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News: Neighborhoods
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How Health Care Repeal Would Affect New York

Republicans want to reverse President Obama's health care reform law. What would that mean for New Yorkers?

Troubled Bronx Buildings Spur City Crackdown

The saga of 10 Bronx buildings that fell into disrepair after their owner defaulted has inspired a new city program aimed at detecting problem buildings—before they become problems.

Obama's Urban Policy: Slow Start. Sustainable Finish?

The president's campaign pledge to pay attention to cities got some tough early reviews. But now communities around the country are getting federal help to plan for the future.

How Big Is Too Big For New York City?

New York City is supposed to grow by more than 600,000 people between now and 2030, and it could grow more after that. Is there a point when the Big Apple will be too big?

Moses, Jacobs And You: The Battle For Gotham

A history of the philosophical battle between Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs, told by an author who, wisely, took it personally.

Missing Moses' Muscle

The politics of parks.

Waking the Dead

Lomex. Robert Moses. Westway. Jane Jacobs. What New York's planning past tells us about its future.

On The Move

The city's transit system is better than you think. It's also under more strain than politicians admit.

Five Boroughs. One City. No Plan.

Is the city's failure to plan a plan for failure?

Whose Dreams Will Decide?

The push for neighborhoods to have more than a voice.

Going National

We are so desperate for any little inkling for success

The Strip

"If you're the manager of a chain, a clean sidewalk doesn't change the numbers on the register."

The Casualties

"A lot of small businesses aren't getting the assistance they need to become more competitive."

For White Marijuana Users, Odds Of Arrest Low

While police crackdown on drug deals in mostly minority neighborhoods, the drug trade among whites in New York City operates with relative impunity.

Small Businesses On The Edge In Bay Ridge

In an excerpt from the City Limits magazine investigation of small businesses in New York, a look at the holdouts along increasingly chain-ganged 86th Street.

Cuomo Housing Plan Praised, Parsed

The economic crisis that dominates campaign 2010 began in the housing market. So what are the gubernatorial candidates—especially frontrunner Andrew Cuomo—saying to owners, tenants and landlords?

HPD Commish 'Shocked' At Buildings In Multimillion-Dollar Deal

The city is cracking down on the owners of Bronx properties at the center of citywide concerns about what will happen to apartment buildings scarred by foreclosure.

The Holdouts

"If it doesn't start doing something soon, I'm going to be out of business after 26 years."

The Life And Death Of The Mom-n-Pop

Small businesses help make New York's neighborhoods. But as the next issue of City Limits reports, economic trends and policy decisions are threatening their survival.

No Sign Of Mayor's Promised Antipoverty 'Zones'

A year ago the mayor said he'd launch Harlem Children's Zone-style programs in Brooklyn and the Bronx. But as the Obama administration funds a similar initiative, the city has yet to move.

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New York is a city stratified by the diversity of its many different neighborhoods, and our community coverage of different issues particular to neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs is a key part of City Limits’ mission. But while our coverage may focus on issues that seem endemic to one neighborhood in particular--like policing practices in Bedford-Stuyvesant or living wage battles in the Bronx--they also highlight community-oriented policies shaping the city at-large.

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NYC Groups Ask Feds To Scold Bank - Gena Mangiaratti

A coalition of economic advocacy groups wants a federal bank regulator to give JP Morgan Chase a poor grade for its compliance with an anti-redlining law.



America's Cities Shaped (and Mishaped) by Rules

By Emily Talen

America's Cities Shaped (and Mishaped) by Rules

Zoning laws, building codes and other regulations can seem like bureaucratic obscurities. But, says this author, they have a powerful—and often negative—impact on urban areas.

Homeowners Must Be Wary of Lien Sales

By Ken Inadomi

Homeowners Must Be Wary of Lien Sales

The city allows private companies to collect on overdue water and property tax charges. It's a sensible way to maximize public revenue, says this author, but it comes with dangers for vulnerable homeowners.

Teen Sex Message Minces Few Words

By Catherine M. Abate

Teen Sex Message Minces Few Words

Some have criticized the words that teens use to discuss sex in a new series of public service announcements. This author argues the only way to reach at-risk youth is to speak their language.



Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.

Is Demography Still Destiny?

Neighborhood Demographics and Public High School Students’ Readiness for College in New York City



Beyond CityTime

An Investigation of Private Consultants in the Bloomberg Administration