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News: Tenants
Marc Fader/City Limits

Ambitious Call for De Blasio, Cuomo to Build Supportive Housing

Buildings that pair affordable housing with services are sure to be part of the mayor's housing plan. But it's unclear how big a part they'll be, or what funding role the state will play.

New Tenant Protections: Got Teeth?

The city is doubling the fines for landlords who harass tenants and will publicize the names of property owners who get penalized. The only trouble is penalties are rarely imposed by judges.

Rent Board Forgoes Freeze, OKs 1 Percent Hike

There was high drama as the board voted narrowly for the lowest rent increase ever but defied Mayor de Blasio's call for a freeze. Updated!

Decade-Long Feud Over Bronx Buildings Erupts Anew

Tenant organizations and a group of companies linked to a key real-estate operator were back in court last week arguing over the aftermath of a 2005 defamation lawsuit.

Brooklyn Tenants Battle Gentrification on Many Fronts

You can debate whether gentrification is good or bad for neighborhoods. But it's clear that many low-income tenants aren't simply sitting and waiting to be pushed out of their homes.

Woes Continue at One De Blasio Watch-List Building

Tenants are still suffering at a Bronx building that both the then-Public Advocate's Worst Landlords List and the city's Alternative Enforcement Program have had on their radar screens.

Tenants Form Union to Fight Gentrification

In the struggle to hold on to their places in neighborhoods where rents are rising rapidly, a group in Crown Heights is hoping there's strength in numbers.

New Push For Banks to Monitor Building Conditions

For decades housing advocates have hounded negligent property owners. Now there's increasing focus on the lenders who permit them to buy other peoples' homes.

Program to Take Buildings from Bad Landlords Fades

7A, once a key enforcement tool, is used less often amid a changed real-estate market and new programs. But it's still needed as a threat. The question is: Can the threat remain real?

Housing Violations Not the Issue in Beef with Landlord

Tenant complaints usually involve violations of the city's housing code. Chestnut Holdings buildings posts few of those, but some tenants say there are still serious problems.

Call for More Regulation of New York City Co-ops

Some 1 million New Yorkers live in co-ops, an affordable ownership option for many families. But some say the companies that sponsor coops are retaining too much control—at residents' expense.

For Some Landlords, It's Not Easy Going Green

If New York is to meet PlanNYC's goals, apartment buildings must get greener. While property owners and tenants both benefit from more efficient systems, getting them up and running takes a different kind of green.

Dozens of Properties, Millions of Dollars, No Landlord

One Bronx real estate operator had an interest in more than 100 buildings, most of them severely troubled. But when regulators or tenant advocates tried to push for improvements, they found no one to hold accountable.

Years of Warnings, Then a Boy’s Death

A Housing Court judge ordered repairs to the electrical system at the building on DeKalb Avenue. A year later, the work undone, an eight-year-old resident died in an electrical fire.

Corporate Ties Linked Troubled Buildings

The mortgages were massive—$36 million here, $32 million there, $19 million a couple years later. But the buildings remained in dismal shape, plagued by lead paint, rats and crime.

City Probe Uncovered Operator’s Power

After years of complaints about one Bronx real-estate figure, the city housing department issued an unprecedented subpoena. The records it turned up made for interesting reading.

Time to License Landlords?

Recent experiences with troubled buildings have housing advocates wondering if government needs new tools to protect tenants.

Why Bad Landlords Aren’t Locked Up

Prosecuting property owners for alleged negligence linked to fatal fires is hard to do, experts say. It’s only regularly attempted in high-profile cases involving firefighter victims.

Landlord Lawsuit Slapped Tenant Group

The Bronx activist group had targeted landlords and lenders before. This time, however, they were rewarded with a million-dollar lawsuit and a court order to leave the owner alone.

Properties Linked to Welfare Scam

Two people associated with a notorious portfolio of troubled Bronx buildings took guilty pleas after a welfare fraud investigation involving fake eviction cases.

