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Small Business
News: Small Business

Outer Borough BIDs Struggle With Low Budgets, Little Impact

While well-funded business improvement districts are major players in thriving commercial districts, many outer borough BIDs have too few resources to make a difference.

Many Store Owners Hit By Fire Refuse City Help

Small business assistance has been offered to the 11 Wakefield businesses destroyed by a May fire. But since the aid comes in the form of loans rather than grants, many firms have declined the help.

40 Percent of Sheepshead Firms Still Shut Post-Sandy

And more might be closing as their owners struggle to pay back loans they had to take out to repair damage from the flood.

At the Corner Deli, a Yemeni Immigrant Saga

Every time you buy a beer or a lottery ticket at a bodega run by Mohamed Mohamed or one of his countrymen, you tap into a story of ethnic succession and a struggle to reconcile one culture with another.

Food Trucks Give Restaurateurs Indigestion

The proliferation of falafel carts and other sidewalk food stands in Bay Ridge might make for tasty lunch options. But people who own brick-and-mortar restaurants say the mobile eateries represent unfair competition.

Washington Heights Sees White-Collar Boom

Lured by low rents, corporations are seeking space in Northern Manhattan. The trend has complex implications for existing small businesses and nearby residents who are unemployed.

The Mystery of Bed-Stuy's Missing Jobs

Despite growing gentrification, Central Brooklyn is the New York neighborhood hardest-hit by the economic downturn.

Bellerose Residents Have Beef with Halal Butcher

Protesters say their opposition to a butcher shop on Hillside Avenue is about health concerns and building code violations. But its owner claims race is a factor in the dispute.

Living Wage Law The Next Council Battleground?

Following the defeat of paid sick leave, unions and business group prepare to face off over tying wages to city development subsidies.

Fact Checking The State Of The City

Mayor Bloomberg's annual address promised modest new initiatives and claimed major successes over the past year and his whole tenure.

How Health Care Repeal Would Affect New York

Republicans want to reverse President Obama's health care reform law. What would that mean for New Yorkers?

Diagnosing A Defeat: Why The Sick Leave Bill Failed

A measure to ensure all workers have paid sick leave had enough votes to pass the City Council. So why did Speaker Quinn kill it?

On The Move

The city's transit system is better than you think. It's also under more strain than politicians admit.

Five Boroughs. One City. No Plan.

Is the city's failure to plan a plan for failure?

The Strip

"If you're the manager of a chain, a clean sidewalk doesn't change the numbers on the register."

The Casualties

"A lot of small businesses aren't getting the assistance they need to become more competitive."

The Survivors

"People want to shop local. There is a big movement around it, and people understand it."

Small Businesses On The Edge In Bay Ridge

In an excerpt from the City Limits magazine investigation of small businesses in New York, a look at the holdouts along increasingly chain-ganged 86th Street.

The Hurt of the Hub

A look at the Bronx Business Improvement District at Third Avenue and 155th Street.

The Holdouts

"If it doesn't start doing something soon, I'm going to be out of business after 26 years."

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With over 25 million small businesses in the United States, these privately owned, independent businesses make up a large percentage of our nation’s workforce and economy. Due to the recent recession, many businesses closed.

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Rockaway Businesses Still Treading Water Post-Sandy - Jarrett Murphy

Some 60 percent were still closed four or five months after the storm, thanks to long-standing challenges of economics and geography that hampered an already difficult recovery.



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State of the Chains 2012

The Center for an Urban Future's latest report, State of the Chains, 2012, finds that the number of chain stores in New York City increased for the fifth straight year, underscored by especially strong growth among retailers in the Bronx.

A Brief History of Latino Politics in New York

From the 1930s to the present, a look at the candidates who have tried--and in some cases succeed--to increase Latino representation in the City Council, the state legislature, Congress, borough hall and beyond.