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Race and Ethnicity
News: Race and Ethnicity
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/City Limits

Push to Diversify City Contracting Falls Short of Goals

Eight years after the Bloomberg administration began an effort to get minority- and women-owned firms a bigger share of city contracts, targets have not been met. Part 1 of a three-part series.

Minority Contractors Face Hurdles, Flaws in Law

In the city's effort to diversify city contracting, the administration is limited by procurement rules, MWBE firms by their small size and the law itself by the fuzzy process behind the goals it's set. Part II in our series.

NYC's MWBE Push: Cracking Down, Looking Ahead

As local law enforcement follows the feds' lead in going after city contractors that fake working with minority- and women-owned firms, the future of the MWBE program is in a new mayor's hands. Part III of our series.

MWBE Programs Face Court Scrutiny

Cities and states that want to diversify their contractor pool have to prove that genuine disparities exist. Part of our series on New York's M/WBE initiative.

Bellerose Residents Have Beef with Halal Butcher

Protesters say their opposition to a butcher shop on Hillside Avenue is about health concerns and building code violations. But its owner claims race is a factor in the dispute.

Even Entrepreneurs Need Food Stamps

Tanya Fields is a college graduate starting her own business. She's also a welfare recipient trying to keep benefits in place until she can support herself. Can she do it all?

What Would Help Poor New Yorkers? Take Your Pick

Low-income city residents have a long list of suggestions for how to alleviate the causes and consequences of poverty.

Census: Whites Decline In Bronx, Asians Soar In Brooklyn

The decennial Census finds that the Bronx grew twice as much as Brooklyn, that blacks fled Manhattan but arrived in Staten Island, and that New York City is smaller than we thought a year ago. But city officials are questioning the figures' accuracy.

Staten Island's Black History, Revisited

At a local museum, a community bears witness to the black experience on Staten Island, as some of its last remaining historic structures are landmarked.

Controversy Over Alleged Muslim Radicalization Not New

In 2007, the NYPD released a report about "the homegrown threat" that troubled local Muslim leaders by labeling innocuous behavior, like displaying concern for "the greater good," as possible hallmarks of "jihadization."

Living On The Edge: East New York & Bay Ridge Go Off Script

Chapter four of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" visits East New York, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and other neighborhoods whose story over the past 20 years differs from the standard narrative of Brooklyn's growth.

'Hothead' Sen. Kevin Parker Has Foes, Friends And A Familiar Rival

Kevin Parker is a regular tabloid target over angry outbursts and allegedly violent conduct. But allies cite his progressive record. His opponent, meanwhile, is making his ninth try at office.

Staten Island Assaults: A Tangled 'Why'

For two years a federal agent has worked behind the scenes to quell racial tensions in the borough. In a recent spate of attacks, hate seems only one of a mixture of motives.

Did Environmentalist Back Arizona's SB1070?

New York-based community groups have taken up a national campaign to fight Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law by targeting a local foundation supporting environmental causes.

For Bloomberg, Race Questions Are New

Concerns about the racial contours of city hiring have resurrected issues that bedeviled past mayors, but over which Mayor Bloomberg has largely avoided confrontation.

Reviews: A City on Fire

"New York, like Vietnam, wasn’t so simple, and the fatal flaw in applying a RAND model to New York City’s fires lay in the fact cities are comprised of human beings, and human beings make mistakes."

Reducing Black Joblessness, One Client At A Time

Black joblessness has defied solution for decades. But organizations in the trenches are making a dent.

Inside Schools Designed For Black and Latino Boys

A new report answers the question: What does a good single sex school for boys of color do, and why does it do it?

Group Wants UN Scrutiny Of U.S. Black Unemployment

As the United Nation's Human Rights Council embarks on a review of the United States, some advocates say high black joblessness is a mark against America.

Rates and Race: The Fed And Black Workers

The Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful forces in the American economy. This City Limits web extra asks whether its policies help or hurt the black unemployed.

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New York City's history as a haven for different ethnicities and cultural groups has helped to make it a globally-recognized center for diversity.

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Nation-City Limits Blog: De Blasio Facing Diversity Questions - Jarrett Murphy

On Sunday Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio named a black man to be his corporation counsel. Will that quell concerns about the diversity of the incoming administration?

Opponents Of Over-Policing Target 'Vague Laws' - Leah Robinson

When you bump someone on the subway, is it a mistake or a misdemeanor? One advocacy group wants New York State to clarify vague laws that it says grant police too much power.

NYC Groups Ask Feds To Scold Bank - Gena Mangiaratti

A coalition of economic advocacy groups wants a federal bank regulator to give JP Morgan Chase a poor grade for its compliance with an anti-redlining law.

Recession's Pain Revealed For Hispanics, Artists - Jarrett Murphy

As new research shows alarming decreases in minority household wealth, City Limits' Arturo Conde discusses his reporting on how opera singers, poets and other creative workers have weathered the Great Recession.



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Homelessness: It's About Race, Not Just Poverty

By Ralph da Costa Nunez

Homelessness: It's About Race, Not Just Poverty

A new report finds black families are seven times more likely than whites to end up in the shelter system. For a minority group that's faced official and informal housing discrimination, poverty is only part of the explanation.

Social Security Reform In Black And White

By Chloe Tribich

Social Security Reform In Black And White

Amid talk of raising the retirement age to shore up Social Security's finances, this op-ed looks at the disparate impact that could have on communities of color.