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Jews and Judaism
News: Jews and Judaism

Shopping For Change In Crown Heights

Like many Brooklyn neighborhoods, it is seeing a surge in new businesses and young residents. Do the doubts about gentrification run deeper there?

Quitting Time: A Factory's Fall, A Neighborhood's Fallout

The 2007 closure of a Pfizer factory in Brooklyn was a milestone in manufacturing's retreat from the borough. Chapter three of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" looks at what it's meant for a neighborhood and its residents.

Living On The Edge: East New York & Bay Ridge Go Off Script

Chapter four of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" visits East New York, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and other neighborhoods whose story over the past 20 years differs from the standard narrative of Brooklyn's growth.

Credits As Collateral: Schools Withhold Records If Debts Unpaid

Some students transferring to public school arrive with no educational records because a private or parochial school has withheld them until tuition debts are paid.

'Hothead' Sen. Kevin Parker Has Foes, Friends And A Familiar Rival

Kevin Parker is a regular tabloid target over angry outbursts and allegedly violent conduct. But allies cite his progressive record. His opponent, meanwhile, is making his ninth try at office.

Hasidic Rapper Promotes Racial Harmony In Crown Heights

DeScribe is not the world's first or most famous Hassidic rapper, but he is looking to obtain a higher level of recognition for his positive sound.

Tough Love In The Big City

Kids in New York have often had a lot to fear. So how’d we end up afraid of them?

Making Their Way

Immigrant Women Straddle Cultural Chasms

The City's Latest
Hirings and Retirings

The new decade brings fresh faces to nonprofits large and small and a host of city agencies - along with a major gap in state housing leadership.

Across The Fence:
The Year In Neighborhoods

A survey of community press stories fills in the colorful portrait of the year that was.

Becoming a Deejay,
Leaving the P-J's

Life is tough in the projects and on the streets, but leavened with music and friendship in this crop of new city books.

More Than Words?
Bloomberg and Race

The mayor has earned admiration from many quarters for improving the tenor of race relations. But the impact of his policies on blacks and Latinos give fodder to fans and foes alike.

City Pension Plans: Can
They Do Good and Do Well?

The city's retirement funds offer a powerful tool for social activism. A look at how Comptroller Bill Thompson and his would-be successors approach the task of putting city money where their morals are.

Between Two Beaches,
Debate Crests Over A Park

Does a verdant spot in surfside Brooklyn need a makeover?

Remodeling Child Welfare
By Answering This 'Request'

Agencies providing foster care and preventive services are working to secure new contracts that write recent innovations into the record.

Second In Command:
The Tactitian's Run

Political veteran and two-term City Councilman Bill de Blasio has set his sights on becoming Public Advocate. The second in a five-part series on the race for the Number Two spot in city government.

For Youth Leaving Care,
A Way To Stay Connected

'Aging out' of foster care can be perilous for young adults. A program created just for them provides a partner on the path to independence.

When Utopia's Address
Was The Northeast Bronx

A documentary reveals the collectivist past of four apartment buildings off Allerton Avenue, which leftists originally built and inhabited.

Young Emigres Question
What Obama Means For Them

Experiences from around the globe lead some students to approach the new president with curiosity, skepticism, pragmatism - even hope.

Trauma Treatment For
Foster Kids Gets Reprieve

A new state program aimed at helping foster youth in the near and long term is spared the budget ax.

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New York City has a Jewish population of over 1 million people, making it one of the largest Jewish populations in the world. The population is comprised of both reform and Orthodox followers and the city has a rich history of contributions from its Jewish citizens.

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