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Economic Development

Mixed Views of Gentrification's Threat in East New York

The area's improvement—thanks to community action and city policy—is undeniable. What's debated is whether the same displacement seen in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick is headed that way.

Tenants Form Union to Fight Gentrification

In the struggle to hold on to their places in neighborhoods where rents are rising rapidly, a group in Crown Heights is hoping there's strength in numbers.

Churches Become Housing in Bushwick

One former Lutheran church being converted to housing will include affordable units. It's unclear whether another former house of worship will offer non-market apartments as well.

Cabrera: I'll Vote for Kingsbridge Plan

The Bronx Councilman says he was swayed by last minute concessions by the developer.

Negotiations Over Armory End as Vote Nears

The developer of a proposed ice-center and its community allies are no longer attempting to sway Councilman Fernando Cabrera to support their plan for the Kingsbridge Armory.

Cabrera Rallies Against Armory Plan

The councilman is trying to build pressure against the plan to turn the long-vacant Kingsbridge Armory into an ice sports center.

Lessons of Willets Point: Trading Parkland for Developer's Donation

In the second of part of our series on a development process that spanned much of the Bloomberg administration, we look at how parks fare under this deal—and others.

Lessons of Willets Point: Relocation Fears for Workers

In the final installment of our series, a look at the challenges facing workers at the businesses the Bloomberg administration has decided don't belong there anymore.

Lessons of Willets Point: Will A New Mayor Do Development Differently?

Perhaps no project embodied the Bloomberg administration's development style better than Willets Point. Will Joe Lhota or Bill de Blasio change that approach?

Forest City Ratner Again Gets Extension from MTA

The developer has pushed back for a second time the formal start of construction on a new railyard, raising new questions about the timeline for promised housing.

Spring Creek Builder's Promises Spur Cheers, Jeers

An extensive community benefits agreement between the developer of the Gateway II project is hailed by many. But some community groups feel left out.

Bronx Armory Saga: Will it Echo Nationwide?

For 20 years, community groups and the city wrestled over the Kingsbridge Armory. The latest and most likely proposal includes a landmark community benefits deal that could be a national model.

FreshDirect Foes Say They'll Appeal

Opponents of the plan to locate a headquarters for the grocery delivery firm in Mott Haven want to overturn a ruling last month that rejected their bid to block the deal.

FreshDirect's Bronx Foes Weigh Appeal

A state judge last week threw out their lawsuit, which claimed the city's approval of the project cut corners on its environmental review.

FreshDirect Job Vows: At Odds with Environmental Claims?

The grocery deliverer says it will create thousands of jobs in the South Bronx, but that expansion disappears when the firm analyzes its environmental impact.

Forgotten History Behind New Brooklyn Waterfront Plan

Behind the new and shiny plan for the Domino factory site is a saga of labor strife, lawsuits, and waterfront politics—one City Limits started telling back in 1983.

Willets Point Developers Pitched a Casino

The current development plan doesn't include a gaming facility. But the casino proposal sheds new light on the bid by Related Companies and Sterling Equities.

Agency, Developer Wrestle Over Atlantic Yards Affordability

Documents reveal tense negotiations between city housing officials and Forest City Ratner over the kind of affordable housing the first Atlantic Yards residential tower will provide. Turns out it's different from what the developer promised.

Legal Questions Emerge About Citi Field Mall

A new version of the Willets Point redevelopment plan envisions a shopping mall in what is now a parking lot—on what is technically parkland. The city and some advocates disagree on whether a Robert Moses-era law paves the way for the project.

Coney Island's Invisible Towers

The Bloomberg administration has rolled the dice on a major rezoning and costly infrastructure upgrades in Coney Island. Will the hoped-for development ever appear?

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City Revamping its Affordable Housing Toolkit - Jarrett Murphy

Mayor de Blasio's housing plan was full of ambition and ideas. Achieving them will require streamlining and rearranging the city's housing development system, says HPD's commissioner.

Veterans of 'Battle of Brooklyn' Tell War Stories in Bronx - Jordan Moss

Brooklynites who fought against the Atlantic Yards development shared lessons they learned with Bronx residents who are resisting a different city-subsidized development deal.

NY Pols Tout Bill Targeting Jobless Youth - Kiera Feldman

The Urban Jobs Act would provide $20 million for services to unemployed young people. Amid partisan rancor, will the idea survive Congress? Against record youth unemployment, will it make a difference if it does?

Coney Baloney: DiNapoli's Report Obscures Brooklyn Beachfront's Rollercoaster Economy - Neil deMause

Job growth is soaring in Coney Island, says a new report. That was news to anyone who's actually been to Coney Island lately.

Immigrants' U.S. Paychecks A Lifeline To Home Countries - Vincent Trivett

Immigrant workers who send money to support their families contribute mightily to their home countries' economies. But high fees and other obstacles erode the impact this cash could have.



City Shouldn't Overload Bronx Nabe With Social Services

By Jay Shuffield

City Shouldn't Overload Bronx Nabe With Social Services

This Bronx resident says a planned concentration of supportive housing and other social services in his neighborhood threatens to undermine city plans to spur investment.

America's Cities Shaped (and Mishaped) by Rules

By Emily Talen

America's Cities Shaped (and Mishaped) by Rules

Zoning laws, building codes and other regulations can seem like bureaucratic obscurities. But, says this author, they have a powerful—and often negative—impact on urban areas.

The Unfulfilled Promises of Atlantic Yards

By Norman Oder

The Unfulfilled Promises of Atlantic Yards

What's missing from the controversial development site? Not just the jobs and housing, says this writer, but the independent monitor required by the community benefits agreement.

Planning For Cities' Future Must Be Fair

By Arlene Rodriguez

Planning For Cities' Future Must Be Fair

As the Regional Plan Association convenes its annual assembly, one participant notes that along with efficiency and the environment, equity must be a goal of urban planners.

Beep Says Brooklyn Is NYC's Economic Engine

By Marty Markowitz

Beep Says Brooklyn Is NYC's Economic Engine

"In spite of saying 'goodbye' to our treasures of yesterday, Brooklyn is thriving," writes Borough President Marty Markowitz.



1961 Shea Stadium Financing Bill

This law has become the focal point in a debate over whether a shopping mall proposed as part of a revised Willets Point redevelopment plan is on parkland, and whether a retail use is in line with the legal framework for the site.

One In Four Young Black Men In NYC Has A Job

New York City suffered a shorter and milder recession than most of America. But this report finds that young black men in the five boroughs suffered joblessness at a painfully high rate between January 2009 and June 2010.