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Public Education
News: Public Education
Richard Caplan/City Limits

Parents Battle City Schools for Special Ed Services

Sometimes the fight's over classroom setting, sometimes over a child eating their meals through a straw. Often it involves lawyers, frantic parents and a strained school system.

Why Charter Schools Have High Teacher Turnover

While some statistics are disputed, the high rates of teacher attrition at charter schools raise questions about whether even the most successful ones can maintain quality amid the churn.

Frustration at Lack of Sites to Ease School Crowding in Sunset Park

Some parents are willing to look at locations on the west side of hazardous Third Avenue, while others want the city to consider using eminent domain.

New, Tougher GED Has Students Scrambling

With more rigorous standards for the high-school equivalency diplomas set to arrive in 2014—and get harder after that—people are racing to prep for and take the test now.

City Schools Ask State to Waive Librarian Requirements

Citing fiscal pressure, the schools want to use in-classroom libraries and parent volunteers instead of certified librarians. Critics say kids need more than that.

Class in the Classroom: The Income Gap and NYC's Schools

It's well known that wealthy kids outperform poor kids in school, but now the rich are also pulling away from middle-class students. Why? And is class or race the key factor in how NYC school kids perform?

The Next 'Education Mayor?' De Blasio Vs. Lhota on Schools

Sizing up what each man has in mind for New York's 1 million public-school students—and, through our totally unscientific street-corner poll, what New York voters think of the candidates' plans.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Education

To date, the New York City mayoral hopefuls have been far more critical than constructive on education. But they are starting to air their own views on an increasing number of educational issues.

Bid to Co-Locate Bushwick Schools Attracts Little Attention

Proposals to put charters in existing school buildings often stir outrage. While teachers are worried about two such moves in Bushwick, few parents attended the public hearings.

DOE Head Says Funding Discrepancies Overblown

Meeting with parents in East New York, Chancellor Walcott said that while the state was still shortchanging the city, inequities in city funding have been resolved.

Class of 2013: Tech Students Eye Careers As Reforms Stall

In our year-long series on the Bloomberg administration's final high-school class, we meet students at a Career and Technical high school in Staten Island.

Class of 2013: Life in the Sweet Spot

Amid the debate over whether small high schools have fixed—or added to—problems with large city high schools, four students at "Tele" are happy to be stuck in the middle.

Class of 2013: Bloomberg's Babies Start Senior Year

In the first installment of a year-long series following members of the final graduating class under Michael Bloomberg, we meet two seniors whose high-school careers reflect the impact of the mayor's reforms.

School Food Deal Lures Firms Linked to Past Probes

A decade ago a federal investigation of school food contracts led to convictions against several firms, and prison terms for some leaders. Now, two companies with links to the episode are bidding to deliver food to New York's students.

DOE Diaspora: NYC School Vets Spread Reforms Nationwide

The impact of Mayor Bloomberg's education reforms is being felt well beyond New York as former DOE aides have taken top jobs in other cities and states.

Fear of School Closure Is Personal for This Principal

Whether Bed-Stuy's Boys and Girls High School—with its declining enrollment and F ratings—survives is not just a professional concern for Principal Bernard Gassaway. His classroom roots, his former marriage, his career ambitions are all tied to the building on Fulton Street.

Leasing Rules Eyed After Toxic School's Closure

When a Bronx school shut this summer because of contamination, parents of students who'd attended the site over the past two decades worried about their children's health—and wondered why the problem wasn't detected earlier.

Flat Gains on U.S. Tests Clash with Picture of Progress in NYC

New York school officials claim city students are making consistent gains, even in the face of national scores that suggest little progress over the past two years.

From Buses to Special Ed, Contractors' Role in Schools Questioned

Many private firms' projects in city schools have not been "disasters." But that doesn't mean these multimillion-dollar projects are the best way for a school system to spend its money.

2 Schools, 1 Space: Scars Linger from Controversy on Adelphi Street

The elementary school and the middle school shared a building without strife. But when one school felt compelled to grow, tensions arose around race, class and space.

