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Charter Schools
News: Charter Schools

Why Charter Schools Have High Teacher Turnover

While some statistics are disputed, the high rates of teacher attrition at charter schools raise questions about whether even the most successful ones can maintain quality amid the churn.

De Blasio Era Doesn't Discourage Bronx Charter School Applicant

A New Jersey charter chain is looking to launch a school in the Belmont section of the Bronx. It will avoid the co-location controversy, but has encountered others in its past.

Central Brooklyn Parents Face School Choices, Disparities

In community school district 17, school closures, charter schools and tough discipline aren't just grounds for debate: They're the reality that face parents advocating for their children.

New Charter High School Will Be Closed to Transfer Students

The DOE is planting seeds for charters to expand in city schools even after Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. But some of the new resources will only be open to those who won charter lotteries in the early grades.

Bid to Co-Locate Bushwick Schools Attracts Little Attention

Proposals to put charters in existing school buildings often stir outrage. While teachers are worried about two such moves in Bushwick, few parents attended the public hearings.

Charters Target Middle-Class Brooklyn

Originally launched to offer more choice to low-income parents in poorly served neighborhoods, charter schools are increasingly targeting more affluent students in areas that have lots of school options.

Obama Anti-Poverty Programs Begin to Take Shape

The president's neighborhood-based anti-poverty initiatives will soon move into a second stage. But in an era of budget-cutting, Promise Neighborhoods and Choice Neighborhoods face a steep political challenge.

Credits As Collateral: Schools Withhold Records If Debts Unpaid

Some students transferring to public school arrive with no educational records because a private or parochial school has withheld them until tuition debts are paid.

The Election's Over. So Let's Talk Issues

A look at the policy questions that campaign 2010 didn't answer

Going National

We are so desperate for any little inkling for success

Ten Questions for Cathie Black

How would the incoming schools chancellor—or you—score on a quiz covering the system she inherits, her predecessor's reforms and the steep challenges awaiting her?

The Klein Era: Eight Years, One Legacy

The New York City schools chancellor is stepping down. Here's a look at some of the battles he stepped into during his time at Tweed.

Fill In The Blanks: Cuomo's Education Plans Short On Detail

The gubernatorial frontrunner says New York's schools need to save money, improve performance and address inequality. He hasn't been specific about how they're supposed to do that.

Charter School, Struggling, Hired Leaders' Kin

After a tough first year, the Equality Charter School brought on two new deans—who happened to be the life partners of two of the school's administrators. The move raised questions. It also got results.

No Sign Of Mayor's Promised Antipoverty 'Zones'

A year ago the mayor said he'd launch Harlem Children's Zone-style programs in Brooklyn and the Bronx. But as the Obama administration funds a similar initiative, the city has yet to move.

Charter School Favoring Virtual Instruction Pulls Back

A proposed Manhattan charter school with ties to a for-profit company that has family links to a state education official opted not to pursue its application this year.

Pedagogy and Profits: Charter School Bid Raises Questions

One of the 16 proposed charter schools tapped for a final round of consideration has close links to a private company with family ties to a top state education official.

Gay Marriage, Tenants' Rights, Albany Reform: The Primary Races To Watch

From southeastern Queens to the north central Bronx, background on the races that could determine what kind of State Senate will emerge from election 2010.

Queens Race Defies Narrative Of Gay Rights, Reform

Coverage of the matchup between Sen. Shirley Huntley and Challenger Lynn Nunes revolves around gay rights. But hospital closings, foreclosures and flooding are the issues closer to the district.

Reading The Political Tea Leaves Of Harlem's State Senate Race

Will charter schools, the age difference between the candidates and Harlem's changing racial and income demographics determine the outcome of the race between Bill Perkins and Basil Smikle?

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A Charter school is a non-religious, publicly funded, public school of choice. There is no admission screening or testing. Each charter school must have a charter, which details the school’s program and goals. In New York, over 60,000 students attend charter schools. In 2010, Joel Klein authorized the addition of 114 new charter schools to the 99 already present in New York.

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Cautionary Tales on Charter Schools from Outside NYC - Jarrett Murphy

Corruption allegations in Hartford and Albuquerque and a relentless push for for-profit charters in Dallas highlight problems that New York's charter-school surge has largely avoided.



Educational Attainment in the Bronx

This infographic chart, produced by the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness ( showcases educational attainment in the Bronx for adults (25 years and older).

Harlem Children's Zone vs. Upper Manhattan Schools

On standardized tests, the Harlem Children's Zone's Promise Academy I, fares well compared to most schools in its upper Manhattan district, and rivaled New York City and state averages. This infograph looks at how the national model's student make-up stacks up against others.