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Early Childhood
News: Early Childhood
Brooke Rosenberg/City Limits

Advocates to de Blasio: Fix Childcare System

The mayor-elect's campaign was focused on pre-K, but some want a focus on day-care for younger kids. The city's current system has empty seats but also faces overwhelming demand.

Bid to Co-Locate Bushwick Schools Attracts Little Attention

Proposals to put charters in existing school buildings often stir outrage. While teachers are worried about two such moves in Bushwick, few parents attended the public hearings.

Mixture of Hope and Concern for City's New Daycare Program

The city hopes EarlyLearn will make for higher-quality city-funded daycare. Despite funding shortages and doubts about the way contracts were awarded, some agencies and advocates believe the program has promise.

What Cuts Will Cost: Children's Learning, Parents' Work

As tabloids celebrate an on-time state budget, a look at what one budget cut at the city level will mean: fewer childcare slots, less school prep for kids and a tough choice for their working parents.

Reading The Political Tea Leaves Of Harlem's State Senate Race

Will charter schools, the age difference between the candidates and Harlem's changing racial and income demographics determine the outcome of the race between Bill Perkins and Basil Smikle?

1,500 Protest Plans To Eliminate 16 NYC Public Day Care Centers

If enacted, the cuts would slash about 2,000 of New York's public day care slots. The city claims less families are using the service.

Building New Capacities

Nonprofits are forced into creative problem-solving, and some of it is working.

A Nurturing Network
Grows In Bushwick

Amid a citywide plan to support a new model for child welfare, a foster parent serves as a recruiter and role model in her neighborhood.

Free Museums Welcome
The Littlest Learners

A culture club brings lower-income families into New York's treasure troves of art and science.

The City's Latest
Hirings and Retirings

Is the Obama administration causing a New York brain drain?...a fresh face at the New York Urban League...MAS is now headed by a "starchitect"...and more.

Among Heartland Homages,
Pols Address Urban Issues

The presidential candidates have staked out very different positions on housing, schools, crime, infrastructure and other issues key to urban America.

Will You Be Studying
Spanish, Or Spanish?

At many public high schools, there's no foreign language available for Spanish-speaking students to learn.

Easier on the Wallet
-- And the Environment

New affordable housing developments claim the mantle of green alongside their luxury counterparts.


Union members want a new contract, restoration of past standards and the budget to match.


New study reveals benefits of investing in early childhood education.


The city's 7,500 unionized daycare directors and teachers demand a new contract.


Already struggling with tight budgets and policy shifts, the Administration for Children’s Services loses Deputy Commissioner Harvey Newman.

RICHARD M. LASH: 1931-2002

The longtime advocate for low-income New Yorkers with disabilities, and founder of Sinergia, has died. He was 71.

Over one million children in New York City live in poverty. A study by the Fiscal Policy Institute shows that children who are enrolled in early education programs are less likely to need remedial courses and have a higher chance of graduating.

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