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1.1 million students attend over 1,700 New York City public schools every year. While all institutions fall under one system, some schools have less resources and more demands for ensuring the proper education of their students.

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A Reading List for De Blasio's New Schools Chancellor - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits' award-winning education coverage touches on some of the key issues Carmen Farina will face.

City Wants to Shrink Four Zoned High Schools - Helen Zelon

By limiting enrollment—and therefore eliminating the schools' commitment to accept all neighborhood kids who wanted to come—DOE says it will improve students' options.

Beyond Elites, College Readiness Is Low - Helen Zelon

In his annual address, Mayor Bloomberg touted increased college readiness in the city's high schools. But more than half the students deemed college ready attend New York's top-ranked facilities.

Closing Schools More Poor, Less White - Jarrett Murphy

Schools the Bloomberg administration has targeted for closure have student populations demographically different from the average facility. And many had absorbed an increasing number of struggling students.

Schools Targeted for Closure Serve Kids with Higher Needs - Helen Zelon

Schools on the new DOE closure list serve more low-income, special ed and English-learning students than the system as a whole. Is the city simply fighting for poor kids to get the best, or applying unfair expectations in a way that disrupts students' lives?

School Progress Reports Suggest Grad Rate Trouble Ahead - Helen Zelon

The DOE's report cards are out for high schools. Amid higher standards, fewer schools notched the highest grades. With graduation criteria about to tighten, what do the numbers bode for the class of 2012 and beyond?

Cheat Sheet for Parents: Understanding School Progress Reports - Helen Zelon

The grades are out, and so is the list of schools that might close because of them. But what's the difference between an A and a B when the DOE grades its 1,700 schools?

Survey: NYers Would Pay More for Better Schools - Jarrett Murphy

A new survey finds that New Yorkers generally think the city's schools have improved and are willing to pay more in taxes to fund education. But among political priorities, creating jobs edges out schools.

Searching For Stability At Robeson High - City Limits

Watch a video interview about the challenges confronting one Brooklyn High School: A dwindling student population, reduced class offerings and the third principal in about a year.



Founders Day

Sunday, October 26, 2014
11:00a - 4:00p

City Harvest’s 20th Annual Bid Against Hunger

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
7:30p - 10:00p



School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

By Caitlin Johnson

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

Conservatives want armed guards in the schools. Some liberals want to call in the National Guard if school violence threatens. What do those at risk—kids in school—say we should do after Newtown?

Demography & Destiny: College Readiness in New York

By Norm Fruchter

Demography & Destiny: College Readiness in New York

When Mayor Bloomberg took charge of New York's schools, he highlighted wide racial gaps in school achievement as a rationale for reform. A new study finds those disparities persist—and suggests ways to address them.

On Special Ed, School Dept. Must Do its Homework

By Kim Sweet/Maggie Moroff

On Special Ed, School Dept. Must Do its Homework

This school year the city has undertaken a dramatic transformation of special education to try to improve student achievement. While applauding the push, these writers believe the city has put more resources into the classrooms where special ed kids are now learning.

A History Lesson as NYC School Tests Near

By Fred Smith

A History Lesson as NYC School Tests Near

Next month, city students take the standardized tests on which their progress, and perhaps the fates of their teachers and schools, depend—all amid a debate over testing that, this writer observes, is nothing new.

Kickball & Other Games Adults Play with Education Reform

By Danielle Moss Lee

Kickball & Other Games Adults Play with Education Reform

The current education reform climate reminds this writer of a 4th grade kickball game: Elites select their favorites, unions fight for the ball—and parents and students wonder when someone will pick them to play.



Plan to Fix Bilingual Education

Agreement between the New York State Education Department and New York City school system to improve the education of English Language Learners.

IBO Report On School Closures

The IBO compares schools slated for closure with other facilities, and finds the targeted schools post relatively poor performance, but also serve populations that face steeper challenges.



Beyond CityTime

An Investigation of Private Consultants in the Bloomberg Administration