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September 11th (9/11)
News: September 11th (9/11)

Costly Lessons: What We've Learned From Firefighter Deaths

A City Limits investigation looked at FDNY fatalities over 20 years, finding common factors and tracking the city's efforts to address them.

Out of 9/11 Tragedy Came Change for FDNY

Serious problems with the emergency response on 9/11 contributed to the loss of rescuer lives. A decade later, FDNY counts itself much better prepared. But some questions remain.

This Building Killed 1 Firefighter but May Save Dozens

Two fires 10 years apart at one high-rise in the Rockaways helped convince the FDNY to reconsider its time-honored tactics when dealing with wind-driven fires.

When Fire Wins: Causes of FDNY Deaths

Each of the FDNY's line-of-duty deaths over the past 20 years involved a unique person and unique circumstances. But according to investigations by the FDNY and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, common contributing factors link many of the incidents.

Firefighter Decisions Hold Lives—Including Their Own—In Balance

The FDNY is committed to "aggressive, interior firefighting." When that's the plan, equipment, training and manpower are all less important that human decision-making.

Deadly Fires, 9-11 And Beyond: A Reading List

From the 9-11 Commission to reports on individual firefighter tragedies, check out these links to learn more about the FDNY and firefighter fatalities.

Firefighters' Heart Risks Get New Attention

Heart attacks are the single largest threat to firefighters' lives, with everything from stress to heat to noise at fire scenes elevating the risk factors.

The New 911: Emergency Calling Changes

Problems with the performance of the 911 system on Sept. 11 led the Bloomberg administration to undertake a four-pronged emergency communications transformation program

Diversity and the Department: The FDNY Recruitment Battle

The upcoming firefighters' test represents the latest attempt in a 40-year effort to try to diversify the mostly white, overwhelmingly male FDNY.

New Phase of Building Code Changes Looms

In the wake of the World Trade Center collapse, the city undertook a comprehensive revision of its building and fire codes. Fire safety advocates didn't get all they wanted. Will they have another chance in the next round?

Fire Inspections: Closed Doors Aren't the Only Barrier

After an April fire killed a family in a building that had been illegal converted, City Hall established a new task force to improve inspections. Some pols pushed for more aggressive action. But there's more to improving building safety than political will.

Controversy Over Alleged Muslim Radicalization Not New

In 2007, the NYPD released a report about "the homegrown threat" that troubled local Muslim leaders by labeling innocuous behavior, like displaying concern for "the greater good," as possible hallmarks of "jihadization."

Secrecy Shrouds NYPD's Anti-Terror Camera System

In documents describing the multimillion-dollar Ring of Steel surveillance network, the redactions are as revealing.

How Fares Welfare?

A Test For The Safety Net

The New Dream

Modest Hopes on a Corner

Thin Gruel For Soup Kitchens

Publicly funded help for the needy, from food assistance to job training, dries up further under the proposed budget.

Across The Fence:
The Year In Neighborhoods

A survey of community press stories fills in the colorful portrait of the year that was.

City To Focus Attention
On Human Trafficking

This ugly problem is a local one, too, and a city task force plans to increase public awareness with a campaign next year.

Truth and Consequences:
Bloomberg and the Press

Elected after one of the city's most secretive mayors, Mike Bloomberg can't help but look transparent. But is city government under this executive really an open book?

More Than Words?
Bloomberg and Race

The mayor has earned admiration from many quarters for improving the tenor of race relations. But the impact of his policies on blacks and Latinos give fodder to fans and foes alike.

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City Limits coverage of New York City's recovery following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

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How To Teach 9-11? - Jonathan Camhi

As the 10th anniversary of the tragedy approaches, a look at how one WTC widow has tried to teach children about the attacks.



Firefighter for a Day

By Jarrett Murphy

Firefighter for a Day

After months reporting a story on the FDNY, all it took was three steps into a smoky room for this reporter to realize how much he didn't know.

City Should Be Cautious About Synthetic Turf

By Melissa Mark-Viverito

City Should Be Cautious About Synthetic Turf

Our athletic fields must be safe and must not adversely impact the health of those using them, says the City Councilmember who chairs the Council's Parks and Recreation Committee.

Not All 9-11 Families Oppose The Mosque

By Colleen Kelly

Not All 9-11 Families Oppose The Mosque

In the arguments over the "Ground Zero mosque"—which is not just a mosque and not at Ground Zero—the feelings of 9-11 families are not monolithic.

Koch On Mosque: Let's Be Calm Now

By Ed Koch

Koch On Mosque: Let's Be Calm Now

On a day when Newt Gingrich compared the people planning a downtown mosque to Nazis, former Mayor Ed Koch said Americans could some day regret the furor over the project.

Killing the Message?

By Mustafa Sullivan

Killing the Message?

Hip-hop music has a powerful effect on New York's youth--and an almost entirely negative one, say three young writers, who think that impact could, and should, change.



The On My Block Neighborhood Filmmaking Challenge

The On My Block Neighborhood Film Festival, a six-month-long challenge to create narrative and documentary short films shot in one city block, screened its finalists last week. City Limits, an official media partner of the festival, is pleased to present some of the winning entries.

NYC Study of Waste-to-Energy Options

2004 New York City Department of Sanitation study cataloging different methods of generating energy from the city's waste stream.



Remembering Lost Firefighters, 1991-2011

Remembering Lost Firefighters, 1991-2011

Remembering Lost Firefighters, 1991-2011

President Obama Visits NYC's Ground Zero After Bin Laden Death

President Obama Visits NYC's Ground Zero After Bin Laden Death

Following the death of Osama Bin Laden, President Barack Obama visits the World Trade Center site to pay tribute to victims of 9/11.