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News: NYPD
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Complex Changes in Low-Level Arrests Under De Blasio

Elected on a platform of police reform, the de Blasio administration has cut arrests for some low-level drug crimes, but busted more people for the controversial charge of trespassing.

Crime Low, But Citizens Still Want to Fight It

A movement in Brownsville to recruit volunteer crime-spotters would be one of several citizen patrols and blockwatch efforts active in New York, despite low crime and a massive police force.

Brownsville: What Will NYPD 'Impact' Changes Mean?

Residents are divided over whether tweaks to the high-intensity policing program are cause for concern or celebration.

New Crime Site Data Needs More Detail

A new tool lets New Yorkers see where the crime is, but supporters of the law that mandated the map want to know more.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Public Safety

Stop-and-frisk, the inspector general, Ray Kelly and Muslim surveillance: How do the hopefuls come down on the key issues of crime and policing in New York?

Gays in Bed-Stuy See Hope in Council's Frisk Bill

The Community Safety Act is seen as a response to the stop-and-frisk program. But backers say it also would prohibit police profiling of LGBTQ people.

Cops Want Crime Watchers on 34 Bushwick Blocks

The new block associations could address many issues but would emphasize crime prevention. Some neighbors question whether crime is truly a threat.

Public Finally to Have Access to Hyper-Local Crime Stats

Newly signed legislation will correct a blind-spot in the NYPD's crime-report transparency, one we reported on last year.

Push for More Crime Data Stalls in Council

While it regularly publishes precinct crime statistics, the NYPD largely refuses to release data on crime at the level of smaller patrol sectors. It's unclear if Council Speaker Christine Quinn will allow action on a bill to require more disclosure.

Life at the Epicenter of Stop-and-Frisk

No precinct saw more police stops in 2011 than the 75th in East New York, and no patrol sector in the 7-5 had more encounters than Sector E. There, realism about crime and resentment of the police go hand-in-hand.

Life in Sector E: Top Spots for NYPD Stops

Take a look at where police made the most stops in sector E, the area that saw the most stop-and-frisk activity in 2011 in Brooklyn's 75th precinct.

One Day in the Life of Stop-and-Frisk

On May 13, 2011, police made 56 stops in one sector of the 75th precinct. A minute-by-minute account of who was stopped, why and what happened.

Brooklyn Bureau: NYPD Towers May Defuse Cop, Community Friction

Some Brooklynites who live and work near the borough’s two police watchtowers say the observation posts are affecting more than the incidence of crime.

Sales of HIV Meds Catch Lawmakers' Eyes

Prosecutors and legislators report an increase in illegal sales of HIV medication by people looking to feed their families or support drug habits. Will tougher criminal penalties slow the market?

From Tix-Fix to Pepper-Spray, NYPD Discipline in Spotlight

Indictments in the Bronx, scuffles on Wall Street, cops charged with planting drugs and running guns. The NYPD is getting a lot of bad press these days. But calls for stricter outside monitoring face familiar obstacles, both practical and political.

Boxing Programs In Fight For Their Lives

Despite their traditional appeal as a way to get tough kids off the street, youth boxing programs are struggling to survive as foundations favor programs whose success is easier to measure.

In Debate Over New Jail, City Says An Aim Is To Prevent Violence

Hoping to reduce fights, prevent suicide and help inmates avoid returning to jail, New York is changing the way it evaluates new prisoners—and building a new jail. Advocates are split on whether that will solve the problem.

Controversy Over Alleged Muslim Radicalization Not New

In 2007, the NYPD released a report about "the homegrown threat" that troubled local Muslim leaders by labeling innocuous behavior, like displaying concern for "the greater good," as possible hallmarks of "jihadization."

Teachers Are Fair Game, But Cops' Records Are Off Limits

The city is pressing to release internal ratings on public school teachers. But cops, prison guards and firefighters don't have to worry about similar exposure.

Fact Checking The State Of The City

Mayor Bloomberg's annual address promised modest new initiatives and claimed major successes over the past year and his whole tenure.

