outside management for some of the authority's Section 8 properties is not the first, but comes at a sensitive time for the agency.

Advocates Say Armory Fight is Over, But Work Just Beginning

A two-decade debate over how to redevelop the massive Kingsbridge Armory ended with a City Council vote last week. Now promises to the community must be made real.

Cabrera: I'll Vote for Kingsbridge Plan

The Bronx Councilman says he was swayed by last minute concessions by the developer.

Kingsbridge Armory Plan Passes

After 20 years of discussion, a plan to redevelop the Kingsbridge Armory as an ice-sports center passed the City Council.

Negotiations Over Armory End as Vote Nears

The developer of a proposed ice-center and its community allies are no longer attempting to sway Councilman Fernando Cabrera to support their plan for the Kingsbridge Armory.

Cabrera Rallies Against Armory Plan

The councilman is trying to build pressure against the plan to turn the long-vacant Kingsbridge Armory into an ice sports center.

Program to Take Buildings from Bad Landlords Fades

7A, once a key enforcement tool, is used less often amid a changed real-estate market and new programs. But it's still needed as a threat. The question is: Can the threat remain real?

Brooklyn Tenants Get Vow of NYCHA Fixes

Over 450 tenants presented housing authority officials a long list of maintenance and repair needs, and got a promise that fixes would be made by Christmas, organizers say.

Lessons of Willets Point: Trading Parkland for Developer's Donation

In the second of part of our series on a development process that spanned much of the Bloomberg administration, we look at how parks fare under this deal—and others.

Lessons of Willets Point: Will A New Mayor Do Development Differently?

Perhaps no project embodied the Bloomberg administration's development style better than Willets Point. Will Joe Lhota or Bill de Blasio change that approach?

Bronx Community Leaders Irked By Homeless Shelter

Another Bronx apartment building becomes a temporary home for the homeless, worrying community leaders.

Forest City Ratner Again Gets Extension from MTA

The developer has pushed back for a second time the formal start of construction on a new railyard, raising new questions about the timeline for promised housing.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Public Housing

This city in a city—the nation's oldest and largest public housing system—faces operating shortfalls and a huge list of capital needs. How can City Hall protect this resource?

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Affordable Housing

The hopefuls offer different menus of zoning schemes, investment plans, tax breaks and more to try to build and preserve tens of thousands of units during the next decade.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Homelessness

The population of the city's shelter system having skyrocketed to 50,000 people, the mayoral candidates propose a variety of ways to address the crisis.

Federal-Funded Effort May Reshape East New York

As part of an Obama administration bid to create more transit-centered development, the Brooklyn neighborhood may see a rezoning to encourage housing and retail.

Bangladeshi Enclave Grows in City Line

As a large community has taken root, there have been conscious efforts to promote cross-cultural cooperation.

Spring Creek Builder's Promises Spur Cheers, Jeers

An extensive community benefits agreement between the developer of the Gateway II project is hailed by many. But some community groups feel left out.

Tensions at Brooklyn Coop Reflect Mitchell-Lama Woes

Lindsay Park's leaders say they're acting to stabilize the development's finances. But some residents say the board's moves have been bad for their own wallets.

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Report Sees Crisis in NYCHA Conditions, Hope in Density - Jarrett Murphy

A city comptroller's study of housing conditions also detected a distinct racial skew—independent of income or rent-level—to which New Yorkers are most likely to live amid housing deficiencies.

NYCHA Points to Progress on Maintenance Issues - Jarrett Murphy

In light of a report about the deterioration of conditions during the Bloomberg years, the authority says the picture has changed under Mayor de Blasio.

Willets Point Mall Clears Legal Hurdle - Jarrett Murphy

Opponents of the development sued over the use of parkland to support a retail establishment. A state judge dismissed the case, but an appeal is likely.

Report: Housing Construction Could Tamp Down City Rents - Jarrett Murphy

A real-estate industry report indicates that rents are rising right now but believes new supply coming on line over the next two years could slow or reverse the cost of a place to live.

Rent Guideline Board Rejects Freeze, Approves Modest Hikes - Jarrett Murphy

The RBG made history by approving unprecedentedly low increases in stabilized rents. But it rejected a call for rent freezes that the mayor supported during his campaign.

State Nudges Banks to Monitor Building Conditions - Jarrett Murphy

New examination rules are aimed at getting banks to look more closely at the soundness of the landlord's financial plan and the conditions tenants are living in.

