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Shaun Donovan
News: Shaun Donovan

Can Private Advice Save A Threatened Public Realm?

From schools to public housing to hospitals that serve the poor, private firms are being brought in to rescue remnants of an earlier, more ambitious era of government.

Foreclosure Crisis Fades to Black and Brown

The crisis in the national housing market has slipped from the front pages. But in New York's neighborhoods of color, the twin crises of foreclosures and joblessness are still big stories.

Obama Anti-Poverty Programs Begin to Take Shape

The president's neighborhood-based anti-poverty initiatives will soon move into a second stage. But in an era of budget-cutting, Promise Neighborhoods and Choice Neighborhoods face a steep political challenge.

City Housing Commissioner To Depart

Raphael Cestero's departure comes as Mayor Bloomberg's affordable housing construction plan enters its final years.

For Transgender Homeless, Choice Of Shelter Can Prevent Violence

A pilot policy to allow transgender people to choose between men's and women's shelters has reduced violence. But women's shelters are safer for either identity.

HUD Listens To Housing Activists' PETRA Worries

Public housing advocates aiming to influence the direction of a seismic policy shift HUD proposed in May say they see some signs that the department is receptive to their recommendations.

HUD Proposes Landmark Changes to Public Housing

The changes aim to increase the social and physical mobility of public housing residents and turn existing public housing developments into mixed income communities with market rate tenants.

Making Public Housing Public

Ideas for weaving public housing back into the city's social fabric.

Behind A Stolid Facade,
The Whole Nation's Crisis

The recent transfers of one building in Bushwick occurred without heed to any notions of fiscal responsibility. Yet its residents live in the real world, where caretaking and stability are needed.

Amid Housing Complaints,
Is The Forecast Improving?

A stimulus funding influx, the possibility of new jobs, and heartier support from officials comes as public housing residents call attention to widespread poor living conditions.

The City's Latest
Hirings and Retirings

Is the Obama administration causing a New York brain drain?...a fresh face at the New York Urban League...MAS is now headed by a "starchitect"...and more.

Affordable Homeownership
And The '$1 Billion Promise'

A roundup of springtime news in affordable housing: Encouraging production ... tracking units' status ... and paying for it all.


The new issue of 'CLI' looks at the complicated past, troubled present and uncertain future of the nation's oldest and largest system of public housing.

Chapter 4: High Hopes, Steep Challenges for NYCHA

The Bible reading during the Mass near the empty NYCHA complex was apropos. "Like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building upon it," the passage from I Corinthians read. "But each one must be careful how he builds upon it."

HPD Boss Leaves; City
Policy At Crossroads

Commissioner Shaun Donovan's departure to Washington comes as the city's affordable housing plan faces steep challenges.

How to Say 'HPD'
In Yiddish or Yoruba

In a polyglot city, public agencies struggle with exactly how multilingual they should be.

Housing Activists Mourn
Passing of Louise Sanchez

An iconic, effective housing activist is remembered by those who knew her.

Easier on the Wallet
-- And the Environment

New affordable housing developments claim the mantle of green alongside their luxury counterparts.

Chapter 3: Anatomy of The Bail Decision

Who goes free and who gets bail? Myriad factors affect this most crucial decision in the criminal justice process.

Chapter 6: Bail, Truth and Consequences

The decision to impose financial bail can have an impact on the city's jail costs, the ability of the court system to establish truth and an individual's work, family, housing and life.

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Shaun Donovan is New York City's former head of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and is currently the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in President Barack Obama's cabinet.

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"Half of New York's adult immigrant residents can't pull the lever, but they're influencing politics anyway."

Diagnosis: Insanity

"Two years after a judge demanded a plan to ease the mentally ill out of jail, why is Rikers still the biggest psychiatric center in the city?"