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News: Healthcare

Hospitals Face Pressure, Six in Brooklyn Could Close

With 15 hospital closings in the past decade, and six more in Brooklyn on shaky ground, New York's healthcare system is caught between balancing the budget and providing the medicine people need.

How Health Care Repeal Would Affect New York

Republicans want to reverse President Obama's health care reform law. What would that mean for New Yorkers?

Medical Mystery: Why A Booming Health Sector Pays Low Wages

Home health aides are seeing some of the best growth of any sector in New York. But the growing demand for their services hasn't improved wages that leave many in or near poverty.

New Bill Would Change HIV Testing Across State

Gov. Paterson is expected to sign a bill that would mandate that physicians routinely offer their patients HIV testing, a move that experts say would reduce the rate of infection.

City Pulls Back From AIDS Services Cuts

Two days after advocates went to court to block the Bloomberg administration's $10 million proposed cut to the budget for AIDS caseworkers, advocates say City Hall rescinded the reductions.

A Push To Punish Docs Aiding Torture

Under a bill proposed by the New York State legislature, health professionals engaging in or assisting in torture or mistreatment of prisoners would lose their license.

AIDS Activists Threaten Lawsuit Against City

The activists say the mayor's proposed $4.2 million reduction of HASA's budget would force the agency to cut caseworkers to an illegal level.

Asthma In New York: Old News, New Battles

Fights over congestion pricing and the city's sanitation strategy have receded from the headlines. But in North Brooklyn, worry is still in the air.

Druggists Seek Rx For Medicaid Policy Problem

Independent pharmacists warn that unless the state changes how it pays for Medicaid, neighborhood drugstores could disappear.

Mentally Ill On Hold After Ruling

The state's appeal of a federal court decision on housing for the mentally ill has residents and advocates in limbo.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 14 percent of New York State's population remains uninsured, compared to 17 percent of the country's population as a whole. But New York State, and New York City in particular, boast higher rates for AIDS diagnoses and overweight or obese children.

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NYC Needs Paid Sick Days, Not Lame Excuses

By Apurva Mehrotra

NYC Needs Paid Sick Days, Not Lame Excuses

Thousands of New Yorkers face an impossible choice when they get sick: Go to work and get yourself and others sicker, or stay home and risk losing pay or your post.

Teen Sex Message Minces Few Words

By Catherine M. Abate

Teen Sex Message Minces Few Words

Some have criticized the words that teens use to discuss sex in a new series of public service announcements. This author argues the only way to reach at-risk youth is to speak their language.



Hospitals In Manhattan

Medical facilities in Manhattan and their number of beds. Source: New York State Department of Health



Beyond CityTime

An Investigation of Private Consultants in the Bloomberg Administration