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Youth Programs
News: Youth Programs
Mark Fader/City Limits

Brownsville Board Says Home Runs Threaten Motorists

The local community board wants a higher fence at the Brownsville Rec Center to prevent softballs from striking cars on Linden Boulevard. But the center has a long list of other needs.

React, Reform, Repeat: A Round of Change Faces Family Court

In chapter 5 of our investigation of New York City Family Court, we look at past reform efforts and survey judges, lawyers, advocates and parents on how they think the system could be improved.

A Separate System With Special Rules

A lower threshold for judgment, different standards of evidence, a shift in the burden of proof and no Fifth Amendment protection—these and other features of Family Court set it apart from the rest of the legal system.

'Kinship' Approach Shows Promise

New York recently began trying to get more children who were removed from their homes placed in guardianship relationships with other relatives. While there are potential pitfalls, the approach can save time and money.

Q&A with Family Court’s Top Judge

A conversation with Edwina Richardson-Mendelson a one-time lawyer and then a courtroom judge in Family Court who now oversees the city's system.

Report: Young NYers Face Higher Barriers To Public Assistance

A study of low-income New Yorkers under the age of 24 indicates they have trouble getting welfare benefits to which they are entitled. City officials say the report—and others that raised similar questions—suffers from poor methodology.

Boxing Programs In Fight For Their Lives

Despite their traditional appeal as a way to get tough kids off the street, youth boxing programs are struggling to survive as foundations favor programs whose success is easier to measure.

Senate, Assembly Resist Cuomo Cuts To Services

Legislators want to restore many human services that Gov. Cuomo proposed cutting. But the Senate and Assembly still differ by tens of millions of dollars on social funding, and some programs still face elimination.

Opponents Mobilize Against New Harlem Charter School

Opponents of the Harlem Children's Zone's plans to open a school in the St. Nicholas Houses are organizing a grassroots effort aimed to prevent it.

Video: From Bad Influence to Role Model

In a neighborhood where he was once known as 'Bad News', Dedric Hammond has made the decision to become a positive beacon. Now named Brother Beloved, Hammond works with Street Corner Resources' Iesha Sekou to make a difference.

MTA Budget Cuts Pose New Threat To School Choice

If students can’t get to school for free anymore, how will they be able to freely choose among the city’s more than 400 high schools?

Budget Deficit Threatens Teen Sex Worker Safe Harbor

New York has fundamentally changed the way it treats underage sex workers, replacing jail time with social services--if Albany can afford them.

1.5 Percent Less For Education

How will $113 million less be felt across the public school system? How are other programs for children faring, from prenatal care to juvenile justice?

Learning For The Long Term
Or A Job For Right Now?

Groups providing education and training for high school dropouts say the city's new rules for spending millions in Workforce Investment dollars won't achieve the best outcomes.

Kids Who Can't Get
Enough of School

One low-income HCZ parent describes how the program has changed her family.

Local Perspectives:
Residents Weigh In

A sampling of opinion from the streets of Harlem yields a positive view of the Children’s Zone.

Promises To Keep:
The Obama Poverty Plan

The 'Promise Neighborhoods' plan has the policy world abuzz about the first major federal antipoverty effort in decades. But the effort has not yet been launched, and details are hard to come by.

New Activities Needed
For Thousands of Kids

More than 100 afterschool programs aren't funded for next year.


Federal cuts have providers anticipating less programming and looking for funds elsewhere.


The City Council has passed a budget that funds all sorts of social services. But the Mayor is allowed to overrule those line items, and he just might.

In New York City, programs that are aimed at supporting the needs of low-income children and adolescent youth are seen as vital community resources for improving educational outcomes and preventing unemployment.

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