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Health Disparities

Bushwick's Struggles With Asthma: What's Poverty's Role?

In a neighborhood with high asthma rates, it's not hard to identify risk factors for the condition. The trick is determining which factor is most important.

Defeated In Court, Waste Station's Foes Take To The Streets

Opponents of a planned East 91st Street waste transfer station say the city should reconsider alternatives. But advocates from other neighborhoods believe the site is right for establishing a fairer sanitation system.

How Health Care Repeal Would Affect New York

Republicans want to reverse President Obama's health care reform law. What would that mean for New Yorkers?

A Test For Testing

New Products, New Rules

New Bill Would Change HIV Testing Across State

Gov. Paterson is expected to sign a bill that would mandate that physicians routinely offer their patients HIV testing, a move that experts say would reduce the rate of infection.

A Score Of Companies Could Share Bill For Gowanus Cleanup

The Brooklyn canal's Superfund designation has triggered a hunt for the corporations responsible for more than a century of pollution.

AIDS Activists Sue To Stop Budget Cuts

Veteran AIDS activists sued Tuesday to stop the mayor from cutting $10 million from the budget of HASA, an agency that helps poor, sick people with AIDS get services and care.

Asthma In New York: Old News, New Battles

Fights over congestion pricing and the city's sanitation strategy have receded from the headlines. But in North Brooklyn, worry is still in the air.

HIV Prevention, Treatment
Hit By Local Funding Cuts

Numbers showing the city's AIDS epidemic rages on worse than thought arrived in tandem with state cuts for AIDS-fighting measures. In a climate with plenty of needs and ever fewer resources, this is the first in an ongoing series looking at reduced social services funding.


New research center explores gap in health care.

City Limits' investigative reporting covers health and public health, parks and green spaces, and environmental justice.

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