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News: Elections
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/City Limits

Confusion Over Special Elections in the Bronx

No one knows yet how Governor Cuomo (even the governor himself!) will fill 11 empty seats in the state legislature, including two in the borough.

Assembly Hopefuls Run in Vito Lopez's Shadow

The candidates for the fallen assemblyman's seat must address not just the harassment scandal, but also the broader legacy of money and services he brought back to Bushwick.

Brooklyn Donors Favor de Blasio

Is it too early to be thinking about the 2013 municipal election? Of course! But that hasn’t stopped New York’s mayoral hopefuls from collecting half a million bucks in Brooklyn last year. Who got? Who gave?

NY Prisoners Counted Differently, But Still Not Voting

Now that they'll be counted in their hometowns rather than where they're incarcerated, state inmates could shift district lines. One thing neither they nor parollees can do, however, is vote.

Cuomo Rakes In Donations From Energy Sector

Power companies with a stake in natural gas are among Cuomo's largest campaign contributors, raising questions about how he'll handle the statewide debate over hydrofracking.

Cuomo, Paladino & Remedies For Our Ailing Economy

If the seven-member comedy act that was the October 18 gubernatorial debate can be said to have had a serious message, it was likely this: It's the jobs, stupid.

Reading The Political Tea Leaves Of Harlem's State Senate Race

Will charter schools, the age difference between the candidates and Harlem's changing racial and income demographics determine the outcome of the race between Bill Perkins and Basil Smikle?

Pols Aim To Bridge Racial, Ethnic Divisions

Increasing diversity challenges New York City politicians, requiring them to build coalitions between various racial and ethnic groups, rather than rely on the city's traditional black, white and Latino voting blocs.

City Agencies Uneven On Voter Registration Push

An impromptu survey finds that about half of a sample of city offices participate in a 20-year-old program to distribute voter registration forms.

Worries About E-Voting Persist As Primary Looms

Twenty counties have raised concerns about the shift from lever machines to electronic voting devices, which the state is belatedly supposed to make for the upcoming statewide primary.

Bronx Activist Aims To Unseat Weakened Espada

An activist's bid to unseat State Sen. Pedro Espada may have just gotten a boost, but still faces plenty of challenges.

Census Worry: Whither Williamsburg?

In a last effort to get more New Yorkers to return their Census forms, City Hall is outing the neighborhoods with the lowest response rates.

Who's Got The Power? Citizens To Weigh In

The first public hearing of the mayor's Charter Revision Commission could be the start of a fast-track effort to change the way New York City governs itself.

Immigrants Reach New Heights

With city and state turmoil shaking up political alignments, some see a new opening for growing ethnic groups to claim power.

Upstart Could Bring Hip-Hop To The Hill

Kevin Powell seeks to channel that Obama youth energy into a victory in Brooklyn's 10th District over incumbent Congressman Edolphus Towns.

Election results in New York City are overseen by the New York Board of Elections. The city is divided into sections assigned to polling centers. As the largest city in America, elections covering districts in New York City take on a special significance.

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Rangel Clarifies Comments on Dominican Immigration Dispute - Jarrett Murphy

In response to an inquiry by City Limits, the Congressman says he did not endorse a court ruling that threw 200,000 Haitians in the DR into immigration limbo.

Queens Scene: Thompson Backs Convention Center - Jarrett Murphy

The former comptroller and 2013 mayoral hopeful repeated familiar policy positions on schools, business and crime, but did announce his backing for the governor's controversial economic development plan.

Guidance for Election 2011's Few Choices - Jarrett Murphy

November 8 is Election Day. While the Bronx and Queens offer district attorney races featuring a single candidate on multiple lines, several boroughs have judicial races. Now there's a place to find out a little more about those hoping to hold the gavel.

Weiner's Shorts (Policy Shorts, That Is) - Jarrett Murphy

Before the scandal, even before he became a leading liberal spokesman, the Brooklyn-Queens congressman ran for mayor as a wonk.



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De Blasio Must Get Youth Engaged in Civics

By Sarah Andes

De Blasio Must Get Youth Engaged in Civics

The mayor's progressive agenda will be incomplete unless he attacks the growing disengagement of New York's citizens—starting with these five steps to get young people excited about democracy.

Why New York City Needs the Voting Rights Act

By Jerry Vattamala

A key part of the landmark law is being challenged at the Supreme Court. While discrimination at the voting booth is often thought of as a Southern problem, New York City has its own harsh history.



The New NY Agenda: A Plan for Action

This is the Democratic candidate for state governor's briefing book on state policy.