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News: Homelessness

Advocates Waiting for de Blasio to Fix Homeless Housing Program

The cluster program is widely criticized as expensive and disruptive. So far the new administration has yet to propose an alternative, but advocates have high hopes a plan is coming.

Bronx Community Leaders Irked By Homeless Shelter

Another Bronx apartment building becomes a temporary home for the homeless, worrying community leaders.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Homelessness

The population of the city's shelter system having skyrocketed to 50,000 people, the mayoral candidates propose a variety of ways to address the crisis.

Suit Over Homeless Shelters in East New York

The plaintiffs say their neighborhood is overburdened by shelters and other social-service facilities. But the city says it's merely trying to keep the homeless close to their neighborhoods.

Advocates Fear Homeless Program Threatens Affordable Housing

Responding to the shelter surge, the city has placed homeless families in clusters of apartments in private buildings. The pricey program might undermine rent stabilization.

Report: New Mayor Should Stop Re-Housing the Homeless

Some mayoral candidates want to restore programs that place homeless families in regular housing. But one think-tank believes those programs drive shelter demand.

Bloomberg's Homelessness Saga: Success. Failure. Now What?

The mayor aimed to significantly reduce the homeless shelter population. The opposite has happened. Now, there's a lot more blame to go around than ideas on what to do next.

A Brief History of Homelessness in New York

The homeless have always been with us. But somewhere along the way they changed from an isolated population of alcoholic men to a visible problem affecting families with children.

Bloomberg's Homeless Plan Was Incredibly Ambitious

Produced in close concert with advocates, the mayor's 2004 initiative aimed for a paradigm shift in how the city approached homelessness. And it aimed to achieve it in record time.

As Homeless Numbers Rose, Clashes Over Policies

The city and advocates argued over a series of issues. But they mostly joined forces to defend a crucial state program torpedoed by the state.

Debate Over Root of Shelter Surge, Mayor's Legacy

Some blame the collapse of a key housing program for high homeless numbers. Others say economic woes are still a factor.

The Men Who Ride the Homeless Bus

Neighbors of the M35's 125th Street stop are frustrated by garbage and bad behavior they blame on men who use the bus to get to and from Ward's Island. The guys on the bus have their own frustrations.

City Investigating Home for LGBT Youth

Current and former residents of a group home for LGBT youth say physical abuse, sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement were common.

Deep Concerns about ‘Three-Quarter’ Housing

Three-quarter homes give people who are homeless, leaving prison or seeking substance-abuse treatment a place to stay. But critics say the houses are unregulated and sometimes unsafe.

Lawsuits Target Three-Quarter Operators

At some dormitories for homeless people, lawyers allege, landlords forced tenants to attend particular drug programs and failed to provide safe housing. But operators say they were trying to do good—or at least following the law.

Three-Quarter Houses Mix Problems with Positives

The unregulated rooming houses often feature crowded, unsafe conditions. But even some critics point out that they play an important role in keeping people off the street.

Amid Court Fight, Formerly Homeless In Limbo

The end of the Advantage subsidy program leaves advocates battling to salvage a policy they criticized, the city bracing for more demand for scarce shelter beds and low-income families wondering what comes next.

Winter Raises Stakes for Homeless in Greenpoint

Community opposition hasn't stopped plans for a large shelter in the waterfront neighborhood, where five homeless people have been found dead in the past 15 months.

From Blue-Collar to the Welfare Line

Walter Greene worked for a living. Then the work disappeared. Now, like thousands of other low-income New Yorkers, he navigates homeless shelter rules and the welfare bureaucracy.

One Woman's Plan to Beat Poverty

Beverly Davis has a full-time job, a family she supports and a college course to complete. She has plans to become a police officer. Public benefits are essential to her move from low-wage work to economic independence.

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Over 3,000 New Yorkers live on the streets or in the subways and nearly 40,000 reside in shelters. These numbers have soared in recent years reportedly due to the economic recession. With thousands of layoffs, it is not surprising that many New Yorkers found it challenging to keep up with home payments while keeping food on the table. Many turn to the shelters as a means of support during difficult times. The city’s Department of Homeless Services works to prevent homelessness and to aid those already homeless.

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NYers Pan Mayor's Record on Homelessness; Want Shelter Time Limits - Jarrett Murphy

Only one in four survey respondents approve of the mayor's handling of homelessness, even though most say they haven't seen an increase in homelessness under the mayor.

What Should the Next Mayor Do About Homelessness? - Jarrett Murphy

Homeless policy has dogged the last four mayors of New York City. A recent panel looked at how the next mayor might turn the page.

Fewer Homeless on Streets, Lots More on Subways - Jarrett Murphy

The Department of Homeless Services announced a "decline of 28 percent across the five boroughs since 2005." That was the good news.

City Limits Criminal Justice Reporting Honored - Jarrett Murphy

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency recognized our coverage of staff sexual misconduct in New York's prisons and the housing challenges facing former inmates.

Feds Fall Down on Homeless Women Vets - Jarrett Murphy

The number of homeless women veterans tracked by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs has more than doubled in the past five years, but they are poorly served by existing programs, an investigation finds.

Plan Calls for Longer Shelter Stays - Jarrett Murphy

A new report on homelessness in New York calls for some shelter residents to be housed for a year to 18 months, so they can get the time and resources needed to become self-sufficient.

Read It: Court Backs City Cut of Homeless Program - Jarrett Murphy

A state judge ruled that New York can end a rent-subsidy program for formerly homeless people that lost its state and federal funding.

AIDS Program Cuts Stir Protest - Johann Hamilton

Advocates are speaking out against proposed cuts to programs that feed and house people living with HIV/AIDS.



My First Term at Homeless University

By Melanie Lee

My First Term at Homeless University

A homeless woman decides to think of her time in the city's shelter system as the kind of multifaceted learning experience for which some of us pay $30,000 a year.

Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

By Jeff Foreman

Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

From poor doors to subway arrests to demonstrations outside a hotel in Queens, the poor and homeless face a broad menu of stigmatization.

Helping the Homeless Save (For) Themselves

By Ken Brown

Helping the Homeless Save (For) Themselves

Could individual development accounts give New York City a new tool for moving homeless families and individuals from shelter into homes?

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

By Arvernetta Henry

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

For Arvernetta Henry, the stakes in the budget talks are pretty simple. With a rent subsidy, she gets out of the shelter. Without it, she doesn't.

A Memorial Day for the Homeless

By Bobby Watts

A Memorial Day for the Homeless

The longest night of the year is also a day to remember people who died on the street.



Homes Underwater: Forebearance Alternatives for Sandy-Affected Homeowners

A report by Franklin Romeo and Jennifer Ching of (Queens Legal Services and Legal Services NYC) explores foreclosure risks in neighborhoods hit hard by Sandy and finds that some of the steps taken by banks in the wake of the storm "[create] a situation where a homeowner is likely to fall into a mortgage delinquency."

"Social Change, Inc."

Three case studies: Ho w MBAs are transforming the ways nonprofits do business.