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Progress Seen on NYCHA Repairs in East Brooklyn

In November residents extracted a promise from the authority to deal with a massive maintenance backlog. Some 75 percent of those tasks are done. But the list of things to fix is still growing.

Details Delayed For Long-Stalled NYCHA Project

After being torn down for a redevelopment that proved too pricey to complete, Prospect Plaza is being replaced by a mix of public- and affordable housing. The metrics of that mix are still being worked out.

Concerns Over Private Firm Managing Some NYCHA Properties

The move to bring in outside management for some of the authority's Section 8 properties is not the first, but comes at a sensitive time for the agency.

Brooklyn Tenants Get Vow of NYCHA Fixes

Over 450 tenants presented housing authority officials a long list of maintenance and repair needs, and got a promise that fixes would be made by Christmas, organizers say.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Public Housing

This city in a city—the nation's oldest and largest public housing system—faces operating shortfalls and a huge list of capital needs. How can City Hall protect this resource?

East New York Elderly Fight Displacement

A new senior housing development in the neighborhood aims not just to address a citywide senior housing shortage, but also to create a foothold for the aged amid new real-estate investment.

Mayoral Hopefuls Asked: How to Pay for Public Housing?

At a weekend forum the Democrats running for mayor all disparaged a plan to build market-rate housing on NYCHA land.

Decisions New York's Next Mayor Will Face on Public Housing

Though federally funded, NYCHA is in part steered by choices at the municipal level. What public-housing policy choices will New York's next mayor have to make?

Details Emerge About Plan for Private Buildings on NYCHA Land

While some agree that the plan has financial merit, others fear the social costs of mixing incomes in NYCHA neighborhoods. The authority's chairman sees it as a win-win.

City Picks Plan to Replace Shuttered Housing Project

A stalled redevelopment left Prospect Plaza vacant for a decade. The new scheme replaces some—if not all—of the public housing, and adds hundreds of affordable units.

Many Are Responsible for Housing Project's Stall

After the city rezoned Williamsburg, affordable housing was supposed to be built on the grounds of a NYCHA project there. Seven years later, ground has not been broken.

Beyond Scandal, NYCHA Residents Seek More Power

Amid the controversy over the management of New York's public housing, NYCHA officials are contemplating historic changes to how the agency operates. Tenants are looking for more ways to weigh in on those ideas.

Can Private Advice Save A Threatened Public Realm?

From schools to public housing to hospitals that serve the poor, private firms are being brought in to rescue remnants of an earlier, more ambitious era of government.

Life In A Landmark: Pioneering Public Housing Site Shows Its Age

For residents of First Houses—the Lower East Side site where public housing began in the United States—pride in their historic location is mixed with worries about deterioration inside.

As AIDS Threat Changes, Push For Housing Renews

Advocates, hoping Gov. Cuomo will back a cap on rent for people in AIDS housing, say research shows that shelter saves lives and reduces government expenditures.

Work In Progress: Residents Get More NYCHA Jobs

Since 1968, public housing authorities nationwide have largely been ignoring a law requiring that they employ residents. Evidence suggests that at NYCHA, at least, that's changing.

When Brooklyn Projects Go Down, What Will Go Up?

NYCHA's using community input to plan for what to build after three public housing towers are demolished. But the plan means a loss of public housing, and it confronts deep distrust from some tenants.

HUD Listens To Housing Activists' PETRA Worries

Public housing advocates aiming to influence the direction of a seismic policy shift HUD proposed in May say they see some signs that the department is receptive to their recommendations.

How Much Stimulus Money Went To Low Income Areas?

City Limits toured New York City, Yonkers and Newburgh with Community Voices Heard, to see where the stimulus money went and hear where advocates for low-income families believe it should go.

Opponents Mobilize Against New Harlem Charter School

Opponents of the Harlem Children's Zone's plans to open a school in the St. Nicholas Houses are organizing a grassroots effort aimed to prevent it.

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In a city of over eight million people, housing has continued to be a struggle for decades. In the 1930s, the NYCHA opened its first affordable housing unit. Since then, the organization has grown to house over 400,000 New Yorkers.

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Call for Tax Credits for Public Housing - Jarrett Murphy

Federal support for public housing operating expenses has been lagging costs for a decade. A NYCHA board member said a new approach might shore up funding from Washington.

What’s Not to Like About the Cuomo Budget? - Jarrett Murphy

Amid a sea of praise for Gov. Cuomo's second budget, advocates for low-income New Yorkers raised complaints. That, plus the latest on NYCHA, city job creation and the sick leave bill —all in our policy roundup.

Report: NYCHA Residents' Unemployment Has Nearly Tripled - Jarrett Murphy

Residents of NYCHA developments and people receiving Section 8 subsidies post an estimated 27 percent unemployment rate, says a new study, but there are new opportunities to lower it.

NYCHA Big Says (Again) That Mass Layoffs May Be Coming - Ruth Ford

The Housing Authority's Chairman John Rhea warned of 3,000 layoffs unless the federal government moves to close a billion-dollar gap in public housing funding.



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How to Keep the Public in Public Housing

By Tom Angotti and Sylvia Morse

How to Keep the Public in Public Housing

Mayor de Blasio's move to cut fees the city charges NYCHA is just one step toward making public housing vibrant and sustainable in New York.

Stop NYCHA Infill Plan, Save Public Housing

By Tom Angotti

Stop NYCHA Infill Plan, Save Public Housing

The plan to build market-rate buildings at public housing sites doesn't save NYCHA, it threatens it. There's a better way, this writer argues.

Can NYCHA Be Saved?

By Julia Vitullo-Martin

Can NYCHA Be Saved?

Yes, says this writer, but it will require vision and renewed drive by the Bloomberg administration: Doing a few things better will not be enough.



Criminalizing Communities: NYPD Abuse of Vulnerable Populations

Report says NYPD tactics and attitudes unjustly target blacks, Latinos, gays, transgender people, vendors and sex workers.

Photo Slideshow: The Defining Brooklyn Issue Launch

On Monday, March 28, 2011, City Limits Magazine celebrated the launch of "Defining Brooklyn: The Borough Behind the Brand" at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation's Skylight Gallery.