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News: Exhibits
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/City Limits

Bronx Art Groups Share Challenges Seeking Sustenance and Growth

There’s no shortage of creative artists and organizations in the borough, but working on growth, attracting Bronxites, and working together is a persistent push.

Deceased, Return To Sender: Writing To The Triangle Victims

As the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire approaches, one artist captured the tragedy's scale by sending letters to the dead.

Staten Island's Black History, Revisited

At a local museum, a community bears witness to the black experience on Staten Island, as some of its last remaining historic structures are landmarked.

Controversy Over Alleged Muslim Radicalization Not New

In 2007, the NYPD released a report about "the homegrown threat" that troubled local Muslim leaders by labeling innocuous behavior, like displaying concern for "the greater good," as possible hallmarks of "jihadization."

Moses, Jacobs And You: The Battle For Gotham

A history of the philosophical battle between Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs, told by an author who, wisely, took it personally.

Waking the Dead

Lomex. Robert Moses. Westway. Jane Jacobs. What New York's planning past tells us about its future.

Development, Zoning Fights Fuel Push For NYC Roadmap

In the new issue of City Limits, a look at the growing calls for New York to take a more comprehensive—and inclusive—approach to planning its physical future.

Art Installation Measures World Oil Consumption In Skyscapers

When some New Yorkers look at the Empire State Building they see an emblem of the city we live in. But when New Yorker and artist Dan Tesene looks at the skyscraper, he sees petroleum.

From 'Fun City' To Crisis State: John Lindsay and Hugh Carey

Two new books explore the legacies of a former mayor whom history maligned and a governor whose role has been all but forgotten.

A Poster Child For Poverty In Harlem Speaks Back

John Yant and his family were featured in the 1969 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit "Harlem on My Mind." Here he describes how it feels to become a representation of poverty.

El Museo del Barrio Exhibits '60s Guerilla Artist

Puerto Rican-American artist Rafael Ferrer staged guerilla art actions in New York City and Philadelphia during the 1960s and now sculpts and paints.

Bronx Museum Revisits The Civil Rights Movement

Two exhibits at the Bronx Museum of the Arts explore the civil rights movement -- one though iconic and obscure documentary photos, the other through contemporary multi-media produced by artists born after the movement.

Behind The Scenes Of An Eviction

Most of the evictions that City Marshal Oren Varnai conducts aren't dangerous; they're simply "uncomfortable."

The Search for the Smoking Gun

The reasons for the race gap

Mentally Ill On Hold After Ruling

The state's appeal of a federal court decision on housing for the mentally ill has residents and advocates in limbo.

Another African Burial Ground

Though a bus depot occupies most of an old Harlem church cemetery site, there's still hope for memorializing African history uptown.

A Quiet Alarm Sounds

A multimedia art exhibit in Fort Greene examines the neighborhood-changing going on all around it.

Immigrants Reach New Heights

With city and state turmoil shaking up political alignments, some see a new opening for growing ethnic groups to claim power.

Dressing For Success

An exhibit on how clothes make the worker is provocative but falls short of its promise.

Into the Wild:
Nature's NYC

A photographic survey of the city’s parkland reveals verdant, untamed places most New Yorkers don’t know are theirs.

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New York City houses several exhibitions in its various museums and cultural centers. The displays range in size and subject matter and attract thousands of visitors every year.

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Photo Slideshow: Tackling Poverty Brooklyn

Held on Wednesday October 3rd at Galapagos Art Space in downtown Brooklyn, the inaugural series in our Tackling Poverty Conversation & Networking Series brought advocates, researchers, elected officials and ordinary citizens together to discuss strategies for improving New York City's education outcomes.

Photo Slideshow: City Limits' 35th Anniversary Celebration

City Limits hosted Celebration! to honor its 35th Anniversary and the people who make a difference in New York City's civic and advocacy community. Hosted by CUNY-BMCC, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed Wednesday, October 26, 2011 City Limits Day in honor of the non-profit investigative journalism organization.