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Labor Unions
News: Labor Unions

Albany Bill Would Let Check-Cashers Provide Loans

The Senate and Assembly banking committees have both approved a bill to permit check-cashing outlets to provide short-term loans. Backers say it offers financing to those whom regular banks don't serve. Critics say it would permit exploitative “payday” lending.

Sex Abuse Blamed On A Few Officers, Advocates Say

In this month's issue of City Limits magazine, we investigate staff sexual abuse of female inmates in state prisons. In this chapter, a look at the prison officers implicated in allegations of abuse.

Male Guards, Female Inmates And Sexual Abuse In NYS Prisons

Several New York State prisons ranked high in a recent federal survey of inmates reporting staff sexual abuse. A City Limits investigation finds that sexual misconduct in New York's prisons eludes stereotypes—and, sometimes, detection.

Japan Tsunami, Katrina Memories Wash Into Waterfront Debate

A new city plan addressing competing claims on New York's coastline draws praise. But there's still plenty of debate over the details, especially over the risks that come with waterfront industry.

What Cuts Will Cost: Children's Learning, Parents' Work

As tabloids celebrate an on-time state budget, a look at what one budget cut at the city level will mean: fewer childcare slots, less school prep for kids and a tough choice for their working parents.

Battling Iran's Government … From New York

Activists in New York are playing a role in the democratic surge sweeping the Middle East. While technology's part of the story, local advocates say, human networks are what really matters.

Deceased, Return To Sender: Writing To The Triangle Victims

As the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire approaches, one artist captured the tragedy's scale by sending letters to the dead.

Living Wage Law The Next Council Battleground?

Following the defeat of paid sick leave, unions and business group prepare to face off over tying wages to city development subsidies.

Questions About Mayor's Plan To Run Youth Jails

Few would deny that state-run juvenile detention facilities are flawed. But a Bloomberg bid to take control of some of those sites has raised a new set of issues.

Teachers Are Fair Game, But Cops' Records Are Off Limits

The city is pressing to release internal ratings on public school teachers. But cops, prison guards and firefighters don't have to worry about similar exposure.

Work In Progress: Residents Get More NYCHA Jobs

Since 1968, public housing authorities nationwide have largely been ignoring a law requiring that they employ residents. Evidence suggests that at NYCHA, at least, that's changing.

Missing Moses' Muscle

The politics of parks.

The Strip

"If you're the manager of a chain, a clean sidewalk doesn't change the numbers on the register."

Feds Indict 6 For Defrauding Controversial CityTime Program

The charges involve the misappropriation of $80 million, and revolve around a company whose questionable ties to a city official were first reported by City Limits.

Subtraction Lesson: The 26 Schools Slated For Closure

The city this week announced plans to close schools in four boroughs. Read the dossiers on each of the institutions slated for shutdown.

Fill In The Blanks: Cuomo's Education Plans Short On Detail

The gubernatorial frontrunner says New York's schools need to save money, improve performance and address inequality. He hasn't been specific about how they're supposed to do that.

Charter School, Struggling, Hired Leaders' Kin

After a tough first year, the Equality Charter School brought on two new deans—who happened to be the life partners of two of the school's administrators. The move raised questions. It also got results.

Medical Mystery: Why A Booming Health Sector Pays Low Wages

Home health aides are seeing some of the best growth of any sector in New York. But the growing demand for their services hasn't improved wages that leave many in or near poverty.

'Hothead' Sen. Kevin Parker Has Foes, Friends And A Familiar Rival

Kevin Parker is a regular tabloid target over angry outbursts and allegedly violent conduct. But allies cite his progressive record. His opponent, meanwhile, is making his ninth try at office.

From 'Fun City' To Crisis State: John Lindsay and Hugh Carey

Two new books explore the legacies of a former mayor whom history maligned and a governor whose role has been all but forgotten.

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Of the 150 million American workers, only 16 million are in labor unions. The percentage of unionized workers has decreased dramatically in recent decades as many companies have moved operations overseas and more employers have beaten unions.

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Source of Crime Guns Recovered in New York State. Research assistance for this project was provided by Arielle Concilio.