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News: Immigration

What Awaits Unaccompanied Minors in New York

If they aren't deported, the children who've come across the border in a recent surge will live here under one of several legal statuses, each offering advantages and complications to new Americans.

Labor Trafficking Persists Amid Outrage Over Sex Trade

Sex trafficking is the target of increased awareness and enforcement. But other forms of the human trade—which might be more common—are proving hard to publicize or prosecute.

After the DREAM: Young Immigrants Move Past Seeking Path to Citizenship

Frustrated with the deadlock in Washington over immigration reform, young immigrant activists are starting to distance themselves from the core goals of the DREAMer movement.

Immigrants Give Up the Dream of Homeownership in the U.S.

After years of work in the U.S., many Colombian immigrants are discovering that the only place they can afford to retire is back in Colombia.

Bangladeshi Enclave Grows in City Line

As a large community has taken root, there have been conscious efforts to promote cross-cultural cooperation.

Undocumented Immigrants Still In Post-Storm Limbo

Plans for how the city will spend federal aid are taking shape. The governor is discussing a massive buyout program in coastal areas. But some victims of the storm are still stuck without basic help.

At the Corner Deli, a Yemeni Immigrant Saga

Every time you buy a beer or a lottery ticket at a bodega run by Mohamed Mohamed or one of his countrymen, you tap into a story of ethnic succession and a struggle to reconcile one culture with another.

Protect Immigrant Work Rights—-By Making them Owners

Statistics show immigrant workers frequently suffer wage theft. One solution pioneered by a Brooklyn center is to launch cooperatives where the workers are also owners.

Brooklyn Students Press for Dream Act

College students are pressing the state legislature to pass a New York version of an idea that's stalled at the federal level: Giving undocumented immigrant students a chance at a career in America.

For an Iraqi in New York, U.S. Withdrawal is Not War's End

Leyla is one of 60,000 Iraqis who came to the United States after the 2003 invasion. Married to an American, settled in Brooklyn, she still feels the disruption of the war—especially when she hears her mother's voice.

For Low-Income Immigrants, Status Complicates Survival

C is like many students at Hunter College. She balances work and school, struggles to pay her tuition bill, wonders what the future will hold. Secretly, she also carries the burden of being an undocumented immigrant.

Some Young Migrants Face Deportation With No Lawyer

After being detained by federal border agents, Leticia, 15, faced having to navigate the immigration system—where there is no right to government-appointed counsel—alone. A pro bono attorney stepped up for her. But many migrants aren't as lucky.

Shopping For Change In Crown Heights

Like many Brooklyn neighborhoods, it is seeing a surge in new businesses and young residents. Do the doubts about gentrification run deeper there?

Immigrants On Front Lines Of Housing Fight

First-generation New Yorkers are more likely to reside in rent-regulated housing than the rest of us. So as Albany weighs weakening or strengthening rent rules, some immigrants are raising their voices.

Living On The Edge: East New York & Bay Ridge Go Off Script

Chapter four of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" visits East New York, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and other neighborhoods whose story over the past 20 years differs from the standard narrative of Brooklyn's growth.

Fact Checking The State Of The City

Mayor Bloomberg's annual address promised modest new initiatives and claimed major successes over the past year and his whole tenure.

The Strip

"If you're the manager of a chain, a clean sidewalk doesn't change the numbers on the register."

For White Marijuana Users, Odds Of Arrest Low

While police crackdown on drug deals in mostly minority neighborhoods, the drug trade among whites in New York City operates with relative impunity.

Small Businesses On The Edge In Bay Ridge

In an excerpt from the City Limits magazine investigation of small businesses in New York, a look at the holdouts along increasingly chain-ganged 86th Street.

A 'D' For Details: Should The City Release Teachers' Ratings?

As a businesswoman prepares to take over the city's schools, New York's teacher rating system—itself borrowed from the business world—stirs controversy.

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Despite the pride many Americans have for the country's diverse population, many immigrants continue to face exclusive challenges. Children face difficulties in finding proper schools, and many times employers turn away immigrant workers from job opportunities. However, immigrants still build their lives in New York City and help create a universally unique city.

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Immigration Detainers in NYC: The Numbers - Jarrett Murphy

The city honored more than 3,000 such detainers over a recent 12-month period, declined to enforce 1,200 and received $42 million less than it wanted for doing Washington's immigration-enforcement grunt work.

NYC Pols React, Unevenly, to Mideast Violence - Jarrett Murphy

There was widespread outrage over the horrific murders of three Israeli teens. Fewer public statements were made over the alleged revenge slaying of a Palestinian boy.

Infographic: Many Immigrants Want to Own Homes, Success Rates Vary - Miranda Shafer

An interactive data map uses data from the American Community Survey to show the impact immigrant investment has on the housing market.

Rangel Clarifies Comments on Dominican Immigration Dispute - Jarrett Murphy

In response to an inquiry by City Limits, the Congressman says he did not endorse a court ruling that threw 200,000 Haitians in the DR into immigration limbo.

Immigrants' U.S. Paychecks A Lifeline To Home Countries - Vincent Trivett

Immigrant workers who send money to support their families contribute mightily to their home countries' economies. But high fees and other obstacles erode the impact this cash could have.

Should Immigrants Have A Right To Free Counsel? - City Limits

Watch a video interview about the challenges facing young migrants who end up in immigration court without the money to hire a lawyer.



Photo Slideshow: City Limits' 35th Anniversary Celebration

City Limits hosted Celebration! to honor its 35th Anniversary and the people who make a difference in New York City's civic and advocacy community. Hosted by CUNY-BMCC, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed Wednesday, October 26, 2011 City Limits Day in honor of the non-profit investigative journalism organization.

Battery Park City Recharged

: Why the city made good on an old housing pledge