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Advocates Say Armory Fight is Over, But Work Just Beginning

A two-decade debate over how to redevelop the massive Kingsbridge Armory ended with a City Council vote last week. Now promises to the community must be made real.

How Vito Lopez Changed Bushwick

Many think the former assemblyman and powerbroker is a creep. Some hail him as a hero. In Bushwick, his legacy—and the story of his downfall—are more complicated than either label suggests.

Push to Diversify City Contracting Falls Short of Goals

Eight years after the Bloomberg administration began an effort to get minority- and women-owned firms a bigger share of city contracts, targets have not been met. Part 1 of a three-part series.

Minority Contractors Face Hurdles, Flaws in Law

In the city's effort to diversify city contracting, the administration is limited by procurement rules, MWBE firms by their small size and the law itself by the fuzzy process behind the goals it's set. Part II in our series.

NYC's MWBE Push: Cracking Down, Looking Ahead

As local law enforcement follows the feds' lead in going after city contractors that fake working with minority- and women-owned firms, the future of the MWBE program is in a new mayor's hands. Part III of our series.

MWBE Programs Face Court Scrutiny

Cities and states that want to diversify their contractor pool have to prove that genuine disparities exist. Part of our series on New York's M/WBE initiative.

Who Won Brooklyn's Campaign Money Race?

The votes are in. The inauguration looms. It's time to see who from Brooklyn gave, gathered and got the most in 2013 campaign contributions.

Serious Questions Greet Speaker Candidates in Bronx

At a forum featuring councilmembers hoping to be the city's next speaker, tough issues were discussed, different styles were displayed and the crowd was anything but silent.

Update: Election Board Defends Poll-Site Notifications

Voters complained of not being informed that their voting site had changed. But the BOE says at least a few of the confused voters were told well in advance.

Hopes for De Blasio: High and Low, Specific vs. Sweeping

Bill de Blasio's promise of progress has raised expectations. In Brownsville on Election Day, voters' hopes ranged from a vague desire for change to specific, ambitious goals.

Bronx Voters Skip Ballot Questions in Big Numbers

One in three voters who cast a ballot in the mayoral race didn't weigh in on the ballot questions. In some cases, poll workers may have failed to remind voters to flip their ballots.

High Hopes for De Blasio from Bronx Muslims

Muslim voters in the Bronx were confident on Election Day that the Democrat will address issues of security, surveillance, and Islamic holidays

Losing an Election 195 to 1, But Ready to Run Again

You see their names on every ballot—candidates you've not heard of from parties you may not have known existed. They run facing certain defeat. Ever wonder why?

An Election Day Saga at P.S. 6

Self-interest and civic spirit, friendship and suspicion, crisis and calm—all were on display at one polling place during the long day that was Election 2013.

Campaign 2013, Seen from Brownsville

We wanted to hear a little of what people in one somewhat forgotten piece of Brooklyn thought about the candidates, the campaign and the city.

Poll Site Changes Cause Confusion in Brooklyn

More than a hundred election districts changed their polling place after the September primary, leading to confusion and frustration for voters who said they were not informed.

For Bronx-Based Mayoral Candidate, It Ain't Easy Being Green

Tony Gronowicz ran for mayor on the Green Party line knowing he would lose, but hoping to gather enough votes to force the major parties to pay attention.

Little Enthusiasm Among Young Bronx Voters

If the atmosphere at Hostos Community College is any indication, the buzz around the Obama campaign has been followed by a whisper shrouding the 2013 mayoral race.

If Bronx Voters Wrote the Victory Speech

They'd focus on ending stop-and-frisk. At least that's what one sampling of voters said into our Election Day microphone.

2013 Mayoral Race Continues Lonely Era for Bronx Republicans

Despite an 11-1 registration disadvantage, no local election wins since 2002 and a mayoral candidate trailing by double digits, some Bronx GOPers still have hope.

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Then as now, the credibility of the threat was doubtful. Then as now, security was stepped up anyway. What's different now? There's not a mayoral race on.

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Analyzing the 2014 Primaries - Jarrett Murphy

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Advocates: NYS Must Simplify Laws Barring Felons from Voting - Jarrett Murphy

Right now, New York prevents prisoners and parolees from voting. Civil rights watchdogs say the system is so confusing it deprives legally eligible people from actually casting ballots.