Some Cautious in Reacting to Mayor's Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

Amid widespread praise for the mayor's 10-year, 200,000-unit, $41 billion affordable housing plan, a few notes of caution were sounded.

What to Look For in de Blasio's Affordable Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

From preservation to permanence, housing court to homelessness, here are some of the elements we'll be eyeing.

Optimism on Massive Portfolio of Working-Class Housing - Jarrett Murphy

Advocates hoped a new owner would take on the troubled "three-borough pool." But they welcome a deal with the state AG protecting tenants' rights.

NYC's Housing Crunch is Part of National Crisis - Jarrett Murphy

A new report finds renters are being priced out of housing across the country—not because of a lack of supply, but because of the inadequacy of our incomes.

Advocates Want De Blasio Admin. to Lean on Lender - Jarrett Murphy

A 44-building portfolio is in foreclosure, and tenant advocates are hoping the city will pressure firms tied to the parcels' financing to sell to a responsible buyer.

NBC Keeps the Heat on Brooklyn Landlord - Jarrett Murphy

The man in the elevator said he didn't know anything about the buildings where tenants' rooms had been left in shambles. Turns out he owned them.

Where the Bloomberg Affordable Housing Went - Jarrett Murphy

Mayor Bloomberg left office celebrating the creation or preservation of 160,000 units of affordable housing. Which borough got the most? Which community boards saw the most production?

NYers Pan Mayor's Record on Homelessness; Want Shelter Time Limits - Jarrett Murphy

Only one in four survey respondents approve of the mayor's handling of homelessness, even though most say they haven't seen an increase in homelessness under the mayor.

Report: Three-Quarters Houses Are Troubled but Valued - Jarrett Murphy

Informal homes for people with substance abuse problems or re-entering society after a stint in prison often violate the building code and tenants' rights. But tenants prefer them to the street.

With New Mayor Coming, Advocates Focus on Senior Housing - Jarrett Murphy

One candidate has his own housing plan. The other has endorsed a coalition's blueprint. But whoever wins is going to be pressed to address the specific housing needs of aging New Yorkers.

What's the Next Stop for CitiBike? - Oliver Morrison

The project plans to target neighborhoods next to the areas it's already serving. Some would rather it target a clientele that's more diverse, and less affluent, than the current ridership.

What Should the Next Mayor Do About Homelessness? - Jarrett Murphy

Homeless policy has dogged the last four mayors of New York City. A recent panel looked at how the next mayor might turn the page.

Call for Tax Credits for Public Housing - Jarrett Murphy

Federal support for public housing operating expenses has been lagging costs for a decade. A NYCHA board member said a new approach might shore up funding from Washington.

Fewer Homeless on Streets, Lots More on Subways - Jarrett Murphy

The Department of Homeless Services announced a "decline of 28 percent across the five boroughs since 2005." That was the good news.



Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

By Jeff Foreman

Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

From poor doors to subway arrests to demonstrations outside a hotel in Queens, the poor and homeless face a broad menu of stigmatization.

Helping the Homeless Save (For) Themselves

By Ken Brown

Helping the Homeless Save (For) Themselves

Could individual development accounts give New York City a new tool for moving homeless families and individuals from shelter into homes?

Can Churches Fund Affordable Housing?

By Hugh Kelly

Can Churches Fund Affordable Housing?

POP is different from most other real-estate finance operations in two ways. First, it's named after a papal encyclical. Second, it underwrites housing working-class New Yorkers can afford.

At Stake in Rent Fight: Does Democracy Work?

By Susanna Blankley

At Stake in Rent Fight: Does Democracy Work?

Despite little outreach by the RGB, its 2014 hearings displayed a surge of tenant interest. The vote on a rent freeze will say as much about democracy, the author says, as it does about housing costs.

NYCHA Safety Depends on More than Cops or Cameras

By Jin Hee Lee

NYCHA Safety Depends on More than Cops or Cameras

Amid outrage over the stabbing of two children in a public-housing elevator, the author calls for solutions that go beyond increased policing or even surveillance cameras to include partnering with NYCHA residents themselves.



Criminalizing Communities: NYPD Abuse of Vulnerable Populations

Report says NYPD tactics and attitudes unjustly target blacks, Latinos, gays, transgender people, vendors and sex workers.

Photo Slideshow: The Defining Brooklyn Issue Launch

On Monday, March 28, 2011, City Limits Magazine celebrated the launch of "Defining Brooklyn: The Borough Behind the Brand" at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation's Skylight Gallery.