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New York City Literature
News: New York City Literature

World's Greatest Novels—Not At Your Local Library?

A trip to six Brooklyn branch libraries in low-income neighborhoods found that many classic novels are not on the shelves. As budgets tighten and many readers go digital, do these missing titles represent A Brave New World or Darkness at Noon?

From 'Fun City' To Crisis State: John Lindsay and Hugh Carey

Two new books explore the legacies of a former mayor whom history maligned and a governor whose role has been all but forgotten.

Reviews: A City on Fire

"New York, like Vietnam, wasn’t so simple, and the fatal flaw in applying a RAND model to New York City’s fires lay in the fact cities are comprised of human beings, and human beings make mistakes."

Becoming a Deejay,
Leaving the P-J's

Life is tough in the projects and on the streets, but leavened with music and friendship in this crop of new city books.

Segregated and 'Adequate'
Or Equal and Excellent?

Four professors studied urban schools and interviewed students about their experiences. A new book presents what they learned.

The Long Road Of A
Creative Civic Servant

The policy innovations of city government and nonprofit fixture Herb Sturz over half a century form the basis for a book that's both a biography and modern history.

'A Legal Practice
Well Worth Doing'

Community lawyering models get a boost from this new study of one legal services provider.

On The Art That's
All Around Us

In very different ways, two new books give context to artworks on the walls and in the plazas.

All Together Now: Toward
A Better Land Use Process

An expert in local "progressive community-based planning" explains what that means and how to do it.

Yes We Can
End Hunger

In his new book, activist Joel Berg says everyone can have enough to eat.

Some Work the Overnight
While Others Decorate It

Two new books illuminate some of New York City's darker corners.

Theme And Variations
On Deprivation And Dignity

A new book includes perspectives on poverty in America both from scholars and those with firsthand experience.


Summer reading: The Desolation That Was the BX, Poetry slams and tales of the slammer.

Will The Real New York
Liberal Please Stand Up

Though flawed, this analysis of the last few decades' politics yields a needed recipe for change.

The Fall And Rise
Of The South Bronx

This look back at the successes and missteps of the Banana Kelly Community Development Association offers lessons for community organizers everywhere.

It's Not Just Academic:
Union Rights On Campus

A new book tells the tale of unionization at NYU -- and why it could not succeed on a 'corporate' campus.

Why 'The Other Half'
Lived -- And Lives On

A book explores the ideology and influence of Jacob Riis.

In Harlem's Test Kitchen:
A Taste of Local Recipes

Pushing for healthy habits, a new cookbook showcases community -- but one cook finds using the recipes a bit challenging.

From Astoria to Woodside:
Inside the Biggest Borough

A new book makes sense of Queens for natives and newcomers alike.

Youngsters Read the City:
Books for Little Urbanists

In gift-giving season, our reader collects a shelf full of NYC-centered children's books.

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Reading has been and always will be an immeasurable source of knowledge. Here are reviews and discussions of books that encompass the past, present, and future of New York City and beyond.

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Governing With 'Class': Politics The Bloomberg Way

By Julian Brash

Governing With 'Class': Politics The Bloomberg Way

A new book argues that the popular image of Mike Bloomberg as a post-ideological mayor misses the profound way he has reshaped New York for the benefit of the corporate elite.

Report From Lockdown High: Fear Vs. Facts On School Safety

By Annette Fuentes

Report From Lockdown High: Fear Vs. Facts On School Safety

An excerpt from a new book arguing that “punitive, zero tolerance strategies”—from metal detectors to clothing bans—aren't as effective as their popularity suggests.



Extreme Weather Events Cost Counties $1 Billion

67 percent of U.S. households were in counties hit by extreme weather events that cost over $1 billion in 2011-2012

NYC Study of Waste-to-Energy Technology

A 2006 study looking deeper into potential WTE options for New York City, and into whether a demonstration project was advisable.