Primary Day Reading List: What's Your Favorite Campaign '14 Storyline? - Jarrett Murphy

As voters across the state head to the polls to weigh in on races for statewide and legislative offices, here's a guide to the stories we've been following through the campaign season.

Cuomo's Right (Sort Of): Debates Can Be Bad for Democracy - Jarrett Murphy

But not because we have too many. Only because we have too few of the good ones.

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A run-down of's coverage of primary season.

Mayor's Trip Raises the Question: Who Does No. 2 Work For? - Jarrett Murphy

Vacancies at City Hall are exceedingly rare. That hasn't stopped recent mayors from thinking about what would happen if one occurred.

Help Wanted: 10,000 More Summer Youth Job Slots - Jarrett Murphy

A rally today will call on the de Blasio administration to add money to the budget for summer youth employment, which has shrunk even as teen unemployment remains startling high.

Update: Corrected Library Budget Numbers - Jarrett Murphy

When pre-payment is taken into account, the current year's budget and Mayor de Blasio proposed fiscal 2015 spending are almost identical.

Woops! Turns Out Libraries Aren't Getting Big Increases - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's executive budget does not include massive increases for the city's library system, as City Limits previously reported.

Libraries Win, Emergency Management Loses in Budget - Jarrett Murphy

The modest growth in the city budget proposed by Mayor de Blasio encompasses the ups and downs that individual departments face. <b>This story has been corrected.</b>

What to Look For in de Blasio's Affordable Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

From preservation to permanence, housing court to homelessness, here are some of the elements we'll be eyeing.

Rangel Clarifies Comments on Dominican Immigration Dispute - Jarrett Murphy

In response to an inquiry by City Limits, the Congressman says he did not endorse a court ruling that threw 200,000 Haitians in the DR into immigration limbo.

Report: Richest 1 Percent Pay Less Than Their Share - Jarrett Murphy

New York City's wealthiest pay a disproportionately large share of the city's income taxes. But when property and sales taxes are figured in, the picture changes.

Breaking Down De Blasio's First Act - Jarrett Murphy

In the distance race that is a New York City mayoral administration, Bill de Blasio has moved beyond the starting-line cheers and into the long, grueling middle.

Widespread Fixes Needed to Protect Disaster Workers - Jarrett Murphy

More than a dozen years after rescue workers and others toiled in toxic fumes amid the ruins of the World Trade Center, a report recommends changes to practices—and culture—before the next disaster.

Is NYC's '1 Percent' Overtaxed? - Jarrett Murphy

They pay 46 percent of personal income taxes. That means they're important to funding city services. Does it also mean they're overburdened?

De Blasio Defines Governing Philosophy in 100th Day Speech - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor described a progressive ideal that, he promised, would encompass everything his administration does from Day 101 on.



Risky Talking with Kimberle Williams Crenshaw and Eve Ensler

Friday, October 24, 2014
7:00p - 9:00p

The Board of Elections in the Digital Era

Monday, October 27, 2014
:p - 7:30p



Participatory Budgeting: Catch the Fever!

By Sondra Youdelman

Participatory Budgeting: Catch the Fever!

First there were four. Then there 10. This year 22 Councilmembers will let constituents decide how to spend money. The dollar impact is impressive. The democracy impact could be even more so.

ACS Responds to Our Story on LGBTQ Foster Care

By Gladys Carrion

ACS Responds to Our Story on LGBTQ Foster Care

"Our approach to improving child welfare and juvenile justice services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning children, young people, and adults featured in the piece deserves a closer look."

Property Taxes Key to Solving Housing, Inequality Crises

By Lucas Anderson

Property Taxes Key to Solving Housing, Inequality Crises

Inequities in the tax system punish renters, reward owners and contribute to economic inequality and the shortage of affordable housing in New York.

Time for de Blasio to Reform 'Welfare Reform'

By Bich Ha Pham

Time for de Blasio to Reform 'Welfare Reform'

Reducing income inequality depends on a sound, fair social safety net—something the city has not had in 20 years.

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

By Arvernetta Henry

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

For Arvernetta Henry, the stakes in the budget talks are pretty simple. With a rent subsidy, she gets out of the shelter. Without it, she doesn't.



Waste Not

"Mayor Bloomber says it's Manhattan's turn to help take out New York's trash, but opposition is numerous and staunch."

Betting on a Green Building Boom

New York can become a leader in environmentally sound development - if big business buys in. Here's how well-paid professionals are building a marketplace movement.