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Mixed Views of Gentrification's Threat in East New York

The area's improvement—thanks to community action and city policy—is undeniable. What's debated is whether the same displacement seen in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick is headed that way.

Churches Become Housing in Bushwick

One former Lutheran church being converted to housing will include affordable units. It's unclear whether another former house of worship will offer non-market apartments as well.

Advocates Say Armory Fight is Over, But Work Just Beginning

A two-decade debate over how to redevelop the massive Kingsbridge Armory ended with a City Council vote last week. Now promises to the community must be made real.

Cabrera: I'll Vote for Kingsbridge Plan

The Bronx Councilman says he was swayed by last minute concessions by the developer.

Negotiations Over Armory End as Vote Nears

The developer of a proposed ice-center and its community allies are no longer attempting to sway Councilman Fernando Cabrera to support their plan for the Kingsbridge Armory.

Lessons of Willets Point: Trading Parkland for Developer's Donation

In the second of part of our series on a development process that spanned much of the Bloomberg administration, we look at how parks fare under this deal—and others.

Lessons of Willets Point: Relocation Fears for Workers

In the final installment of our series, a look at the challenges facing workers at the businesses the Bloomberg administration has decided don't belong there anymore.

Lessons of Willets Point: Will A New Mayor Do Development Differently?

Perhaps no project embodied the Bloomberg administration's development style better than Willets Point. Will Joe Lhota or Bill de Blasio change that approach?

Plan to Build on Vacant Lots Stirs Displacement Fears

A plan to build housing on property once part of the Rheingold brewery in Bushwick has aroused concern about the project's impact on housing prices across the neighborhood.

FreshDirect Foes Say They'll Appeal

Opponents of the plan to locate a headquarters for the grocery delivery firm in Mott Haven want to overturn a ruling last month that rejected their bid to block the deal.

East New York Elderly Fight Displacement

A new senior housing development in the neighborhood aims not just to address a citywide senior housing shortage, but also to create a foothold for the aged amid new real-estate investment.

How the M-train is Gentrifying Bushwick

A shift in transit routes has triggered a wave of social change south of Myrtle Avenue, spurring a familiar mix of optimism and fear among residents.

Forgotten History Behind New Brooklyn Waterfront Plan

Behind the new and shiny plan for the Domino factory site is a saga of labor strife, lawsuits, and waterfront politics—one City Limits started telling back in 1983.

Agency, Developer Wrestle Over Atlantic Yards Affordability

Documents reveal tense negotiations between city housing officials and Forest City Ratner over the kind of affordable housing the first Atlantic Yards residential tower will provide. Turns out it's different from what the developer promised.

Coney Island's Invisible Towers

The Bloomberg administration has rolled the dice on a major rezoning and costly infrastructure upgrades in Coney Island. Will the hoped-for development ever appear?

For Some Landlords, It's Not Easy Going Green

If New York is to meet PlanNYC's goals, apartment buildings must get greener. While property owners and tenants both benefit from more efficient systems, getting them up and running takes a different kind of green.

Industrial, Homeless Policies Clash in East New York

A plan to build subsidized housing in a zone reserved for manufacturing businesses pits efforts to reduce the shelter population against hopes of saving industrial New York.

Who's Afraid of NYU? School's Neighbors Air Gripes

In its push to expand, the school faces residual distrust from earlier development projects. We visited two recent university construction sites to see what it's like to be NYU's next-door neighbor.

Brooklyn: A Developing Story

Atlantic Yards may have generated the most heat, but it's just one of several ambitious development ideas that took shape in the borough over the past decade.

Opinions Harden Over Atlantic Yards Housing

The dramatic slow-down in housing construction at the Brooklyn site is fodder for opponents of the project. But supporters believe the development will still make good on its commitments.

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