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News: Media
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NYC Web World Regroups After FCC Defeat

A court ruling barring the FCC from regulating broadband has local organizations plotting how to give the agency new teeth.

Zelon Wins Education Prize

An article assessing philosophical and practical shifts at the DOE in recent years earns national recognition.

It Takes 'Elan' To Make
Hot-Button Issues Cool

From a little office in Brooklyn, a new magazine reaches around the world to explore the lives and lifestyles of Muslim cosmopolites.

Bronx Newspaper Project
Gives Teenagers New Voice

A community media group spins off a new supplement written by youth -- with stories to interest all ages.

New York City is a major media hub for both the United States as well as globally. While large-scale media outlets and institutions are among the most recognized, the city also has a rich tradition of local and grassroots ethnic and community media as well.

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City Limits Partners With New Civic News Website, TV Show - City Limits

There's a new player in the New York civic news game: MetroFocus, a website run by WNET that will eventually evolve into a regular nighttime television broadcast.



Author Talk / Audience Participation

Saturday, April 19, 2014
5:00p - 6:00p

Japanese Taiko Drumming Concert

Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Ode to Joy

Saturday, April 19, 2014



Anatomy of a Sign- NYC DOT

Directed By Robert Hooman The NYC DOT fabricates, maintains and installs over 1 million signs a year and roughly 9000 a month. All this is done with just 22 people out of a workshop in Maspeth Queens. The unsung heros of the NYC DOT put a lot of hard work and dedication into maintaining our city's infrastructure and it was fitting and very satisfying to make a film about them and put a little spotlight on their hard work.

Photo Slideshow: City Limits' 35th Anniversary Celebration

City Limits hosted Celebration! to honor its 35th Anniversary and the people who make a difference in New York City's civic and advocacy community. Hosted by CUNY-BMCC, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed Wednesday, October 26, 2011 City Limits Day in honor of the non-profit investigative journalism organization.