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The New York Police Department is the largest police force in the United States. In recent years, City limits reporting has focused on issues related to the NYPD's use of security cameras and its stop-and-frisk-or-question policies. The NYPD is headquartered near City Hall in Downtown Manhattan.

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Striking Disparities in Neighborhood Violence - Jarrett Murphy

Focusing on the rise in shootings citywide masks deep differences across precincts. Most have seen neither no increase or a decline in shooting victims.

The Death and Life of Stop-and-Frisk - Jarrett Murphy

A new report looks back on 11 years of a controversial policy.

Resisting Arrest: Is There a Trend? - Jarrett Murphy

The head of the NYPD says more people are resisting arrest. What do the statistics indicate? <b>Updated</b>

Cloudy Views On Broken-Windows Policing - Jarrett Murphy

There's a lot of debate over whether New York should still be doing "broken-windows" policing. But there are also questions about exactly what that theory is, whether it's worked, and to what extent the NYPD implements it.

Some Police Agencies Revive Restraints Involving Neck - Jarrett Murphy

Chatter on law-enforcement message boards suggests that what was applied to Eric Garner was not a chokehold but a “carotid restraint," a police tactic gaining new acceptance nationwide despite past controversy.

True or False: New York City Already Bans Racial Profiling - Jarrett Murphy

When the Democrats running for mayor debated, the merits of a proposed ban on profiling figured prominently.

Stop-and-Frisk Ruling: Key Background - Jarrett Murphy

In light of the federal judge's ruling that the NYPD practice violated people's rights, check out our coverage of the neighborhood that saw the most intense use of the strategy.

Bloomberg Invokes Terrorism in Case Against NYPD Reforms - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor suggested that Council proposals could lead to more murders, create deadly confusion among police officers and perhaps even make it easier for terrorists to strike the city.

Outside the NYPD, Inspectors General Are Everywhere - Jarrett Murphy

Thirty-three city agencies currently have inspectors general. So do the CIA, Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency.

Police Conduct at Parade Unlikely to Get Board's Review - Kiera Feldman

A councilman and top Public Advocate aide's claim that they were harassed by police needs sorting out. Could be a job for the Civilian Complaint Review Board. But it probably won't be.

Opponents Of Over-Policing Target 'Vague Laws' - Leah Robinson

When you bump someone on the subway, is it a mistake or a misdemeanor? One advocacy group wants New York State to clarify vague laws that it says grant police too much power.



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Wednesday, November 05, 2014
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When Subway Dancers Get Busted, City's Culture is Bruised

By Gerard May

When Subway Dancers Get Busted, City's Culture is Bruised

What time is it? Showtime or "No" time? A visitor to New York wonders why the city is cracking down on one of the things that makes it unique.

Law and Disorder: A View on Broken Windows from Journal Square

By Mike Rowan

Law and Disorder: A View on Broken Windows from Journal Square

The supposed link between disorder and serious crime is as controversial as the policing strategies based on the assumed connection between the two. In one New Jersey city, disorder is common—and rarely threatening—in a public square.

Militarized Policing, Gentrifying City: Doubting NYPD Reforms

By Josmar Trujillo

Militarized Policing, Gentrifying City: Doubting NYPD Reforms

Op-ed: Recent remarks by the NYPD commissioner to real-estate titans and alongside a retired military commander should concern people who want to see real change at One Police Plaza.

Report Faults NYPD's Treatment of Some Groups

By Robert Gangi

This writer says NYPD tactics and attitudes unjustly target blacks, Latinos, gays, transgender people, vendors and sex workers.

Report From Lockdown High: Fear Vs. Facts On School Safety

By Annette Fuentes

Report From Lockdown High: Fear Vs. Facts On School Safety

An excerpt from a new book arguing that “punitive, zero tolerance strategies”—from metal detectors to clothing bans—aren't as effective as their popularity suggests.



Who Got Murdered in New York City in 2012?

In 2012, 419 people were classified as murder victims in New York City. This document, produced by the NYPD, provides an overview of the victims and the accused.

2012 Rewind: City Limits' Special Investigations

We've produced more than 100 special investigations and in-depth stories on local and national civic and economic issues this year. Here's a look back at City Limits' 2012 Special Investigations. Please support us for 2013.