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With housing so expensive in New York, tenants lease apartments and houses. However, the recent economic recession and real estate market crash has made both tenants’ and landlords’ lives tricky. Tenant activists are trying to repeal vacancy decontrol, and rent regulation laws are eligible for renewal. With all of this opportunity for change, Governor Cuomo has come under a a fair amount of criticism from tenant advocacy groups.

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Steal this Poster About Tenant Rights - Jarrett Murphy

A survey says the city's housing enforcement system is unknown to many tenants who have problems with their apartments. So help spread the word.

Optimism on Massive Portfolio of Working-Class Housing - Jarrett Murphy

Advocates hoped a new owner would take on the troubled "three-borough pool." But they welcome a deal with the state AG protecting tenants' rights.

NYC's Housing Crunch is Part of National Crisis - Jarrett Murphy

A new report finds renters are being priced out of housing across the country—not because of a lack of supply, but because of the inadequacy of our incomes.

NBC Keeps the Heat on Brooklyn Landlord - Jarrett Murphy

The man in the elevator said he didn't know anything about the buildings where tenants' rooms had been left in shambles. Turns out he owned them.

A Tragedy in the Bronx - Jarrett Murphy

Watch a video interview with the father of an 8-year-old boy killed in a 2002 fire at a Bronx apartment building that was under court order to fix its flawed electrical system.

Report Slams Housing Court For Tenant Treatment - Milesska Contreras

Access to lawyers, translation services and childcare would make Brooklyn Housing Court a fairer forum, according to a coalition of community groups.

Tenants, Pinnacle Eye Settlement Of Long-Running Dispute - Jarrett Murphy

Lawyers for both sides say there is a proposed settlement in the lawsuit tenants filed 2007 against the Pinnacle Group, alleging improper rent hikes and evictions.

The Economics Of Rent Control, Revisited - Jarrett Murphy

As Albany heads toward a renewal of rent control, it's time to study up on the traditional arguments against rent regulation, and the counterpoints.

Tenant Advocates Wary Of Rent Reg Talks - Gena Mangiaratti

State leaders are edging toward a deal to preserve rent regulations. But advocates who'd hoped not just to save the laws but to strengthen them wonder what the final deal will look like.

Crown Heights: At The Corner Of Old And New - Patrick Wall

An influx of young, more affluent residents is remaking the Brooklyn neighborhood. What's gained, and what's lost, in this transformation? Watch a video interview with reporter Patrick Wall.



At Stake in Rent Fight: Does Democracy Work?

By Susanna Blankley

At Stake in Rent Fight: Does Democracy Work?

Despite little outreach by the RGB, its 2014 hearings displayed a surge of tenant interest. The vote on a rent freeze will say as much about democracy, the author says, as it does about housing costs.

Arguments Against Rent Regs are Vacant of Facts

By Peter Moskos

Arguments Against Rent Regs are Vacant of Facts

Some say New York could relieve high rents by removing rent regulations. And other people say the world is flat.

Housing Court Crisis Demands Action

By Susanna Blankley and Lindsay Cattell

Housing Court Crisis Demands Action

With 2,000 cases rolling in every day and 11,000 families losing their housing last year, a survey found that tenants are at a stark disadvantage in Bronx Housing Court.

Sister to a 'Worst Landlord'

By Amy Neustein

Sister to a 'Worst Landlord'

"It doesn’t feel good to see your own brother featured in the news as the year’s worst landlord. It would feel even worse to be doing nothing about it."

Council Eyes Systemic Remedy for Housing Violations

By Edward Josephson

Council Eyes Systemic Remedy for Housing Violations

Tenants may for the first time experience a code enforcement system that rewards their organizing efforts with lasting improvements in their buildings and their lives.



Report on Jiggets Fraud Case

The Jiggets program was set up to help low-income tenants avoid eviction by subsidizing rent for people on the verge of being thrown out. But as this report by an inspector general indicates, some landlords used the program to enrich themselves.

Pledge Agreement for Palazzolo Associate

A complex set of corporate relationships (such as the one outlined in these documents, produced under subpoena for New York City;s housing department and obtained by FOIL request) linked Frank Palazzolo, a wealthy real estate operator, and several troubled properties.